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Chapter 13~ Bowls Away

Chapter 13

I woke up with such a heavy heart. But someone, no something woke me up.

My god damn phone. Who the hell was calling me at 7:30 in the morning?!

I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and my eyes squinted so tight because I wasn’t used to the bright lighting just yet. But when everything came back into view, the name “Ms Cookie” came up from my phone. I love her and all but she just interrupted my beauty sleep, but I wasn’t going to be mean so I answered her call. Plus, I was quite curious as to why she was calling me this early on a Saturday morning.

I cleared out my voice so didn’t sound like a zombie, and answered in a happy tone.

“Heyo Ms Cookie!”

“Haha good morning Ms Coffee, I hope I didn’t wake you up”.

She kind of did, but I wasn’t going to crumble her cookie heart

“Nah you didn’t, what’s up girly?

“Wondering if your fine coffee self, wants to join me and a few friends bowling today? I miss you and well...I miss you, so you in?”

I laughed quietly and shook my head at her “miss you”. That’s cute.

Bowling sounds nice. I haven’t been in ages. But let me tell you this...I am a champion at bowling. A double turkey has to count for something, eh?

“Sure thing, Ms Cookie”

“Amazing! Okay, Jace and I will pick you up with my brother and Brooklyn”

Say whaaaaat?

Her brother? As in her brother Ryan?

Oh geez. The last time Ryan and I had a discussion, it was at a biker’s stripper nightclub, I was a bartender for a night, I was getting hit on by a drunk guy so Ryan broke his nose and then it left me in the state I am in right now.

But I couldn’t say no to Skye. I sighed but she heard me over the phone.

“Alexis, you there?“, I didn’t want to make things awkward, so I said something that would brighten up the mood.

“Yeah, I’m sorry haha, is it okay if we pass McCafé?”

“Of course! You realise I wouldn’t let you out without a cappuccino in hand, right? I’ve got you. We’ll be there at 9, see you soon!”

“Same to you”

And we both hung up.

Wait a minute...did she said they’ll be here at 9?!

Oh crap, it’s almost 8.

I ran to the bathroom to do whatever a girl has to do, to make herself look fabulous.

Well, I try anyway.

When I finished from the bathroom I ran to my bedroom and checked the time on my bedside table. It read “8:34am”. Yes, I do take a long time in the bathroom but this beauty doesn’t just happen.

I’m basically a snail when it comes to getting ready. I opened my wardrobe and took out my black and white striped t-shirt dress with black leather sleeves. I slipped on knee-high black boots. I applied light foundation, mascara and concealer to make myself look half decent. I applied my favourite pink lipstick and grabbed my handbag. I ruffled my hair to let it sit in its messy state. That’ll do.


Two minutes to look in mirror and make sure I don’t look like the Joker.

Then I heard a car horn. I went downstairs and opened the front door. I then saw a car filled with three teenaged kids and one crazy cookie freak, hanging from the window waving her arms up and down. She was wearing a cute fitted t-shirt that had a TMNT print on it, her fine looking ripped jeans with white converse. She had a white ribbon that ties her adorable wavy hair up.

“Ms Coffee, you look far too dashing for anyone’s good”

I laughed.

“The only one dashing is Rudolph, so my social status is pretty bad”

She laughs and tells me to get in. She pulls me into a tight hug and I hug her back.

I noticed Ryan in the back seat and the tension immediately started to build up. I swallowed hard and didn’t take one look at him, and neither did he. I noticed Jace in the driver’s seat and Skye in the passenger seat.

“Hey Jace”

I smiled warmly at Jace.

“Hey, Alexis you a still champ at bowling?”

“Wow, you still remember?”

“Of course I remember. That’s where all my favourite memories were made”

Does he miss Kayla? But when Jace said that, Skye turned to face the front, not looking at anyone.

“Kayla misses you too Jace” I mouthed the words so no one could hear me.

He gives me a small sad smile through the review mirror. What’s wrong with him? What’s wrong with Skye? What’s wrong with Ryan? What the hell is wrong with this world?

We kept on driving and we reached the top of the street and oh my...

This house had a pink kind of stone mixed with some sort of glass that had the walls so high I almost broke my neck trying to see the top. Jace honked the horn and out came the prancing Barbie.

Wait a minute...Are those balls of fat on her chest real? I present to you ladies and gentlemen...Brooklyn the Barbie. She’s nice and all but she can be so fake it gives me a headache. She opened the back seat door and climbed in between Ryan and myself.

“Hey babes!” she smiled a little too much, I think her lips were going to spilt. Everyone in the car mumbled “hey”.

We kept on driving and then Brooklyn sneakily slid her long manicured hand up Ryan’s thigh. I bit my bottom lip trying not to laugh. The girl can be annoying at times, but I admire her confidence. I may be overacting. I am so quick to judge and that’s one of the many things I hate about myself. Brooklyn is actually a very sweet, bubbly and confident person. Honestly, Alexis if there is one bitch in the car, it’s you.

Ryan shifted uncomfortably and Skye cleared her throat. Brooklyn quietly retreated her hand and we all sat in silence.

Until little miss Skye turned up the radio and “Boom Clap” was playing. Ok, I really love this song. Then, Skye belted out the words. She opened her window sang outside the window. She then turned to me and gave a cheeky grin. I don’t know how it happened but I started to sing with her “BOOM CLAP, YOU MADE ME FEEL GOOD! COME ONTO ME COME ONTO ME NOW”. Skye poked Jace and then he started singing. Then the next thing you know Brooklyn and Ryan caught on and we were all singing together.

We then got to the Summer Mall, it was literally a plague of barbies and good looking guys. We parked and entered where a million barbie look a likes burned my eyes. I hear Skye laugh lightly and then hooking her arm with mine. We both looked at each other, confused as to why they were all fanning themselves.

Skye and I turned around to where Jace and Ryan were walking. Ok, yes it was them. Skye was thinking the exact same thing and she looked at me and we both shook our heads. Brooklyn then ran up to a group of them. She starts kissing their cheeks and hugging them. Good on her, she fits right in. We walked to the food court and found a McDonald’s and thank the lord, there was a McCafé there as well. I ordered myself a classic cappuccino and Skye literally bought all the cookies. No joke.

I asked Jace if he wanted anything but he politely passed, I was going to ask Brooklyn if she wanted anything but she was still talking to her BFFs. I then turned to Ryan.

“Did you want anything?” I asked casually.

He looked at me straight in the eye. He looked so adorable. With his sexy hair, navy checkered flannel and those god damn sexy black jeans.

“No thanks, Muffin”

He still called me muffin? My heart instantly warmed. I gave him a small smile.

“What happened to the leather jacket?” I asked cheekily. He smirked his famous smirk.

“I thought I’d mix it up a little for a special someone”

I was going to reply but the girl who worked there called my order. I thanked her and took a sip. That’s better. I needed a coffee. It was nice, but nothing beats Anita’s coffees. That reminds me, I must make a visit. We all got our orders and Skye yelled out to Brooklyn.

“Hey Brooklyn, get your bottom over here girl. It’s time to bowl” I stood behind Skye and I then felt breathe on the back of my neck.

“Are you ready to lose my sweet Muffin?”

Ryan oh Ryan. You just challenged the wrong person. I turned to him and gave him a devilish grin.

“You ready to get your ass whooped, Einstein?” He cocked an eyebrow and I turned and did a little sassy walk toward Skye.

We went to the bottom level where the bowling alley was. Then we met up with a group of very attractive guys as Skye likes to call him. There was one guy, in particular, Dustin, who seemed to catch Skye’s attention. The group seem to be her friends so I just stood aside and didn’t talk because having that much attractiveness around you makes it hard to breathe. Skye greeted them with a smile and then it was show time!

We all grabbed our shoes and Skye had a little announcement. “Okay...aha, so we’ll be splitting into two groups for the game. The two winners then get to boss all you children for the rest of the day and you have to do what they say!” She was so cheeky. She glanced at me and we both grinned knowing that the winners will certainly be us.

All the other guys let out groans and one of Skye’s friends, Peter, spoke up. “So anything the winners say?”

Skye replied with a confident, “Yes. Anything”.

Since Skye and Dustin were the hosts of the night, they picked up the groups.

“Okay Peter, Allan, Ryan and Alexis in a game, right side. And Julian, Brooklyn and Jace is with Dustin and I. No extra comments, take it now shuu and let’s play!”

I looked at Ryan and he had the same expression when looking at me. Both competitive and sly. It’s game on, Einstein.

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