The Babysitters

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Sitting at the last bench, I was busy making doodles on my notebook. It took no genius to realize that Raine was actually the short name for Lorraine - Tiffany’s mother.

I was shattered. There were two possible logics for which Lorraine could call Dylan. Either she wanted to rekindle things with him, or she wanted to take the custody of Tiffany. And both of these reasons were enough to make me worry.

I heard my name being called but I ignored it and continued with my aimless drawing. Then a peace of chalk landed on my head, bringing me back to reality.

“I swear it was Ron’s idea, Professor Snape,” I shrieked, scared by the sudden impact.

My history professor gave me a baffled look, “Uh, Miss Harris? Last time I checked, my surname was Stokes. Now I would appreciate if you could concentrate in the class.”

Everyone started laughing their head out. I mouthed a quick sorry and buried my head in my books, trying to avoid the embarrassment. After that I concentrated on the lecture without diverting my attention. I was lucky enough to not land myself in another of those detentions.

Once the lecture was over, I made my way to the cafeteria. I was welcomed by a sight of Trystan and Jenny fighting like cats.

“Do not touch my fries,” she shouted, her face red with anger. Trystan replied by eating another of her fries.

“Yum! Can you bring me more of this thing, Jen?” he asked with an utterly sweet smile, obviously trying to annoy her.

Before she could try an attempt to murder him, I rushed towards them.

“Time out, you two!” I glared at them, “Trystan if you want to eat the fries, you better go and bring it for yourself.”

“Awe C’mon, Sunshine!” he pouted, “You are supposed to be on my side.”

“Nobody is teaming up with you, jerk,” Jenny said through gritted teeth.

“Nobody asked for your opinion, hobo,” he replied casually.

I gave a disappointed look to Trystan and took a seat opposite to him. He frowned, mouthing me to come and sit beside him. I, obviously, avoided him.

“Fine! I am sorry, Jenny,” suddenly, Trystan apologized to her. Both Jenny and I looked at him with confusion.

“What? Don’t expect me to repeat the apology,” he frowned.

“Well...” Jenny tapped her fingers on her chin, “Apology not accepted.”

I rolled my eyes. Sometimes the tension between them really lands me in an awkward situation.

Trystan ignored her and looked at me, “Now, Can you sit beside me?”

I looked at him in awe. Did he just apologize to Jenny for me? Before I could tell him how sweet he was, I was interrupted by a very annoying voice of Chase.

“Am I the only one who thinks you are totally whipped, bro?” he smirked, pushing me away from my chair. As a result, I landed on the ground with a ‘thump.’


“Stop treating her like that,” Trystan frowned, lending me a hand.

I took it and stood up from the floor. Before making my way towards Trystan, I kicked the arm of Chase’s chair. It made him lose his balance and he too fell off the chair.

Awe! Revenge is the sweetest.

“You b-” Chase was cut off by a fuming Jenny.

“You dare not complete this sentence,” she gave him a threatening look. I smiled at my best friend and took my seat.

“Why do you guys always take her side?” Chase pouted.

“Because she is not a cry baby, like you,” Jenny pouted back. I saw Chase looking at her lips but soon he diverted his attention.

Trystan inched closer to me and whispered in my ears, “You ain’t a cry baby. You are my baby.”

I choked the fries I was gulping, and looked at him with wide eyes.

“W-What?” I stuttered, earning the attention of both Chase and Jenny, who were arguing over something.

Instead of replying, he just ignored me and smirked. Annoyed, I hit his legs with mine.

“Stop doing that,” I gave him a stink eye.

“Doing what?” he asked innocently.

“Th-That cheesy pick up lines and stuffs,” I muttered, playing with my food.

“CHEESY PICK UP LINES?” Trystan gasped and shouted, “Did you just accuse this innocent guy of flirting, Sam?”

I gave him a death glare, indicating him to stop the drama. But, of course, he ignored me and pulled up his ‘so-called’ innocent guy face.

“Awe, you guys are my couple goals,” Gabby squeaked, entering the cafeteria with Evan.

“They are a couple?” Evan looked at her, then at us.

“NO,” I shouted at the same time Trystan nodded a yes.

Luckily Chase cleared the doubt on my behalf, “Gross! They are nowhere near a couple.”


“Although, researches say that teenagers who deny being in love are actually trying to hide their true feelings,” Jenny giggled. I swear Jenny has the worst timing to state her facts.

“Stop reading so many facts, J-E-N-N-Y,” Evan laughed, getting a high five from Gabby.

Thankfully, everyone soon dropped the couple topic. Instead, we all started talking random stuffs.

I smiled looking at our lunch table. A few months back this table only had me, Gabby, and Jenny. Never in our entire school life we could have thought to extend our group. But now, look where we are! The three most annoying guys of my life - the one’s I hated the most - have become an integral part of our group.

And as much as I find it weird to admit, slowly I am getting used to having them around.

“Why did you guys turn up so late?” Trystan asked to Evan and Gabby.

“We were being assigned project partners,” he grinned.

“And guess who is he paired with?” Gabby asked with a smirk.

“Queen of England?” Chase wiggled his brows.

“Uh, n-no. I-I mean y-yes,” Gabby blushed.

“I never knew you were the Queen of England, Gabs?” Evan asked with wide eyes.

We all rolled our eyes at him. Seriously? Gabby and Evan are the epitome of dumbness.

“Wait!” Trystan grinned, “I think you are paired up with Gabby.”

Chase, Jenny and I chuckled while Evan and Gabby looked at him with shock.

“H-how did you know?” Gabby asked, flabbergasted.

“It’s a hidden talent,” Trystan smirked. I pinched his arms slowly. He pouted, but finally stopped making a fool of them.

But it was too late because after that, Gabby and Evan continuously bothered him by asking him to tell their future. Gabby even asked what she will name her first kid.

Hah! Serves him right for being oversmart!

When we were done with our lunch, I took out a rubber band from my bag and pulled my hairs in a ponytail.

“Guys I think I should leave. My lecture is about to start,” I said, picking up my backpack.

Jenny was about to say something but then, her attention went somewhere near my shoulder and she gave out a deep gasp.

“Uh, Sam?” she asked, gulping down her saliva, “Are you sure you are single?”

I looked at her with confusion and slowly nodded my head in a yes.

Evan and Chase too looked at her, then at me. Their reaction was a little different. While Evan was having a devilish smirk, Chase was holding a blank face as if he was expecting something like that.

“Holy Molly!” Gabby exclaimed with a grin.

I looked at all the different expressions and then finally at Trystan. As soon as I turned towards him, he swore loudly - shock written over his face.

“Sunshine, pull down your hairs,” he muttered.

“Why?” I muttered back.

“Because,” he said, shutting his eyes.

“Because?” I raised my brows.

Both Jenny and Gabby giggled, before shouting, “Because you have a hickey on your neck!”

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