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Chapter 9~ The Smiling Idiot

Chapter 9

The shower used to be a place for singing, but now it’s a place for making life decisions.

Ryan and Skye...

It just absolutely baffled me to believe that they were twins.

I hopped out of the shower and dressed in a pair of plain leggings and threw over an oversized beige sweater which read “Canada” on the front. I slipped on my boots which matched the colour of the sweater. I popped my hair in a ponytail and tied a ribbon in it. I was so comfortable.

I grabbed my bag and shoved in all the necessities for the day. I quickly ran downstairs and into my car to grab the most important thing in my life.

Yep, you guessed it.

Anita’s famous cappuccinos.

When I parked and walked in, I noticed something odd. Oh Jesus. Please no.

This is so devastating.

Anita wasn’t at her usual cash register, fake smilingly to those customers she didn’t like or running around like a crazy Italian woman, trying to get orders done. She is the only one who makes my cappuccino to perfection. Where on mother’s earth was she? Without second thinking, I walked straight out of the McDonald’s and went to my car.

Disappointed was an understatement. I was devastated.

I drove to school, without my cappuccino. I parked my car and walked into the halls of a dull building. I had English class first period. Don’t get me wrong, I love English. I just hate when the English teacher over-analyses everything. Honestly, it gives me a headache.

I walked into the classroom and my eyes automatically met one person in that classroom.


We stared at each other for a good minute until he gave me a small smile and looked down towards his notebook to write something down.

It’s pretty hilarious if you think about it. Like seriously, all I do is think about him but don’t even like him, one single bit. Right?

Yeah, whatever floats your boat, Alexis.

I left my confused thoughts and went to sit down. I pulled out everything I needed for class and waited for the teacher. After a few minutes of just sitting there, I felt a tap on my back. I turned around to find Ryan smiling like an idiot. It was cute though.


Wait, wasn’t he sitting on the other side of the classroom?


“Why so confused for?”

“It’s just that...uh...why are you...uh sitting behind me?”

“It’s a free country”

His reply left me dumbfound.


Oh? Really Alexis? That’s the best you could do? Way to embarrass yourself. He chuckled and shook his head.

“Why are you shaking your head?“. His smile grew wider.

“I don’t know. I guess you’re really something special Alexis Harrington”

And with that, I was left speechless. Thank God, the teacher decided to walk in at that moment because otherwise I would’ve just stared at him with no words coming out of my mouth, which probably would have made me look like a goldfish.

“Sorry I’m late class, open your texts to page three hundred and eleven”

The class went pretty smooth from there. Other than knowing that Ryan was behind me the whole time. When the bell rang I packed my stuff and left the room without turning back.

I tried to find Kayla. I practically looked all around the school. Guess what? I even had the guts to look where the so-called “leather jacket boys” sat which was behind a brick wall. That’s so cliché. I stood there and tried to figure where the hell she would be. I pulled out my phone, but before I could dial her number a voice startled me.

“Well, well, well. Who knew, Alexis Harrington, out of all people would be stalking me?”

Of course it was Ryan. Wait. Did he just say ‘stalking’? Oh hell no.

“Self-centred much?”

“Not even a bit”

“Bullshit”, that made his eyes go wide.

“Bad girl Alexis. A good little church girl like you shouldn’t be swearing”. Rude much?

“Excuse me? You’re not my Parent”

“Parent? What happened to the other one?”

I never wanted to speak of my dad. Not even with Kayla. I ignored his question and asked my own.

“Why are you following me?”

“I’m not following you, Muffin. You are standing in my group’s territory”. I crossed my arms over my chest and scoffed.

“Territory? That’s pathetic”

“Not as pathetic as your love for me”

“Not even a bit”, I smirked as I said his words from earlier.

He stepped closer to me.


He stepped even closer.

“Lying is a sin, Muffin”

And even closer.

“Did you know that?”

I couldn’t reply because I was too caught up in our positioning. He was a matchstick apart from me. I could feel his deep, minty breath hitting my forehead and could smell his heavenly cologne. We were no longer centimetres apart until he grasped both my shoulders and...

Pulled me into a hug.

Um? Someone, please explain. I stood awkwardly in the position with a thousand confused thoughts rushing through my mind. When we separated I couldn’t say anything. What the hell was I supposed to say?

He smiled, then the smile faded away.

“Um, you should get to your next class”

I finally had a voice again. “You aren’t going to Astronomy?”

“Are you fucking kidding? Pluto and meteorites are absolutely irrelevant to my life. No thanks”. My lord, someone understands me.

I laughed at his words and he smiled. Again.

“Well muffin, I’ll see you later”

“Maybe”, he cocked one eyebrow up.

“What do you mean ‘maybe’?”

“Nothing, I just needed a good comeback”. I put my head down in shame.

“Well, it’s not the best. But it’s cute coming from your mouth

I smiled and waved goodbye, “Bye, Einstein”.

“See ya, Harrington”

“I thought I was Muffin?”

“Oh, so you like it when I call you that?”

I didn’t reply, but instead just gave him a cheeky smile and walked from the spot to my next class. I was smiling like a goof. What was wrong with me?

Oh, what the heck? I need to admit it to myself and stop hiding it.

I, Alexis Harrington like Ryan Einstein. Oh geez.

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