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Chapter 11~ Mr Shakespeare Biker

Chapter 11

All I was thinking on the way there was, ‘Is this the way you want to die, Alexis? Really?’ Probably, all Kayla was thinking was ‘There better be some fine looking, bad ass bikers- or I’m outta of there’.

After we passed a really busy street, came my biggest nightmare. Kayla parked in front of a nightclub by the name of “Poised Guns” and there was a group of really big and scary looking guys. Bigger than the ones you see in the movies. Let’s just say there were about seven bikers all in a clump, looking at something on the inside of their clump. Kayla and I stepped out of the car and that clump turned towards us.

But it wasn’t the bikers that turned towards us that made us freeze on the spot. It was the two high schoolers on the inside.

Ryan and Joshua. How could I not have known? They stared at us with wide eyes and we did the same.

“Muffin? What are you doing here?”

He walked towards me, placed his hands on my shoulders and looked at me intensely. I instantly melted under his touch and couldn’t find the voice to answer his question.


I snapped back into reality and regained my confidence.

“Ryan? What are you doing here?”

Before Ryan could answer, a really scary looking guy, wearing black leather and sleeves of tattoos interrupted.

“Are you done trying to calm Juliet? I don’t have all night. We can finish inside”.

I looked at him like he grew two heads. My sassy side instantly turned on. I was about to show ‘Mr Shakespeare Biker’ that I wasn’t a damsel in distress but Ryan grabbed my arm and nodded a ‘no’ because he knew what I was about to do.

“Alexis, go home

My face softened. But not in that lovey dovey way but in a way where I felt completely hurt by his words. That wasn’t the Ryan I knew. The Ryan I knew wouldn’t bark at me and order me around. I looked at him, still not moving.

“Alexis, I said to go home”


Woah. Where did I get that confidence from? Ryan looked agitated but I wasn’t finished.

“Who do you think you are to tell me what to do? You think you can be all cute and sweet when it’s just you and me and then be a complete jerk when others are around? Well, guess what, Ryan? I don’t put up with people’s shit, no matter who they are. So let me share a little advice. If you want to keep acting the way you are right now, then do so. I don’t care. Just don’t be near me when you are”.

His face held a shocked expression. So, I turned around and walked the opposite direction as them.

“Alexis!” He kept calling from behind me but I just ignored him. I was so pissed off.

I grabbed Kayla’s hand who was awkwardly standing next to Joshua and she gladly accepted. We quickly got into the car and drove off. I don’t know where and I didn’t care. I just needed to get as far from there as possible.

We went back on the busy road and Kayla parked on the side in front of an ice cream parlour. She looked at me waiting for an approval. I nodded yes and we got out of the car and headed for the parlour.

The inside of the shop was all red stripes and cut-outs of cute cows. It was really typical but really cute.

We sat down at a red booth in the corner of the parlour. A young girl wearing a uniform that matched the red striped theme came to take our order.

“Hi, you girls ready to order?”

“Yes please,” Kayla said politely. “I’ll get a triple scooped double chocolate fudge flavoured ice cream with chocolate flakes, chocolate syrup and I’ll also get a chocolate milkshake”

My eyebrows raised so up high that they were almost touching my hairline. Kayla is one of those girls who likes salads and water as a meal and thinks if she eats a hotdog she will die of calories.

Kayla looked at me and so did the young waitress who were waiting for my order.

“Oh...yeah sorry. Um...I’ll just get the...uh...same?”

“Of course. They’ll be out soon”. Then she turned and walked to the back of the counter.

“Chocolate is always good to relieve all stress, anger, frustration and just every shit feeling”.

“Thanks, Dr Kayla”


We sat in silence for a little bit, just reflecting on the very eventful day and night. Then the young girl came back with two large ice-cream glasses filled with basically chocolate everything. Beside them were two delicious looking chocolate milkshakes. The waitress carefully placed the desserts on the table. “Here you girls are, enjoy”

I smiled sweetly at her. “Thanks”

Kayla and I grabbed our spoons and dug into the delicious heaven sitting in front of us.

“So, you want to talk about Ryan?”

“Not really”

“Oh c’mon. I’m your best friend. How bad could he possibly be?”

I swallowed the spoonful of ice-cream and answered, “He’s so moody”.

“You’re overreacting Alexis. Tell Dr Kayla all your problems”.

I sighed, but I couldn’t be bothered resisting, so I decided to tell a story.

“Do you ever just think things are going smoothly and then BOOM you have surprises, different moods, happiness and pissed off moments all in one whirl?”

Kayla nodded. So I continued.

“Then you have times where you want to kiss them and then the next thing you know, you just want to rip their mouth out of their face. But when you’re all happy ducks everything is going so great, but the littlest things just set you off and there is an even bigger mess than what you started with”.

Kayla looked at me intensely but didn’t say anything which I took as a signal to continue.

“But you know what the worst part of all of it is? We aren’t even together. I don’t know him properly and I judge him when I don’t know even know anything about him”.

Chocolate was good. It helped me let all that off my chest. Kayla had an amused expression on her face.


Kayla smirked and said, “Well, well, well, who would have thought that Alexis Harrington would fall for an Einstein”.

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