The Babysitters

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“Can you believe the nerve of this guy? I can still smell ketchup in my hair,” I whined at the phone.

Currently I was talking to Jenny and Gabby on conference, recounting them my miserable hair-ketchup story.

“Try washing them again,” Gabby said, leniently.

“I have washed them five times, for the love of god. And they still smell like a toad,” I hissed.

“Uh Sam, studies say that toads have a smell similar to that of a peanut butter. And you have got ketchup on your head,” Jenny stated, matter-of-factly.

“Not now Jenny,” Gabby and I said in unison.

“OK now listen, I have a perfect idea to lift up your mood. There’s this party at someone named Jason’s house. And guess what? I am invited,” Gabby said the last part in a sing song manner.

“Oh no no no! We are so not going to any party,” I scrunched my nose, “I’d prefer watching Dark Knight Trilogy.”

“Me too!” Jenny shouted from the other side of the phone.

“Believe me, you both are boys disguised in a body of a girl,” Gabby sighed, “Anyway, I’m picking you two in ten.”

With that she ended the call, leaving me whimpering on my bed with my hairs still smelling like ketchup.

If only Trystan Ryder didn’t exist, life would have been full of sunshine.

Wait. Sunshine? Didn’t he call me that?

Hmph! That son of a witch.

My train of hatred filled thoughts was disrupted by murmured voices from downstairs.

Out of curiosity, I went down but stopped on my way when I saw mom and dad in the kitchen.

“Why can’t you understand?” Mom sobbed.

“She’s your daughter, Caroline,” Dad said softly, cupping her face.

“Sh-She reminds me of her,” Mom stuttered, and that statement was enough to make me understand what the conversation was about.

All my worries about my hair were now replaced with guilt and watery eyes.

‘You deserve it for what you did. You deserve her hatred.’ I thought and a tear managed to escape my eyes.

Suddenly I heard a familiar hooter, indicating Gabriella’s arrival.

For a minute, I wanted to run into the kitchen and hug my mother. But I decided otherwise.

“Dad, I am going to Gabby’s place,” I shouted after wiping my tears and ran outside, not even waiting for his reply.

I did not want to face him. I was, probably, tired of his pity filled looks. It makes me feel more miserable than the guilt I’ve been holding since forever.

“I hate parties,” Jenny huffed as soon as I reached the car.

She was sitting in the passenger seat with a frown.

“You hate everything that is not related to study, Jenny,” Gabby rolled her eyes. “Now, hop in, Sam.”

I sat on the backseat. Gabby lived only two blocks away from my house. So the ride was short.

She parked her car while I and Jenny made our way towards the big iron gateway. Gabriella’s dad is one of the biggest business tycoons of the town so we have been used to her luxurious life style.

As soon as we entered her room, Jenny and I started a pillow fight. We have been doing this since we first visited her house. Solely because the girl sleeps with fifteen pillows. And all of them are super cozy.

“Uh-huh, Time to dress up chicas,” Gabby took her pillows from our hands and opened her wardrobe. We frowned, walking towards her wardrobe.

It was so big that we could literally find a Narnia behind it.


“I am not going to doll up,” I stated, sternly.

“This one’s perfect,” Gabby threw a black legging and a blue spaghetti top at me.

“And this is for you,” she gave a blue denim jeans with a black crop top at Jenny.

She then picked a purple sundress for herself. I and Jenny raised our eyebrows at her.

“What? I need to look good. Chase is gonna be there too,” she said with a goofy smile.

“Now I understand why she wants to go to the party so desperately,” I muttered to Jenny, who was glaring at Gabby.

Finally, we all picked our dresses and started changing.

The dressing up part was easy because even if Jenny and I look like the typical girls who need a fairy godmother to make them look good, we are actually pretty good at it by our own. And of course, Gabby is the expert with makeup.

Within an hour, all three of us were ready with our makeup done. I tied my hairs in a ponytail while Gabby and Jenny held it down.

“I hope Chase will kiss me in the moonlight today,” Gabby said, dreamily looking in the mirror.

“I hope I will someday have an IQ higher than Einstein,” Jenny grinned.

“Seriously guys?” I rolled my eyes at my two weird best friends.

“Hey, you don’t want to check yourself in the mirror before leaving?” Jenny asked, as she saw me standing aside.

“Neh. I’m good,” I gave her a nervous smile, and closed my hands in a fist to stop the sweating, but Jenny noticed it.

“You’re doing it again,” she said, looking at me suspiciously.

“I AM NOT,” I replied too quickly for my liking.

“Then look in the mirror,” she stated in a grave tone.

I gulped down my saliva, not knowing how to reply her. I if lied she will get it, and the truth is something I don’t want to tell her.

“What if I accidentally bit his lip while kissing?” Luckily, Gabby’s voice broke our conversation. I took a deep sigh.

“Let’s go guys. We are late,” I said softly, before pulling Gabby by her hand.

We went back to the car. I deliberately sat at the passenger seat, trying to avoid Jenny.

The ride went with Gabby driving and talking about her dream date with Chase, while Jenny giving me curious glances every now and then.

“Here we are,” Gabby grinned as she parked the car near a huge villa. There was a guy, who I reckon to be in the soccer team, standing outside and welcoming the guests.

“Gabriella Bury,” he grinned, before pulling Gabby in a bone crushing hug.

“Hey, Jason,” she replied, breaking the hug, “meet my friends Jenny and Samantha.”

He gave us a welcoming smile.

“The ketchup girls,” There came a new voice from behind Jason.

Evan Henderson.

“Glad to see you again,” Evan stated, walking towards us.

“The feeling ain’t mutual. Sadly,” Jenny glared at him.

I did not want to interfere their conversation, so I decided to have a small talk with Jason. But he was already gone, leaving me uncomfortable.

“Hey Evan, have you seen this hot guy with deep green eyes?” asked Gabby.

“Oh, you mean Chase?” he questioned with a grin.

Gabriella moved a bit closer to him and whisper-asked, “Was it that obvious?”

I chuckled at her question, while Jenny sighed.

“You only ask about one guy in the whole Westport High, Gabby. Of course it was obvious,” she rolled her eyes.

I suppressed a laugh as Gabriella gave a horrified ‘No Way’ expression and ran inside.

“I’m Evan,” Evan said pulling his hand towards Jenny for a handshake, which she refused.

“Jenny,” she said, dryly.

“Jenny? As in Jennifer?” he asked in confusion.

“No. As in Jenny,”

I yawned beside Jenny, waiting for their weird conversation to stop.

“Um, like Jennet?” he asked, again.

“No. Like Jenny. Just Jenny,” she heaved and went inside, without me.

“Just Jenny. I like it,” Evan muttered to himself, before going after her.

My mouth hung open, seeing them leaving.

Wow. So now, I’m left alone. In a party. With drunk maniacs. And horny teenagers.

Thanks girls.

I made my way inside to find my friends. The house was crowded with almost every student of Westport High dancing and yelling at the top of their voice. It was suffocating, so I decided to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Fortunately, there was no one in the kitchen so I took a bottle of water and went to sit at the counter.

I was about to sit when I heard someone swearing loudly, before coming inside the kitchen and taking out another bottle from the fridge.

I cleared my throat which made the guy turn towards me.

“YOU!” we both shouted as we saw each other.

Standing in front of me, looking hot as ever was, none other than, Trystan Ryder.

“Is little miss sunshine following me?” He smirked.

“You wish,” I snorted.

“Oh c’mon. Don’t be shy to admit that you want a piece of this,” he winked, pointing at his body.

“Hey Trystan,” I said walking towards him and leaned in a bit.

His breathe fanned my face and it definitely had an effect on me as I saw his smirk growing wider.


“Shrek called. He wants his face back,” with that I leaned back, leaving his smirk replaced by a frown.

Serves him right.

“That’s the lamest insult you could have come up with, sunshine,” he said dryly.

“Yeah right,” I snickered, “By the way, what’s with the foul expression?”

“Nothing. I just lost my phone,” he stated with a scowl.

“And, Sunshine...” he said looking at me with a smirk-

“You remind me of a Barbie doll. Plastic and useless.”

Saying that he left the kitchen, leaving me with my mouth wide open.

What’s with him always leaving me alone after insulting me?

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