The Babysitters

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“YOU AND TRYSTAN HAVE A BABY?” Gabby practically yelled, flinging from her seat.

I muffled her mouth as everyone in the cafeteria looked at me, wide eyed.

“Shut up, Gabby! We are having a babysitting job, not a baby,” I groaned, still avoiding the curious gazes Gabby diverted on me.

“Look, you two have a job which involves a baby, so indirectly, you both have a baby,” Gabby explained her logic with a proud smile.

“Wow, you actually make it sound controversial,” Jenny rolled her eye.

“I just realized how cute you both look together. Hmm... What ship name should I give you?” Gabby started thinking, her forehead creasing in the act.

“So, what exactly is the job?” Jenny asked me, ignoring Gabby’s bizarre thoughts.

“We just have to babysit Tiffany from four to eight in the evening. She is three months old. And cute,” I said with a soft smile.

“I can’t imagine you and Trystan working together for a huge four hour time,” Jenny scrunched her nose.

“Trust me, my life officially sucks now,” I sighed.

“SATAN.” Gabby grinned, out of the blue.

I and Jenny gave her a questioning look.

“Samantha + Trystan,” she explained with a contented smile.

“Dude, why on earth will you find me a ship name? That too SATAN?” I complained, while Jenny slapped her forehead.

She was about to reply, when a new voice cut her off-

“Who is shipping Satan?” Evan said, pulling a chair beside Jenny to sit.

The other two boys joined us, soon. Trystan sat on my left and Chase on my right, next to Gabby.

“Uh, uh I-I,” Gabby stuttered, infatuated by the fact that Chase was sitting beside her, and eating her fries.

Trystan gave me a suspicious look. As, I locked my eyes with his brown ones, I was trapped. My stomach did a weird somersault, and the world around me stopped.

It was nothing like looking into Dylan’s deep blue eyes. It was a whole different emotion. A lot deeper.

Sure, Dylan made me flustered and giddy. But with Trystan, I forgot everything. It was just me and his eyes. Brown and beautiful.

“Jenny is writing a novel about two Satan’s falling in love,” I ranted what came first in my mind, “She even showed them in a controversial position over a fan.”

“WHAT?” Evan yelled in surprise, at the same time Jenny choked the water she was drinking.

“Whoa! Breaking News: Westport High’s good girl goes bad,” Chase gagged, bringing his hands near Jenny’s face as if they were a camera.

“I can’t believe you never told me about it, shortcake,” Evan pouted.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, avoiding both Trystan and Jenny.

“Chasy mazy look, he gave her a couple name. Why can’t you give me one?” Gabby smashed Chase on the head.

“Because we are not a couple, Gabby,” Chase frowned.

“You never know,” She winked at him.

I was about to roll my eye at Gabby. But, Jenny’s shocked face made me realize I have better things to do. Probably like, saving my dear life from Jenny after the blunder I created.

“Wh-Wait a minute. I am writing no suc-” she tried to defend but I cut her off-

“Evan, Jenny has some doubts in Chemistry. Why don’t you help her? You topped the recent test, right?”

I gave her a pleading look, which she replied with a death glare.

“I would, any day, love to help my shortcake,” Evan winked at her.

Trystan shook his head at his best friend.

“Let’s go to the library,” Jenny said, giving me a ‘I’ll deal with you later’ look.

“I’ll catch you guys later, too. Someone is waiting for me in the janitor’s closet,” Chase winked at us, before walking out of the cafeteria.

Gabby followed him behind, shouting how he can get STD’s.

Gosh, my friends really have a complicated love life.

“Your friends are weird,” Trystan said, once we were alone.

“Like yours are any better,” I retorted.

“True that,” he grinned. My lips twitched up in a smile, too.

I started fiddling with my food, not knowing how to start a conversation.

“Why do you hate me?”

Trystan was the one to break the silence.

I creased my eyebrows, “More like, I don’t like the idea of you.”

“Ouch! That really did hurt,” he pouted.

God, the guy really has kissable lips.

Ew, did I just think that?

No. Nope. Kisses involve exchanging germs. Such unhygienic concept.

“Trust me, it was intentional,” I scoffed.

“You do realize there is a thin line between love and hate?” he smirked.

“As thin as the one I need to cover to kick you?” I gave him a ‘quit with the flirt’ look.

“I’d like it better if we cover it for a kiss,” he winked.

I made a disgusted face. Truth be told, I actually wanted to avoid his eyes, before I did something I would regret.

“You never told me your reason,” he continued, when I did not say anything.

“What reason?” I asked.

“That why did you need the job?” he raised his eyebrows.

“It’s complicated,” I said, looking at my hand.

“More than you?” he whispered.

“I am not complicated,” I frowned.

“I am not as oblivious as I seem, sunshine,” Trystan smiled, looking at me, “I know there are things haunting you. Things you want to get away from. And, the things you will never share with anyone.”

I looked at him for a minute. His face held concern, with a pinch of seriousness. For a minute, I doubted whether I really hated him?

“I prefer hating you, Trystan. Don’t make me change it,” my voice sounded cracked.

“People are there, if you need them to share things,” he said.

I know he was referring to himself, but admitting it would bruise his ego. So, I just let it go.

“Why won’t you ask your dad for a new phone?” I questioned, trying to change the topic.

Simply because, it was getting too serious to handle.

“Why will I ask him? The old man already thinks I am of no good. Telling him I lost my phone will only give him another reason to prove his theory,” Trystan snorted.

“You are ready to do a tiring job for a phone, but not let your ego down?” I shook my head in astonishment.

“You got it,” he threw a French fry on me, which I easily dodged.

“Plus, I need to do something about it. I mean, my social life is literally at halt, because of losing my phone,” he said with a fake sigh.

“Of course,” I chuckled.

“I never saw you on Facebook, or Instagram?” Trystan inquired, looking very much interested in my social life.

“Unlike you, I am not a social butterfly,” I rolled my eyes.

“Did you just call me a butterfly?” he scrunched his nose, earning a chuckle from me.

“Don’t force me to give you a proof of my manhood, sunshine,” he smirked.

“Don’t force me to cause a threat to your manhood, Ryder,” I mocked his expression.

And that’s when I saw it.

His bruised nose.

The one I punched, yesterday.

My hands automatically leaned forward to examine his nose.

“Did it hurt?” I asked, avoiding the butterflies erupting from the touch.

“You were pretty hard,” he grinned, “But I liked it.”

I chuckled, focusing on my food, again.

We both sat there, eating our lunch.

After a few minutes of silence, I felt a familiar gaze on me.

“What?” I asked, looking at Trystan.

Big mistake.

Yet again, I was captured in the world of brown.

“You bring out the unexpected in me,” he smiled, his eyes refusing to look away.

“I never do this,” he continued, “The talks, the caring, the initiating a conversation.”

I realized how correct he was. I have never seen Trystan talking to a girl without any reason. He just makes out with them.

And here he is, not only talking, but also eating lunch with me.

I smiled, “It’s not that bad.”

“Not bad at all,” he smirked.

And, the butterflies were back.

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