The Babysitters

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I woke up with heavy breathing and sweat surrounding my body.

It was another nightmare.

I sighed and looked at the clock at my study table. 6 o’ clock.

Gabriella and Jenny were still sleeping and it would be mean to wake them up so early. There is still more than an hour for the school to start.

I wore my flip flops and hopped to the kitchen. There, wearing a pink apron and singing a lullaby, dad was making his oh-so-famous cookies.

I hope the kitchen is safe.

Let’s just say, my dad is a horrible cook, who thinks he can win the next season of Masterchef America.

My family is weird like that. Mom loves cooking. She even has her own bakery. And here, dad can’t even cook to save his life.

“Morning, Daddy boo,” I grinned and pinched his cheek.

“Morning, Sammy boo,” Dad chipped the cookie and forced it into my mouth.

“Ew ew ew,” I grumbled, trying to puke out the cookie, “Dad, I have yet not brushed my teeth.”

“And they taste horrible,” I muttered the last part.

I rushed to the fridge and took out my mouth freshener.

Yes, I keep my mouth freshener in the fridge.

No, it’s not weird.

I heard dad chuckling, making me pull a face at him. You see, some things happened that made me and mom fall apart. But dad was always there. He loves me to the core and still thinks of me as his ‘little’ princess.

And that’s the reason he keeps telling me why I should stay away from male species.

“Is mom still angry at me?” I asked him with hesitation.

Dad sighed, “Samantha, stop taking her so seriously. She is just an old woman waiting for her menopause.”

With that, he turned around to continue his cooking, leaving me laughing at his statement.

“Tada!” he exclaimed, dangling two cookie boxes in his hand, “The first one is for you, Gabby and Jenny.”

“And this one, with salt in it, is for the boys who may try to do mushy stuffs with you,” he said with a stern look, and handed me the boxes.

I rolled my eyes.

“Sometimes I wonder who will turn eighteen, first. Me or you?” I pulled out my tongue at him, and rushed to wake up my best friends.

As I entered my room, I saw them sleeping soundly under the blanket. I shook my head and went near Jenny.

“Go away,” Jenny grumbled, as I pulled the blanket from her body.

“Guys, we have a high school to attend. Will you two wake up?” I snorted at the two sleeping beauties.

“Leave me alone,” Gabby whined.

Fine. You asked for it.

I tip-toed to my bathroom, bought a toothpaste, and poured it on their eyes.

“AAAA!” they screamed in unison.

“MY EYES!” Jenny hollered, while Gabby rushed into the washroom.

Good job Sam.

After that, we were finally ready in time. Both Jenny and Gabby did not had spare clothes so they borrowed mine, much to Gabby’s dislike. According to her, my style sense is worse than that of Neville’s grandmother.

Like I care.

“Dad made us cookies,” I chuckled as we entered my car. Gabriella was sitting beside me and Jenny was studying for her chemistry test at the backseat.

“Aaron entering in the kitchen should be declared as a crime in America,” Gabby pouted, looking at the cookies.

Well, I could not agree less. Dad really needs an eye opener about his cooking skills.

We reached the school soon. The first thing I saw, as we entered the school premises, was a hot looking Evan walking towards us.

“Just Jenny!” he exclaimed, pulling Jenny into a hug, “Here you are.”

“Leave me, you jerk,” she kicked him in the shin, “And it’s Jenny. Only Jenny.”

“Only Jenny? Wow, did your parents hate you, or something?” he asked with confusion.

Gabby and I suppressed our laugh and decided to make our way to the classes, leaving the bickering duo alone.

I had Chemistry while Gabby had Health. Sadly, I only share two classes with Jenny and Gabby.

“Hey, did I do something weird at the party?” Gabby asked, as we were walking.

I giggled, “Apart from puking on Chase, No.”

“WHAT?” she stopped dead at her way, her mouth wide open.

“Um, apart from pu-”

“No, I heard you,” she hissed. “I P-U-K-E-D at my crush forever, my prince charming, and my knight in the shining armor?”

“Uh, yes?” I said with confusion.

“Oh shit! I need to hide,” she muttered to herself, and ran towards the opposite direction of our classes.

I looked quizzically at her disappearing figure. When she was out of sight, I went inside my class.

I sat at one of the last benches, and started scribbling on my notebook.

“You are so into me,” someone whispered from beside me. I squeaked at the sudden voice, and heard a heavenly laughter in response.

“What makes you think so?” I glared at the refined piece of creation, sitting mere inches away from me.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Trystan smirked, “First you throw a ketchup bottle at me to get my attention, and then you follow me to the party. And now, you come and sit beside me.”

“Firstly, I did not throw any bottle at you. And Secondly, stop being so full of yourself, Ryder,” I scoffed, “I can never be into you. You are not even my type.”

“Keep telling that to yourself,” he winked at me.

“Wink at me again, and you won’t be able to see the world after today,” I said with gritted teeth.

He looked at me for a moment, probably studying my features, and then replied with a smile,

“I like your hair down.”

Nope. Dare you blushed, Sam!

I bent my head so that my hairs could hide my flushed face, and shifted to the seat in front. But not before stomping on Trystan’s foot, intentionally.

I heard him groan behind me, and a satisfied smile found its way on my lips.

Trystan has this weird talent of getting on my nerves, with whatever he says or does. I know I always act rude with him.

But when it comes to Trystan Ryder, my dictionary knows only one word. HATE.

After that, the whole day went in a blur. My whole concentration was on my advertisement. So, I was more than happy when the final bell rang.

“Evan kissed my cheeks,” Jenny said, standing beside my car.

“Ew,” I scrunched my nose, pulled out a face wipe from my bag, and rubbed her face, “Is he trying to transfer his germs to you?”

“He’s a dork,” she said with a silly smile.

I raised my eyebrows. I thought she hated him. What’s with the smile?

Before I could ask her about it, somebody tapped my shoulder.


“Guys, let’s go,” she whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” I whispered back.

“Because I’m- wait, why are you whispering?” she whispered, again.

“Uh, because you are whispering?” this time, Jenny whispered. I nodded in agreement.

“OK whatever. I’m hiding from Chase,” Gabby pouted.

“Uh-huh. You are hiding from Chase?” I smirked, “Jenny, I have officially seen everything in this world. Now, I can die peacefully.”

“Shut u-” Gabby was cut off by a new voice, which pulled her in a hug.

“Are you OK? You scared the hell out of me at the party. And today you were ignoring me. It felt weird,” Chase said, his face hidden in the crook of her neck.

“C-Chase,” Gabby broke the hug, her face beetroot red, “I love fishes.”

Oops. Here comes the blabbering.

“I had a goldfish in third grade. I named him Mr. Poodle. I know it’s a species of a dog but I like fishes more. Fishes don’t bark. They are peace loving. By the way, we spell peace as P-E-A-C-E. Ther-”

“Uh, Chase, I think that’s our cue to leave,” Jenny pulled Gabby away, and pushed her in the Car.

“What just happened?” I asked my eyes ready to pop out.

Chase hugged Gabby. Instead of running away from her, he hugged her. Whoa! What’s going on in my Best friends’ life?

I started driving the car, leaving a confused looking Chase behind.

“Oh god! He hugged me,” Gabby whispered, her hands on her mouth.

“Well spotted,” I rolled my eyes.

I dropped Jenny and Gabby to their homes. When I finally reached my house, my hands were sweaty and I was super nervous.

There was no one in the house. Dad was at one of his business trips and mom was at her bakery. So, I quietly rushed towards my room.

I locked my room from inside, and opened my laptop. Much to my happiness, I had three responses.

I read the first one.

‘Hi Samantha. I looked at your profile. I am looking for a tutor for my daughter. She is in her junior year. If you are interested, do contact me.’

I frowned at it. Me and tutoring? Lol, we don’t even fit in the same sentence.

I moved forward to the next one.

’Hello. I am looking for a caretaker for my cat-”

I skipped it as soon as I saw the word ‘cat’. Did I tell you I am allergic to a certain pet that can ‘meow’?

After taking a deep sigh, I crossed my fingers and moved to the last reply.

I hope this one is fine.

‘Hi Samantha. Or can I call you Sam? Anyway, I am looking for a babysitter, for my 3 months old daughter. I am a single parent, and yet 20. I have a college to attend and a job to do. I need you to take care of her from 4:00 P.M to at least 8:00 P.M. I have messaged my address to the number mentioned here. If interested, do contact me.’

I read it once, and then again. After reading it for the third time, I rushed towards my phone. Surely there was a message from an unknown number.

“This is perfect,” I squealed, still looking at the reply.

I took baby classes in my junior year, so I surely know how to take care of babies. And, it does not even involve talking to many people, or tutoring someone when I myself have a GPA of 2.7, or a certain pet with furs, who could ‘meow’.

This job was indeed perfect.

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