Trouble in Paradise?

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Chapter Eleven

“Guys I really don’t want to intrude and al-” I started to say but they ignored me.

“Welcome to our table,” Blake grinned, sitting down next to Ethan. Jordan sat down on the other side next to Xavier, who was watching me with a look of amusement.

“Why is she here?” Ethan scowled.

“She is standing right here, thank you very much,” I said, still standing.

“I know that, I can smell you from here.”

“Well, enjoy it while it lasts because if you speak again I’ll rip your nose of-”

“Ladies, ladies,” Jordan said, earning a glare from Ethan. “No need to fight. Not until we get popcorn.”

“It’s your fault for bringing her here. I already have enough girls bugging me everyday. Especially Veronica,” Ethan said, a bitter expression on his face.

“You guys don’t like Veronica?” I said, sinking down into a seat that wasn’t next to any of them.

“Of course not, she’s a bitch,” Xavier said, shrugging. It was the first thing I’d heard him say since oh-so-long ago when I first came to this school.

Bitch seems to be a very popular word with these boys.

“I figured that out the moment she opened her mouth,” I replied. It was true, there was always a Queen Biatch in every school. It’s unavoidable.

“So did we. Unfortunately, she hasn’t left us alone since we started high school,” Blake said, sounding annoyed and bitter.

“Sucks for you I guess.”

“Trust me, it does. She’s gotten worse, obsessing over Xavier especially.” To this, Xavier scowled deeply. “She won’t leave us alone,” Jordan continued.

“Have you told her to, you know, go away?” I asked.

“We’ve told her to fuck off many times,” Blake replied. Ethan was busy scowling, not sure if it was because of me or Veronica, and Xavier looked deep in thought.

It was obvious that Xavier was the most attractive, managing to look hot while deep in thought. I mean, who does that? How do you do that? Sign me up.

I stopped looking at Xavier before someone questioned me as to why I was staring at him. Thankfully, no one noticed as they were all too busy insulting Veronica in their heads.

“Oh my god, speak of the Devil,” Jordan said, sinking down in his seat with disappointment and annoyance.

“I’ll bet you five dollars that she targets me,” I said to Blake quickly before she arrived at our table.

“You’re on,” he mouthed back. Veronica had arrived, her minions standing behind her. Kaitlyn stood among them.

Honestly, Veronica needed clothes that weren’t a size two in children’s wear. She was just about wearing bathers.

Don’t you get cold?

She sneered at me. “Why are you sitting at our table?”

I turned to Blake. “You owe me five dollars,” I told him before turning back around. “Veronica, you were just sitting at another table.”

“Yes, but I want to sit here now.”

“Yeah well, I want a million dollars, we all want something,” I replied casually, making her glare at me instead of her usual sneer or smirk. Now she was losing this little confrontation.

People had started to watch what was going on, hungry for a piece of gossip. I honestly didn’t care if she sat at this table or not, it’s the fact that she came to me about it when there are plenty of other seats around it.

She then smiled brightly, as if she’d suddenly had a brilliant idea, and then put on the most innocent, cute face that she could muster.

Which ended up looking like a constipated bulldog.

She turned to Xavier. “Xavy! I missed you so much!” she said, climbing onto his lap and wrapping her arms around him.

Even I could see that he looked super uncomfortable.

In fact, he looked like he would rather jump off a cliff than have to endure anymore of Veronica’s torture.

“Veronica, leave,” he said, lifting her off him. Her mouth dropped open in surprise, confusion and shock.

She then got angry. “So all of a sudden she’s here and now you don’t love me anymore!” she exclaimed, really loudly, while pointing to me. Now, everyone in the cafeteria was watching, you could’ve heard a pin drop.

“I didn’t love you in the first place,” he said casually, not giving a care in the world about what Veronica was trying to do. This only made Veronica more angry.

I, however, was watching with amusement. What? If you were sitting here, you’d do the same thing.

“You said you did! We were in love! We were going to get married!” she basically screamed at him.

This time, he looked at her with a look that said ’what the hell are you talking about’, “Veronica, you dreamed up all of this. It was never and will never happen.”

She stomped, pouting and then tears started falling. Mascara dripped down her face faster than Niagara Falls. While the tears were real, the crying didn’t seem to be. The sobs were over exaggerated, and anyone could tell.

She then looked towards me with a look of pure hate and anger. “I’ll get you for this, bitch.”

She then stomped out of the hall, her minions glaring at me on the way out.

“The cliches don’t stop do they?” I asked to no one in particular, since no one was really paying attention to me anymore.

Ethan was scowling, as usual. Blake and Jordan looked tired of the situation and Xavier had on a neutral expression, showing that he probably couldn’t care less about Veronica.

“Well.. I’ve caused enough trouble for one day,” I said, standing up. They all watched me as I did so, making me feel a little uncomfortable. “Bye.”

I walked away from the table, taking a deep breath. It’s over.

That was one hell of an eventful lunchtime, don’t you think?

When I got home, I immediately knew the Christen was gone.

His car was missing, all of his stuff was gone. The place hadn’t been cleaned up, the aftermath of the party still everywhere.

I cursed and swore at Christen. He was gone.

I grabbed out my phone and called my Aunt Kate, Christen’s mother.

“Hey Aunty Kate,” I greeted her when she picked up.

“Hey honey, how are you?”

“I’m good. Listen, Christen isn’t here. All of his stuff and his car is gone. Did he go back home?” I asked her.

“No, he isn’t here. I’ll call him. If he doesn’t contact me by tomorrow, I’ll call the police,” she said, sounding a little more worried and panicked.

“Don’t worry, he’s probably just with some friends.”

“Yeah, probably. Thanks for letting me know,” she replied, sounding a little calmer than she was a minute ago.

We said our goodbyes and hung up. I sighed and looked around at the mess. If my mother or father comes home unexpectedly, I’m in real deep shit if they see this.

I sighed again, going to the closet to get out a broom and a mop.

This was going to be a long night.

After hours and hours, I was finally done cleaning. It was around 8:30 at night when I had finished, and I was tired. Really tired.

Who knew how much mess there would be!

I collapsed on my bed, worn on from rushing around the house, trying to get things clean and back to the way they used to be. At least everything was spotless for now.

I quickly changed into my pajamas before I fell asleep in my clothes, and then I snuggled into my warm bed covers, happily falling asleep quickly.

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