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Chapter 14~ Earth To Alexis

Chapter 14

Bowl after bowl...strike after strike.

Alexis Harrington is going strong.

May I add that the wonderful Skye Einstein is winning on her team as well. Told you we were going to win. I looked over at Ryan and fake pouted.

“Aww what’s wrong with Mr Grumpy. Is it because he’s losing?”

“First of all, why are speaking about me in the third person? Second, of all, I’m not grumpy...I’m know...waiting for a comeback”.

“Waiting? Yeah, more like slowly dying”.

“You just wait and see Muffin”.

Brooklyn made an “Ugh” sound as she pushed the bowling ball off a child’s bowling ramp. Oh Brooklyn, you never fail to amuse me. It was Ryan’s turn and it was the last round. Our score was 198-209. He’s good but I’m better. If he gets all three strikes, I am dead meat. His first roll was a strike leaving him at 208. He then hit an 8! HA YES!

216? Pffft Ryan, I win.

It’s my turn to take my last round turns. Ryan stood next to me, in embarrassment. First round gave me a strike. 219. So I had already won. Ryan, Peter and Allan all groaned in frustration. But I wasn’t finished yet. I still had another possible two turns. I picked up a ball and it accidentally slipped from my fingers and landed straight on...

Ryan’s foot!

“Shit! I’m Sorry!”

He groaned out in agony and I instantly felt bad.

“Are you alright?!”

“It’s all good Muffin, just remind me to never bowl with you again” he sounded out of breath as he cringed in pain.

“Just continue bowling, Muffin” He rubbed his foot then pointed to the bowling alley waiting for me to continue.

I rolled on my second turn and...STRIKE!

229. Ha! I can do better.

I picked up the last bowling ball for the night and rolled.

STRIKE! 239!

“WOOHOO 239 BABY!” I fist pumped the air and then walked over to the others.

Skye had won her game as well, making us both the winners. It was no surprise; we already knew we would win. But now it was time for the punishments. Skye had the most brilliant idea.

“Okay losers! We’ll be your masters for the day and as you know, you can’t back down from this!”

“And!” I added, “if you were to fool out like chickens, consequences will acquire”

We all walked out of the bowling alley and up to the top level. We then walked inside a girl’s favourite shop. The Lingerie Store.

We started picking outfits for all the guys. Brooklyn had offered to get us smoothies.

Dustin looked at the outfit Skye picked out for him and he was not happy. “OH MY GOD SKYE! I am not wearing this” he screams from the change room.

“I agree; this is too far even for you!” Ryan adds. But Skye and I just leant against the wall and waited for them to come out.

“Ready boys?” I say.

Peter was getting frustrated and cries out “I don’t want to wear the tutu!”

I just rolled my eyes but Skye took it into her hands. “Oh...really? Sorry, I’ll get you a better one then, just hold on sweet pea!” Her sarcasm made me proud.

I mouth “what are you doing” to her. She responds by mouthing “just watch”. She grabbed a thong that was a furry horse as the guy’s front which matched with two nipple clippers with horse faces. This girl killed me.

We were both trying to hold in our laughter. Skye passed it over to Peter. “Enjoy it! You can’t wear anything else, so enjoy”.

After a few minutes, Skye asked if they were ready.

“Peter how is it?”

“Fucking horrible”

“Good! Now out you go boys!”

At the same time, all the boy’s curtains opened with each of them in their lingerie masterpieces. Both Skye and I leant back in satisfaction and admiration of our work. My oh my, them in underwear was a very good view. Their toned bodies had my eyebrows rising. But now it was time for a little fashion show.

“Okay first up is Julian!” I announce with a wide smile. He stepped forward with a little red on his cheeks. He was wearing tight blue sparkly shorts and a cowboy hat that matched it. Skye couldn’t resist but to take a few pictures.

“Next is Allan” Skye announces proudly. He shyly stepped forward wearing some silky black boxers with a red cape hanging from his neck. I couldn’t help but look at his butt.

I called out Skye’s lover, “Dustin!”

Dustin walked out in a women’s soft pink laced underwear which connected a high legging with a matching bra. Skye was so right. This guy looks like a Goddess. Well done, Skye. The way he looked at her and the way she looked at him was the cutest.

Skye didn’t seem quite stable after what she had just seen. She was trying to regain herself when she called out her brother. “N-next is Ryan”.

Ryan came out in...holy shit. He looked god damn sexy. He was wearing a pair of leather shorts that had leather belts coming across his torso which connected with a metal circle in the middle.

Someone, please get me a fan.

He came a little closer and gave me a little wink that made me die inside. He started doing these little cute modelling poses and he put on his famous smirk.

I reddened a little. Get it together Alexis!

“Likey Muffin?” I didn’t even respond, but just blinked a few times. He came a little closer and all I did was look into his eyes and he looked back into mine. My stomach did a backflip as I took short breaths.

He reached out his arm, what the hell is he doing? He then grabbed my hand and then kissed it with a smile. He left tingles and I smiled back. He then retreated back to his spot.

I felt Skye squeeze my shoulder lightly and whisper “I know”.

Oh no.

I didn’t want Skye knowing I had a thing for her brother! Was I making it that obvious?

She smiled at me and said “It’s okay, we’ll talk about it later, plus...” she leant a little closer “he feels the same way, so don’t doubt yourself” she leaned back and gave a little wink.

Oh wow...

“Next is Peter” Skye announces which snaps me out of my thoughts.

Peter comes out trying to cover his ass and his other hand cupping his front where the horse was.

Let’s just say Skye, the other guys and I could not stop laughing. All the guys howled at the sight of the horse and his face reddened.

“Haha...Okay, that’s enough, back you go in your stable” snickered Skye.

I was privileged enough to announce the last lingerie model. “Last and none least is Jace!”

Jace walked out in short underwear that hung low off his V-line with some fluoro yellow suspenders that connected off the underwear and went around his very defined and broad shoulders. The look was pulled together with a pair of nerd glasses.

Kayla would seriously enjoy this view. I would’ve asked her to come but she was forced to spend her Saturday with her mum to go shopping for their cousin’s wedding. Which reminds me that I was invited to that and I should probably go dress shopping.

“Earth to Alexis” Ryan snapped me out of my thoughts. He chuckled and we all listened back to Skye.

“Now guys, you think that was it? Well’ll be wearing it for the rest of the day sweet cheeks”. Skye gives an evil grin whilst looking at Dustin’s behind.

All at once, the boys complained and groaned at the thought of wearing their embarrassing (but quite sexy) lingerie.

The guys bought their items and Skye and I proudly hooked arms and walked out. As soon as we sat down, Brooklyn came running up to us with nine different flavoured smoothies in her hands. She looks like she is struggling to carry them more than she was to bowl. “I finally found you guys! Oh my god ugh!” she whines as Skye and I take a few drinks off her.

The boys then came out all still in their lingerie. Everyone stared at them. I was internally dying of laughter.

Brooklyn then screamed at the sight of the boys, piercing everyone’s ear drums. “I can’t believe it; this is the best day of my life! Oh my God!” she shouts over and over. “ERM MAH GOODNESS, LIKE UHHH!” she keeps on bouncing and shouting. Oh please.

“Seriously shut up woman, you’re making me hearing-impaired!” Allan shouts out in frustration which makes her go quiet. Good on you Allan, never knew you had it in you. Everyone was shocked at his outburst, even Allan himself but we all just laughed and so did he.

Alright, boys...let’s get moving. “Ready for your next troubled doing?” they all groaned and shook their heads.

We all continued to walk through the centre. I felt an arm sling over my shoulder. Not just any arm, Ryan’s arm. He gave me a smile and I smiled back, putting my hand on his bare back. We walked like that the whole way until we reached our next destination.

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