The Babysitters

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Tears spilling down, enveloped in guilt, I ran outside the house, and stopped only when I bumped into someone.

“Samantha?” Dylan asked me, making me look at him.

His dress was covered in oil, and his face held tiredness.

“Whoa, what happened? Why are you crying?” he cupped my face.

It felt good. I wanted to cry on his shoulder and tell him all my problems. But then I looked at his exhausted state, and gave up on the idea.

“I’m fine,” I wiped my tears, and walked off from the comfort of his cologne.

I’m fine.

You know the worst part about being fine is that, fine is far from happy. It is that gray space in the middle where you can laugh and smile often, but it isn’t joy. It isn’t looking forward to each second of your day, or getting most out of life. Being fine is what most people settle for, even when they are anything, but it.

I kept walking, without having any idea of my destination. Every now and then, Britney’s words echoed in my head.

Am I the reason why Britney changed so drastically? Will she ever forgive me? Hell, will I ever forgive myself?

Suddenly, I felt something tickling my toe. I looked down at the troublemaker. To my horror, it was a white cat, rubbing her face on my leg.

I let out a sharp cry, “Shoo away you scary beast.”

She purred in response.

“Uh-huh, the innocent act won’t help. I am still calling you a beast,” I pointed a finger at her.

All her innocence was gone now, as her sharp hazel eyes glared at me.

“H-hey, don’t be personal okay? I don’t have a thing against you, it’s just that I am allergic to your species,” I said each word with patience, as if the little white thing was actually understanding my language.

She tilted her head and looked at me with suspicion.

“Oh c’mon, I pinky swear I’m not lying. I even complimented Hermione’s Crookshanks, once,” I said, blinking my eyes innocently.

“Wow, you run away from the house as if your bum was on fire, and then land on an isolated place to talk to a cat,” said a new voice.

I turned around towards the owner of the hot divine voice, only to find him giving me a disapproving look, with both his hands in his pocket.

“Why are you here?” I frowned.

“Oh, I just came to look for a girl who has her brains in her knees, but still prefers to use them,” he said, “Have you seen her?”

“Shut up, Ryder,” I warned him.

The white beast gave me and Trystan a bored look, and walked away. Not before giving me a threatening glare.

“Great! Even the cat disapproves of me,” I muttered to myself, and started walking ahead.

Suddenly a huge gorgeous bike caught my attention.

“Sexy, Isn’t she?” Trystan smirked.

“OMG, am I dreaming or is it really a MV AGUSTA?” I gawked at the hot machine.

“Yeah, people call it that, but I prefer Cady,” Trystan shrugged.

I looked at him for a moment and, then, laughed so hard at his statement that I fell on the floor.

“You named this sexy thing over a Mean Girl character?” I gagged.

“Aha, that’s my point. My bike is sexy, and so is Lindsay Lohan. Thus, the name,” Trystan explained, his face holding a proud look.

“You amuse me in worst ways possible, Ryder,” I said, in between my retarded laugh.

“At least it made you smile,” he rolled his eyes.

I looked at him with awe. All this while, I hated the very existence of him. But the only thing he had done to me is, make me laugh at times when I couldn’t even think of smiling.

We were there, staring at each other. The atmosphere was filled with umpteenth colors of nature - green trees, yellow sun, blue sky - but the only color I saw was brown.

“Uh, where exactly are we?” I asked, breaking the eye contact.

“No idea. I just heard your scream and came here,” he said, his eyes still on me.

“Oh,” I said. For the first time, I took in my surrounding. There were no houses to be seen, only trees and the rays of sun illuminating them.

I had no idea where I was.

“Please don’t tell me we are lost,” I asked, terrified.

“OK. But it won’t change the fact that we are actually lost,” Trystan glared at me.

“Gee, it makes me feel so much better,” I said, sarcasm dripping from each of the word.

We both started walking ahead. I snuggled into Trystan, so if we were attacked by a wild animal, I could push him forward to die first.

After crossing a few trees, I finally stopped at one which had a tree house built on it.

I pulled the hem of Trystan’s shirt, “Look, it’s a tree house.”

He followed my gaze, eyes filled with amusement as they landed on the tree house.

“Who could have possibly built it?” he asked with wide eyes.

“Who cares? I am, anyway, gonna climb it,” I hopped in excitement, and started climbing the tree.

It was a small house, which could only fit two people in it. Nevertheless, it was beautiful.

“Whoever it was, I appreciate his talent,” Trystan grinned, joining me inside.

We both sat on the ground, grinning at each other.

“I just found a new secret place for me,” I smiled, showing all my teeth.

“N-uh, WE found this place,” Trystan corrected me. I rolled my eyes.

“Let’s call it our place,” he added, “We won’t tell anyone about it, not even to our friends. It’s a place where only you and me are allowed.”

“As in, it’s our hideaway?” I asked, excited by the idea.

“Yup. Whenever we are at the verge of breaking down, or don’t want to face anyone, we could hangout over here. Away from the world,” he smiled.

“Perfect,” I said with a contented smile.

We laid down on the floor, in each other’s company. I connected my headphones, inserting one side in my ear and the other in Trystan’s. We closed our eyes and enjoyed the rhythm of Adore by Paramore.

“You won’t ask me why I ran away.” I questioned Trystan.

“Nope. Someday, when you will trust me enough, you’ll tell it to me by yourself. I think I can wait for that to happen,” he smiled, his eyes still closed.

I stared at his face. The freckles on his nose, dimples near his cheek, even his bruised nose, they all looked so flawless. Everything that Trystan was.

I think the hatred that I hold for him has gone down by a huge 10%.

“I think we should leave now,” I said, looking at the dark engulfing the light of the sun.

He stood up and rubbed off the back of his jeans, to remove the dust. I did the same.

“Let’s go,” he said, helping me in climbing down the tree.

We went back to Trystan’s MV AGUSTA. He searched for his keys, and I took the time to adore his bike.

“Can I ride it, please?” I gave my best puppy face to Trystan.

“NO WAY!” he gave me a ‘Nobody is allowed to ride my Cady’ look.

“Pleaaaasee Trystan. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Pl-”

“Stop being a baby, and hop up,” he glared at me, sitting on the front to ride.

“Prettttyyyy pleaaaaseeee,” I started shaking him off.

“Geez! Leave me,” he tried to catch my hands.

“FINE,” he shouted, “You can ride it, once we are at the main street.”

“YIPPY!” I hugged him, and pushed him away as soon as I realized I could catch his germs.

Horrified, I wiped my dress off. While, he chuckled, “I don’t have cooties, sunshine.”

I pulled out my tongue at him, and hopped on the bike.

With the help of my phone’s GPS, we finally found a way back to the city.

As soon as I saw the street, I started punching Trystan on the back.

“We are on the streets now. It’s my turn to ride,” I declared.

“Ugh, why can’t you act like a normal girl and be scared of bike rides?” he sighed.

“BECAUSE I AM NOT NORMAL AND I LOVE BIKES!” I screamed in his ears.

“Gee, woman!” he stopped the bike and jumped off it, “Here, take it.”

I clapped my hands like a three year old, and climbed the bike, ready to accelerate it.

“Nothing should happen to Cady,” Trystan warned me. I ignored him and focused on riding.

Slowly, the bike started moving ahead, making me howl.

“Can you see? I am riding a bike, Trystan,” I shouted at the top of my voice.

“Concentrate on the road, Samantha,” he shouted back.

“Yea yea. Now, don’t go all tutor on me. Can’t you see, I am riding it fine,” I turned my head to glare at Trystan.

“Sunshine, I’m not kidding. Look forward,” he cautioned me, once again.

“You are such a cry bab-” Suddenly I hit a boulder real hard. The bike lost it balance and I fell off it.

“OW! OW! OW!” I rubbed my elbow.

Trystan came running towards me.

“I told you to concentrate on the road,” he scolded me, “But no, why on earth will you listen to me?”

“Ow, where’s your chivalry gone?” I pouted at him, “I am already hurt, no need to scold me and add up to my pain.”

He shook his head in disappointment, “Sunshine, you are impossible.”

He examined my left elbow, and then my legs. He slowly squeezed my hand, and I whined in pain.

“We need to get you to the hospital,” he ran a hand through his hairs.

“What about your bike?” I murmured looking at the sexy motorbike, lying on the floor.

“Oh, I am so not forgiving you for it,” he smirked, “But first, let us take you to the hospital.”

“I can’t walk,” I pointed at the blood dripping from my legs.

“Of course,” he muttered, and bent down on the ground.

“Hop on,” he said to me.

“A piggyback?” I asked, grinning.

“A piggyback,” he confirmed.

I quickly hopped on his back and started swaying my legs, hands wrapped around his neck. Trystan, on the other hand, held me closely and securely.

We kept walking like this, more like he walking and me enjoying the ride, and stopped only when we reached the nearby local hospital.

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