Trouble in Paradise?

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8 Years Later...

And so there they stood, the thundering rain beating down upon them as they looked down. Blake shivered in his jacket as a droplet poured off his nose and hit the soggy soil beneath him.

Ethan clutched his hands together, his fists freezing. He couldn’t feel his nose or the tips of his fingers, but he didn’t care. His jaw had become clenched, and his hair was soaked.

They all stood in a line, Ethan and Jordan standing in the middle of the four. No one was around them, they were simply standing on green grass as they all stared at the same thing.

Ethan opened his clutched right fist, revealing a simple ring. It wasn’t embedded with many diamonds, only a simple ring that held almost no financial value. He had liked it simple, and so had she.

It went on like this for hours. The four of them stood there as the rain didn’t stop. The clouds didn’t move on. It was a constant state of depression in the sky. Ethan felt the same in his soul.

A tear rolled down Jordan’s cheek. His eyes were red as he sniffed, not knowing what to do with himself. Was he meant to walk away and cry? Was he meant to suck it up? He didn’t know, so he just stood with his hands resting in front of him.

“I’m sorry,” Xavier said, finally breaking the silence. “I’m so sorry.”

He wasn’t apologising for something he did, rather than something that had happened. No one said anything as they continued to stand in their soaked tux suits and best shoes.

Ethan wanted to throw the ring away as far as he could, but he didn’t. He couldn’t do it. It meant too much, despite how angry he was inside. He was feeling so much anger that he would murder to reverse time. Anger mixed with sadness, mourning.

For they stood not in a garden or in a forest, not in a home or in a school.

No, they stood in a cemetery where only the dead accompanied them on the second hardest day of their lives.

There, in plain sight, stood the marble carved stone of Stephanie.

Ethan buckled first, falling to his knees. The rest followed, almost unable to cope with the pure hurt heavy in their hearts.

Gone with the rain.

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