The Babysitters

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“Stay away from me, Man in White,” I growled at the doctor beside me.

He looked at me with a scowl, “How am I gonna cure your hand if you won’t let me touch it?”

“That’s for you to know,” I gave him a stink eye. He replied it with a death glare.

“Sunshine, I asked Chase to inform your friends. They’ll be h-- uh, what’s going on?” Trystan entered the room, giving me and the doctor a confused look.

Well, that didn’t stop our staring competition.

“Why don’t you ask this grumpy doctor?” I replied, still glaring at him.

“More like, why don’t you ask your snotty girlfriend?” his glare hardened.

“OK, Time up you two,” Trystan came and stood between us, “I am sorry for her behavior doc. Now, I would appreciate if you could tell me what’s wrong with her?”

Man in white sighed, “After an hour of bickering, she let me do some X-Rays and tests. According to it, she just got some minor injuries. Nothing serious.”

“That’s great. So, can she be discharged now?” Trystan asked, enthusiastically.

“Only if she let us do some dressing on her wounds,” the doctor said, giving me one last glare, “Clearly, she is scared of me so-”

“I AM NOT SCARED OF YOU,” I shouted, which both the men ignored, as they continued talking.

“-let me send some other nurse in here,” Man in white smiled, and walked towards the door.

“And doctor,” Trystan shouted, just when he was about to exit, “I don’t allow anyone to call my girlfriend snotty.”

Man in white chuckled and mouthed a sorry, before leaving the room.

“I would have felt more privileged in being associated with Mr Bean, than being called your girlfriend,” I gave Trystan a sour look.

“You know you love the feels,” Trystan winked.

Before I could shut him up with one of my canny response, the door opened with a creak and I was attacked by blonde and brown.

“Oh my god, you are alive. I was so scared you won’t be here with us to attend the men strip show on my wedding,” Gabby sobbed in my neck.

“Gabby, she just fell off a bike, not a jet,” Jenny chuckled on the other side of my neck.

“Guys, you are smothering me,” I laughed.

“Whoops!” they said, and finally broke the hug.

“Wow, the way Trystan exaggerated it on the phone, I really thought you were on your death bed,” Chase gaped.

I tilted my head to have a look at the people. Not only my friends, but even Chase and Evan were there.

Trystan rolled his eyes, “The exaggeration was for Cady.”

“YOU LET HER RIDE CADY?” Evan exclaimed with wide eyes.

“Who’s Cady?” Jenny asked the same time Gabby squeaked-

“You ride girls?”

“Uh, no. That’s not what he meant Gab-”

I was cut off by Gabby’s blabbering.

“Six years. We have been best friends since six years, and not even once you told me that you have a thing for girls. Now I understand why you broke Logan’s teeth when he kissed you in freshman year. I m-”

“Cady is Trystan’s bike, Gabby,” Chase pulled Gabby by her shoulder.

“D-did you just t-touch me?” she asked, flabbergasted.

“I would have kissed you too, if you didn’t stop with your blabbering,” he smirked.

And that was enough to make Gabby faint.

“The effect you have on her,” Trystan fist bumped his best friend. Evan snorted from beside.

“I think I’ll drop her home,” Chase picked Gabby bridal style and took her off.

“20 $, she’ll hyperventilate for a whole day after knowing about this incident,” Jenny smirked.

“The bet is on,” I high five-d her.

“But seriously, how did you land here?” Evan asked, pointing at the hospital bed. He casually put his arms around Jenny’s shoulder, to pull her close. She slapped them hard, in return.

That’s like my girl!

“Like I said, she was riding Cady,” Trystan replied on my behalf, “And, at the same time, bickering with me-”

“Typical Sam,” Jenny chuckled.

“-She was so busy threatening me that she overlooked the boulder on the road and fell off the bike,” Trystan made an innocent victim face.

“That’s not true,” I frowned, “It was because the weather was unclear. I could not focus on the road.”

“In 98% of motorcycle accidents, weather is not a contributor,” Jenny cleared her throat.

Yeah right, how I forgot you cannot lie to Jenny-The-Encyclopedia.

“Fine, it was my fault,” I smiled sheepishly, “But look, I am OK now.”

“Not until, your wounds are dressed, Hun,” a girl in her early 20′s entered, carrying a first aid box.

She was beautiful, to say the least. Her brown hairs reached till her waist, and she had deep hazel eyes.

“I am Serena, your nurse for the day,” She chuckled, sitting at the chair beside me.

“Doctor Ken said you won’t let him do your dressing. So he sent me, instead,” She smiled.

Oh, so Man in White has a name.

“Now I get why the room became hotter, suddenly. I mean, look at you,” Evan whistled, his hands no more on Jenny’s shoulder.

“You teenagers never get tired of flirting, do you?” Serena chuckled.

“Just like you don’t get tired of looking beautiful,” Trystan winked at her.

A shade of red appeared on her cheeks. I rolled my eyes.

“Well, I’m flattered,” she smiled, dressing my wounds.

“By the way, if I got hurt someday and could not find you in the hospital, where should I call?” Trystan gave her a breathtaking smile.

“No where,” I snickered, “As far as I know, you need a cell phone to call someone. And Trystan lost it somewhere in Jason’s party.”

“Hey, I still have my cell phone. In fact, I even have a spare one at home,” Evan grinned.

Jenny went near Evan and hit him hard in his leg.

“Oops. I’m sorry,” she pouted, while he growled in pain.

“Uh-huh, I appreciate your flirting skills,” Serena smiled at Trystan, “but I don’t date guys smaller than me.”

“Trust me, nothing is small about me,” Trystan said in a cocky tone.

Jenny and I made a puking face at his statement. But Serena found it really funny, and gave a beautiful laugh, similar to a jingle.

Whoa! How do girls manage to laugh so mellifluously? I mean, I am nowhere near it. When I find something funny or hilarious, I laugh in a way that it sounds more like I am choking to death.

“Well,” she picked up a notebook kept at the table beside my bed, and wrote something on it, “I would love to meet you again.”

She handed it to Trystan and left the room, leaving him grinning ear to ear.

“I can’t believe she gave her number to you, and not to me. You don’t even have a phone,” Evan frowned, still holding the leg Jenny hit.

“You are disgusting,” Jenny glared at Evan.

“Oh c’mon shortcake,” he pulled her closer to him, “you know you are the only one for me.”

“Shut up,” She adjusted her glasses, and walked out of the room.

Evan groaned and followed her.

“So, it’s true,” Trystan sat beside me, holding Serena’s number in his hand.

“What’s true?” I raised my brows.

“You have already been kissed in the freshman year?” he smirked.

“You got only this from everything Gabby said?” I chuckled.

He did not reply, but kept looking at me to confirm what he asked.

“Yeah, I have already been kissed,” I rolled my eyes, “But it wasn’t intentional. We were just talking in the field when a football hit his head hard, and he landed on me. More like, his lips landed on mine.”

“Awe man and I was thinking I’ll do the honor to give you your first kiss,” he pouted.

I gave out a soft laugh, “Well, I am sorry to break your hopes.”

He chuckled, looking at me with amusement.

“Although, I punched him, afterwards,” I added, quickly.

“That I am aware of,” he smirked.

“Yeah,” I muttered. I looked at the hospital room for distraction. The white walls, the blue curtains, everything was so dull.

Why can’t hospital walls be cherry red or maybe sunshine yellow? They would make the patients feel livelier. After all, there should be something to look up to in a hospital.

“Were you not jealous?” Trystan’s voice pulled me out of my thought.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion.

“You know, when I was flirting with Adriana.”

“Why should I be jealous?” I scrunched my nose, “And, it’s Serena.”

“I don’t know. Normally, girls do get jealous when I flirt with some other girl in front of them,” he tilted his head, not caring that he said the wrong name.

“I thought we already established the fact that I am not normal,” I wiggled my brows.

“Of course, you are not normal,” he paused, as if searching for a correct word to describe me.

“You are different,” he finally said, with a gorgeous smile. A contagious one. The one which left me smiling, too.

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