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Chapter 16~ What. A. Babe.

Chapter 16

When you have Alexis Awkward Harrington as your name, then it’s quite hard to react to things normally. For example, the guy I like asks me out and I just stand there with my mouth half open looking like a pumpkin. Not a good sight.

“Muffin? Alexis?”

“ I mean, yes I would be happy too”. Wow, way to go Alexis. You awkward piece of shit.

Ryan didn’t care though, he just breathed out a sigh of relief. “Good. Well, we better join the others in case they think we ran away”.

I laughed and followed him back to where Skye and the rest were...and Brooklyn in an oversized man’s t-shirt.

I burst out laughing and Skye had tears in her eyes.

“I look like!”

I covered my hand with my mouth to try to stop laughing.

“You look fine! Just because you can’t see a little cleavage, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world” Skye tries to comfort her, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much.

“Easy for you to say! You look good in anything you wear, boobs or not!” Brooklyn grumbles.

Skye gives a small laugh but then dusts off Brooklyn’s shirt and placed a piece of Brooklyn’s hair behind her ear. “You look beautiful no matter what, and don’t you drag on about how you want a guy to like you for your personality?”

“Yeah but-”

“No butts, this is the time to start now. So, come one beautiful, let’s go get you a sport’s bra”

Wow, I honestly need to give this girl a medal. That was deeper than the ocean. She then grabbed me and Brooklyn’s hand to the counters. We finished getting the shirts and walked out from the store.

The whole group gathered and had chats among themselves. When then walked around the mall and Ryan walked next to me in front of everyone. He wrapped his arm around my waist. I felt so safe in his arms, it may sound weird but it’s so true.

Since we weren’t a millimetre apart from each other and Ryan had his arm around my waist, everyone saw us...meaning our secret was kind of out. Well, it was never really a secret to Kayla, that girl knows me like the back of her hand.

We all entered the food court. I smell coffee...

Skye ran up to a bakery and bought all the cookies. It’s no surprise. But it was like Ryan could predict me, because what he said next just made me fall for him even more.

“Let me go buy you a cappuccino”

What. A. Babe.

Chapter 17

As we drive back home Ryan and I had our fingers intertwined and everyone was quietly having their own discussions. It’s so weird how we have quickly adapted to these actions. We haven’t gone on a date and we are already holding hands and having our own private conversations. I feel like maybe we are going too fast? I mean, is this what everyone does? Screw that Alexis, all you do is complain about how you don’t want to be like everyone else.

“What’s going on in that cute little head of yours?” Ryan snapped me out of my own debate inside of my head.

“Nothing, just...nothing”

He looked at me questioningly. “You are the worst liar you know that?”

I laughed and nodded my head.

“We’ll talk later”

It was currently 8:30 pm. Yes, that’s right we’ve been out all day and I’m so tired. Jace parked in front of my house, I gave him a warm smile and hugged Skye goodbye. I then give a goodbye smile to Ryan. I get out and head for my front porch. Until I hear...

“Shit! I’m sorry!” Hmm, that line sounds familiar, “I’m gonna get off too, be a good girl Skye. Laters guys” The next thing I know Ryan is walking up my porch with me. I give a very confused facial expression but he just gives me a goofy smile and I smiled back at him.


“Nothing, just good to have you by me. That’s all. But my mother might kill me for bringing a boy home”.

“Oh, well I’m not just a boy, Muffin. I am the one and only, super charming, Ryan Einstein. She loves me Muffin”.

I just shrugged. But on the inside, I’m just like “Oh shit”.

I opened the front door to my house and was greeted by my...oh no. This wasn’t my mother.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like you all to meet my smart, stuck up, gorgeous and bitchy sister...Ariella Harrington.

I’ve told you about my sister. She is the radiologist that’s never home. Ariella is seven years older than me and she thinks she can rule my life over just because I’m her little sister, that doesn’t get the same grades as she did, and doesn’t want to make a life like she has.

“Alexis and...friend?”

“Ariella, what are you doing here?”

“No hug, no hello, nothing?

“Hello Ariella, oh what a joy it is to see you”

“Much better. Well, to answer your question I’ve come to visit home. I’ve taken a few days off from work and decided I should see my mother and my little sister. Speaking of my little sister, who has she brought home?”

I rolled my eyes at her tone. She pisses me off to the max. Before I could speak, Ryan introduced himself.

“Hello, I’m Ryan and I’m Alexis’ bodyguard, and not just physically” Aww.

Ariella didn’t find it cute, she just gave a bitter laugh.

“You’re joking Alexis?” But I didn’t answer, my bodyguard did.

“No, she isn’t. I am to protect her if she is ever physically or verbally harassed. Sister or no sister, no one talks to my Muffin like that”. I internally smiled. He is making me blush! This isn’t the right time, ugh.

“Wow, pet names already? That’s pathetic”

I crossed my arms and was about to argue, yes you guessed it. Ryan jumped in. He was obviously very annoyed. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

“Not as pathetic as you downing your little sister every time she makes a choice for herself”

“Alright, enough the both of you” I was surprised it came out of my own mouth. “Ariella, where’s mum?”

“She went out. It’s none of your business”

“Fine, you won’t tell me? I couldn’t care less. If you need anything I’ll be in my room. Goodnight” I grab Ryan’s arm whilst walking up the stairs to my room. I pulled him in, shut the door and stared at him.

“What did I do this time?” he asks with wide eyes and his hands up in defence.

But I didn’t answer his question; I just gave him a hug. I wasn’t thinking, it just...happened. He immediately wrapped his firm arms around me.

“Thank you. My sister can be quite...”



He laughed and pulled out to look at me. “It’s alright. But I am confused about two things”.

“And what are they?” I ask curiously.

“I can tell you’ve been overthinking something inside that head of yours, you know you can tell me. And why do you have a picture of our year group in year seven, on your wall?”

I burst out laughing at the second.

“Well, Einstein. I have that up there for memories. And if you want to know a little something I’ve been wanting to talk about, it may sound weird but just take a seat and listen”.

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