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Help! I'm Lost In Nazi Germany

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Humor / Adventure
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Mission: Kill Hitler

Hello, my name is Dr. Gerald Von Bavuschki, and I am trapped in Nazi Germany. I have no way out.

It was a Tuesday. September 21st, 2024. I'm on a business trip in Germany. I am a scientist. Scientists have finally discovered a way to time travel. We finish a prototype, and mess around to discover that it does infact work. I, naively enough, volunteer to be a test subject. I go in, and i ask to go to 1940. My plan is to kill Adolf Hitler, so i hop in the machine, and they power it on.

The machine started up as normal, and I hear a loud beeping sound. BEEP BABEEP BABEEP BABEEP! I ask my fellow scientists if this is normal, and they say it is.

Eventually, the beeping gets faster. BEEPBABEEPBABEEPBABEEPBABEEP! My sciency friends say its normal.

Eventually, i see a grey foggy mist in my eyes, and before you know it, im in a portal, in Nazi Germany. It worked! Woo-Hoo-Koo-Poo!! but then, i trip on my shoelace, fall forward, and fall onto a rock, nudging it a bit, and then i look over, and my time machine dissapeared.

Oh no. I just changed the future. Now I'm trapped in Nazi Germany! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

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