Trouble in Paradise?

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Chapter Two

“Hey! Doorknob dick! Has anyone ever told you that you shouldn’t be a rude asshole to people you’ve just met?” The whole hallway gasped and went silent.

The four boys turned around, two of them stifling a laugh while the other two looked murderous. The two murderous ones was indeed the one I had just bumped into and the one who I spilled cookie batter on. Looks like he got a clean shirt. What was his name? Ethan, that’s right.

They walked towards me, murderous looks on their faces. “What the fuck did you just say?”

I raised an eyebrow. “I said, Mr. Asshole, that you should try being considerate and nice once in a while. It might get you somewhere in life. Let me take a wild guess and say that you four find it difficult to not stick your you-know-what in girls so therefore you are branded as ‘players’. You’ve never had a girlfriend and you think you can get any girl you want, resulting in a cocky attitude. You get pissed over things easily and have no respect for anyone but yourselves. Now, let’s get this straight,” I said all in one bunch, not allowing any to interrupt. “You walked into me. Of course, your stupid jerk facade stops you from apologising and I’m going to be the bigger person and walk away.”

To say everyone was shocked would be an understatement. People’s jaws were hanging open, not believing all that I had said. The boys were no longer laughing, but two of them wore amused looks. The other two looked even more murderous.

“Shit she’s right,” one of the amused ones said. I gave them a fake smile.

“Enjoy trying to understand all that I just said, it might actually get your brains working!” I said, turning around and walking away. The whole hallway stood still, staring as if they couldn’t believe what had just happened.

I walked to my locker, grabbing out an apple and munching on it. By now, people had started to disperse, my whole speech being the talk of the school. People talked, whispered and gossiped throughout the whole day.

I couldn’t do Gym because well.. I just couldn’t do it. My mother explained my condition to the school thankfully, but it was being kept a secret from the students.

All day, I didn’t see any of the boys.

I suppose I was a little harsh on them, but they had it coming. I had guessed that they had probably broken many hearts before, hurting girls deeply. Not only were they rude to me, but that was for every girl who was innocent and had been really hurt by those assholes.

I seem to be using the word ‘asshole’ a lot today.

The final bell rang. After eating lunch in the bathroom since all of the cafeteria seats were taken, I was glad to leave.

People in the hallways looked at me with confused and scared expressions. I wore a confused look.

Until… “HEY!” I heard the leader of the assholes yell out from behind me, followed by footsteps.

“Oh shit!” I yelled. “Gotta go!” People in the hallway watched and stared as I started sprinting out of the building, the four boys running behind me.

“Piss off will ya! I know I’m irresistible but c’mon!” I tried to joke but it only made them angrier.

I ran through the hallways and sprinted out of the exit. My breathing was ragged and my legs were starting to burn. I couldn’t run for much longer, I might pass out.

Unfortunately, they followed and being the fit guys that they are, caught up to me pretty quick.

They grabbed me by my arms and legs and hoisted me into the air.

“Put me down you shitty version of One Direction!” My insults are great. I know.

They either didn’t notice how unnaturally light I was or didn’t care. It would’ve been awkward to explain why I was weirdly light.

They took me back into the building, walking through the hallways that I had just sprinted through.

The people stared and whispered again, for the millionth time today.

“Oh so no ones gonna help me? Nice school,” I said loud enough so everyone could hear.

Ethan yanked on my leg, hard. It wouldn’t have hurt me if I had been healthy some months ago. I’m still a little weak though, making it hurt.

“Shut up.”

I groaned and struggled, kicking my legs and pulling my arms.

“Fucking stop or we’ll throw you off a cliff,” one of them muttered.

“I would rather that than on your grubby hands. Seriously, do you ever wash them?” I glanced at one of the hands that was holding my left arm.

None of them answered. I sighed.

Then, I started to panic when they headed into the door that said ‘Swimming Pool’.

No no no!

I can swim, but I haven’t swum since before I was diagnosed. I’m still weaker than I should be, I won’t be able to!

“Now let’s talk about this!” I said as they approached the pool. They ignored me too.

“Have fun taking a dip. Don’t be too late, don’t wanna be locked in,” the leader grinned. They all chuckled, evilly I might add, and threw me in.

The cold water hit me immediately. My feet hit the bottom of the deep end of the pool.

I panicked, and nearly opened my mouth. That wouldn’t be good, I don’t need my lungs to fill up with water, thanks.

I thrashed around in water, not having been underwater in so long. I couldn’t breathe, I was running out of air.

Instinct finally kicked in and I pushed myself to the surface. The boys had left, I could vaguely hear there laughter outside of the door.

I gasped for air, widely moving my limbs around so that I could stay afloat. I pushed myself through the water, managing to made it to the side of the pool.

I hauled myself out of the pool, my arms and legs burning and exhausted. My breathing was ragged.

I was weak. I couldn’t even swim anymore. I was so close to passing out, and now I was freezing.

I got up, my legs shaking from the exhaustion. I coughed into my hand, blood appearing on it.

“Fuck,” I breathed out. I started walking out of the pool area, opening the door with shaky hands. I needed to calm down, take deep breaths.

They were standing down further in the hallway, laughing and obviously mimicking me. They were using girly voices and using ridiculous hand actions.

I sniffled and walked past them, staring at my feet. I had dropped my bag somewhere when I was running. Luckily, I found it and slung it on my back.

When I got outside, it was thundering down with rain. The buses had left, and my parents were at work. There were little to no cars left in the parking lot and now I was even more cold.

I wrapped my soaking sweater around me more, trying to get a little warmth. It didn’t work.

I was probably going to get a cold from this. It was windy and thunder boomed. Rain poured down, making me even more wet.

Not in that way, you dirty minded people.

I sniffled again, starting in the direction of my home. I think I could remember how to get there. If it took twenty minutes by driving, it would take an hour or more to get home.

I started walking.

No, I didn’t get offered a ride by a really hot guy.

No, the guys didn’t come back, apologise and then offer me a ride.

I just walked home, in the rain, with sore joints and a tight pain in my chest.

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