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Chapter 15~ Dark Corners and Virgins

Chapter 15

Current Destination:

A men’s clothing store.

Why? Well, because we couldn’t let Brooklyn off the hook for losing. It was time for her sweet treat. Something that she hates completely...

To cover up.

Skye picked up a shirt that had “VIRGIN” written all over it. “So what do you think about this shirt for Brooklyn,” Skye asks me and we both crack up laughing.

I saw Dustin creep behind Skye, he quickly put a finger over his mouth telling me to keep my mouth closed. I nodded slightly. Skye just continued talking, completely oblivious, in her own little world.

I look at Skye and snapped back into the conversation so she doesn’t suspect anything. “Yeah perfect! Plus, it’s not pink, she’ll hate it”.

“Okay, I’m definitely getting the biggest the biggest size then”.

Dustin places his hands on Skye’s hips. I didn’t continue watching them, I just turned around to give them some privacy. I spotted Ryan and Jace chatting just outside the store, so I went to join them.

“Hey, guys” I smile at both of them. Both look at me, Ryan smiles back and put his arm around my waist. I blush a little when he does that. I looked at Jace who had the same small smile but with some sadness. Man, what is up with him? This isn’t the time or place so I’ll save it for later. Jace went around the store, telling us he needed summer shirts. He didn’t need any help so we left him to shop.

Ryan took my hand and pulled me back into the store. He leads me into the corner, turned to me and smiled. But before he could say anything, I beat him to it.

“Your sister knows”.

His facial expression changed immediately. He was confused...oh geez. Do I have to explain everything?

“I mean; she knows that you are...we know...” I didn’t know what were, to be honest. Relationships confuse me so much.

“You’re joking!”

I shook my head ‘no’

“Dammit, it was meant to be a surprise! I can’t believe she told you, I told her to keep her mouth shut”. Ok, now I’m the one who was confused. What on earth was he on about?

He ran his hand through his hair, which looked so damn sexy.

“Umm, what are you talking about?

“Okay, Muffin you don’t have to pretend now. You already know...the surprise has been ruined”

“No, I was talking about your sister knowing that I liked you”

That wasn’t supposed to come out of my mouth. Someone, please explain to me why I can’t control what I say?

A cheeky smile spread across Ryan’s face.

“You like me, Muffin?” Damn...his tone was so seductive.

I couldn’t answer, I had no words. My mouth opened and closed and I looked around the store for some sort of help.

“Well Muffin, let’s just say I kind of like you too”

I blushed like I have never blushed before. I released a breath that I didn’t even I realise I was holding and gave him a shy smile in return.

“W-wait. What were you planning on surprising me with?”

He chuckled, turned around to see if anyone was watching but there wasn’t, like I mean we were in the corner behind a tall rack. You couldn’t spot us even if we were playing hide and seek.

He turned back to me and said the words that made me melt.

“Well, Alexis Harrington AKA my sweet Muffin, will you go out with me?”

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