The Babysitters

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Like a Family

“This can’t be happening,” I gawked at the magnificent beauty, who opened the door for me.

Today was a Saturday morning and there was no school. So, I decided to go to the address I was messaged about, to discuss my babysitting job.

I expected to meet a young college guy. I expected to hear the voice of the crying baby. Hell, I even expected to blurt out how I always wanted to date a uni boy since freshman year.

But what I never, I repeat, NEVER expected, was Trystan Ryder opening the door for me.

“Not again, sunshine. When are you gonna stop following me?” Trystan said with an amazingly adorable pout.

“H-How...?” I did not even know what to say. I was too baffled to do anything.

Somebody offers me a babysitting job. But when I reach at the address, I come across with Trystan Ryder’s annoyingly hot face smirking at me.

Wait, is he the 20 year old father? Or worse, is he the baby I have to take care of? N-uh, the baby was 3 months old. Um, maybe Trystan is secretly gay and has an affair with the father of the child?

Totally possible.

“Who’s there, Trystan?” a masculine voice called out from behind Trystan, giving fuel to my doubt.

“Just my secret admirer, Dylan,” Trystan shouted back, smirking at me.

“Dude, I told you to keep your booty calls away from my house,” the guy, whom I reckon as Dylan, walked to the door and frowned at me.

I looked at the guy from top to bottom, then again from bottom to the top.

To say he was breathtakingly gorgeous will be a HUGE understatement. His sandy blonde hairs were covering his forehead in a messy way. His deep blue eyes were penetrating into my brown ones. And the fact that he was standing just in a towel in front of me, was not helping at all.

“No wonder, Trystan has a thing for you,” I whispered, my eyes still wandering over his body.

“WHAT?” They both shouted in unison.

“I have what?” Trystan questioned, at the same time Dylan asked-

“A thing for me?”

“Y-Yes, I thought you two are dating?” I said, pointing my fingers at the two hot stuffs.

“W-Why will I date him? Heck, why will I date any guy?” Trystan snorted.

“Why else are you here?” I questioned him, my eyes filled with confusion.

“Gross, Trystan! I never knew you had feelings for me,” Dylan made a puking face.

Trystan glared at Dylan, and then took a deep breath.

“You,” he pointed at me, “What are you doing here?”

“I am babysitting his daughter,” I glared at him.

“No way! I am babysitting his daughter,” he said, confused.

“Samantha?” suddenly, Dylan looked at me with recognition, as if he finally remembered me.

I nodded, “Samantha.”

“Oh god, Come in you two,” he pulled me and Trystan in, and shut the door behind us.

“OK, Trystan I might have forgotten to tell you but before you came to ask me for help, I already had offered the job to the girl,” he nodded at me.

“And Samantha, Trystan needs this job too. Being a friend, I am not gonna deny any help to him. So, both of you are going to do this job. Together.” He concluded his statement sternly.

“But-” I and Trystan protested at the same time.

“You’ll be getting $20 per hour,” Dylan smirked.

We both shared an astonished look.

Did he just say $20? That too per hour?

That was enough for him to make us both agree with his deal. We nodded our head in agreement, completely smitten by the amount being offered.

“Now I’ll better get dressed up-” Dylan said.

“Or I might lose control over my hormones,” I muttered to myself.

“-and bring Tiffany down to meet her babysitters.”

With that he went upstairs, leaving me and Trystan alone.

“Samantha Harris,” Trystan looked at me with amusement.

“Oh, so you knew my name,” I smirked.

“Of course,” he grinned.

I raised my eyebrows, daring him to lie to me.

“Fine,” he rolled his eyes, “I went through our yearbook yesterday.”

“Whatever,” I yawned.

“Hey, I always knew who you were. Just never got your name,” he tried to justify himself.

“Riiiiight,” I said, dragging the I.

“You are Samantha Harris, the girl who broke that dweeb Josh’s nose because he poured juice on you in the fifth grade. The one who got a pixie haircut in seventh grade. And, who dyed her hair blonde in sophomore year.”

I looked at him, totally flabbergasted.

How, on earth, he remembers so much about me?

“Dude, you realize you sound like a creep right now? I mean, did you use to stalk me, or what?”

He was about to reply when a high-pitched cry diverted our attention.

Dylan came down, this time fully clothed, holding a baby in his hand, covered in a pink blanket.

He was patting her back in a soothing way, attempting to stop her from crying.

“It’s only ten in the morning, and this is the fourth time she has cried,” Trystan said, taking Tiffany’s tiny hands in his and awkwardly poking it.

“I know man,” Dylan gave a defeated sigh.

For the first time, I carefully examined his face. He had dark circles under his eyes and his face looked so tired. My heart dropped, looking at his state. I went near him and squeezed his left shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I’ll handle her. You should go and take some rest. I’m sure she must have not let you sleep all night.”

He gave me a soft smile.

“Thanks, Samantha,” he said, taking my other hand and squeezing it.

And, at that very moment, I forgot how to breathe. My cheeks turned red, but luckily he did not notice it as he was already moving back to his room.

“If you are done drooling at Dylan, just come and help me,” Trystan’s irritated voice made me turn my attention back to him.

I glared at him, and took Tiffany from his hand.

“Hey, little mollycoddle,” I smiled at the beautiful infant in my hand. She had eyes just like those of Dylan: deep blue. But, her hairs were brown, maybe like her mother. I frowned at the thought of her mother.

Where could her mother be?

“Mollycoddle? Who says that nowadays?” Trystan chuckled, beside me.

“I do,” I pulled out my tongue at him. Something crossed his eyes, which I could not decipher.

“Dylan is not into high school girls,” he said after a minute.

“So?” I frowned.

“So, stop acting all love-struck in front of him.”

My cheeks turned red at his statement.

“I was not acting love-struck,” I mumbled.

“Of course, you were not,” he scoffed, and started making faces at Tiffany, to make her laugh.

Now, why is he acting so weird? What’s his problem if I find Dylan hot?

“Hey, Trystan?” I said, and as he looked up, I lightly punched his nose.

“OW!” he hissed in pain.

“That’s for acting weird,” I smiled, innocently.

“Are you-” he was cut off by Tiffany’s melodious laugh.

We both looked at her. She was clapping and waving her tiny hands in happiness.

“So, the little mollycoddle loves seeing me hurt,” Trystan pouted, giving Tiffany an Eskimo kiss.

She giggled in response, and I smiled at the fact that he called her ‘mollycoddle’. Trystan took her in his hand and dangled her in the air.

“How do you know Dylan?” I asked, trying to make small talks.

“I crashed some college party in my junior year. We met there,” he replied, smirking at me.

I rolled my eyes, “What else can I expect from you.”

He chuckled, putting Tiffany on the kitchen counter.

“Why would you apply for a babysitting job?” he asked, looking into my eyes.

I don’t know why, but the way he was looking at me made me feel intimate. It was like, he could see through me. Like, he could see through my soul.

I averted my gaze, and muttered-


Before he could question my ‘reasons’, I quickly asked him.

“What about you?”

“Reasons,” he said, amused.

I frowned at him.

“Hahaha. Look at your expression,” he chuckled at me, “I need a cell phone, sunshine. And, I’m certainly not asking my dad for it.”

He continued, looking at my confused face.

“Remember our kitchen encounter at Jason’s party?” he asked, and I nodded in response, remembering him telling me about his lost phone.

“Yesterday, I met Dylan. He needed a babysitter and I needed a job. So, here I am,” he finished with a grin.

“Oh,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“I think she needs to be fed,” Trystan looked at Tiffany, who was again at the verge of crying.

I nodded and went to the kitchen to prepare some milk for her. I quickly prepared lukewarm milk, and poured it in her bottle.

Trystan took the bottle from my hand and pressed it in Tiffany’s mouth, holding her close to his chest.

The bottle was slipping again and again from her mouth, so I went there and held the bottle for Tiffany, while Trystan was handling her.

We both looked at each other and, for the first time in forever, exchanged sincere smiles.

My cheeks turned beetroot red and, when I noticed the two pink spots on his cheeks too, I knew he was thinking the same thing as me-

At this very moment, we three were looking like a happy little family.

Me, Trystan, and Tiffany.

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