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Chapter 18~ Jumping My Windows

Chapter 18

“So you think we are going too fast?”

“Well, it’s a good fast but I’m not sure if it’s too fast, you know?”

“That made no sense”

“Yeah I know”

We both laughed at the same time. Ryan and I had been talking and laughing for about two hours.

“Well, if you want we can slow it down”

“But not too much” Wow, Alexis way to seem desperate.

“Haha, of course, Muffin. Anything for you”. That just made my heart all warm and gooey.

“I’m hungry, what about you?”

“Yeah, we haven’t eaten since the afternoon. Now that you’ve brought it up, I’m actually starving. Let me go downstairs and whip something up”.

“Muffin, you and I know that you can’t cook for shit”


“And you and I also know that I’m a bad ass that gets away with anything.”

Also true.

“So what are you suggesting Einstein?”

“Well, neither you nor I want another encounter with your sister” I nod vigorously. “So, I’ll just go get some take away”.

“But then we will still come across Ariella. The front door downstairs, remember?“. I head towards my door to just head downstairs and grab a couple of sandwiches.

“Muffin, you shouldn’t doubt my skills” I turn around to face him, now I’m really confused.

“What are you-“But before I could finish, my bedroom window was open. I run to the window. Is this boy crazy?! I look down out the window and see a Ryan holding on the dents of the brick wall. He climbs down carefully.

“Ryan, are you out of your mind?”

“Shh Muffin, I’m trying to concentrate”

“Concentrate on what?”

“Trying not to die?” He sounded out of breath

“Ryan get back up here”

“Muffin, please stop-“.Oh shit. He fell.

“Holy shit, Ryan are you alive?”

He groans loudly. He lies there in the patch of green grass with a few twigs in his hair.

“Muffin, when I tell you I’m trying not to die, I really mean it” He gets up and dusts off his clothes.


He laughs it off, “don’t worry, I’m not damaged which is good” He walks away toward the footpath of the street.

“Ryan, where are you going”

“To get food, so I can fill up that small tummy of yours. Plus, we did it without your sister knowing. Told you I was a genius, my last name is Einstein for a reason”. I roll my eyes at his remark.

“What are you going get?”

“It’s a surprise, I’ll be back soon”.

And then he was, running down the street until he was out of sight. But one thing both of us didn’t think through was how on earth we were going to get the food and Ryan back up.

Ok, Alexis, this is your time to actually think of something smart. I looked around my room to find something that could be useful. To be honest, half the shit in my room is junk. Like I mean I didn’t need the same type of lipstick but in eight different colours. Or four pairs of the same Nike shoes but in different patterns and colours. I continue to roam around until I find my washing basket. I picked it up and tried to look for some type of rope. Skipping rope? I looked in my gym section. I shuffled around the dumbbells, shoes, mats and...skipping rope! I grabbed it and tied one end to the handle of the basket. Done.

I waited for Ryan for about 25 minutes until I heard him call my name.

I went to the window.

“How are we going to-”

“Don’t worry Einstein, I’ve got it covered”. I dropped down the basket and held onto the other side of the rope.

“Ahh, so smart. That’s my Muffin” He put in the food, which I couldn’t see because it was so dark outside. I pulled up the basket and took a look side. Ryan started climbing up but I paid no attention to him. Only to the heaven inside the basket. Pizza and Coffee.

This boy of an angel knows me so well. He hopped in inside from the window.

“You likey?”

“I lovey, now let’s dig in”. This was way better than a couple of sandwiches.

For the rest of the night, we were chatting, eating and drinking.“Anita made it. I told her it was for you so she added that special touch”.

“You know Anita?” He laughs at me. “What did I say wrong?”

“Sweet Alexis, Anita is my aunty”.

My face changed in an instant, my eyebrows had risen all the way up to heaven and my eyes were wide.

He laughs at my expression.

“No way”

“Yeah way”

“Wow...that’s actually pretty cool”

“Haha yeah it is”

We put on a movie, which was The Identity Thief. One of my favourites. Melissa McCarthy completes me. All I do is laugh, which is quite embarrassing but I couldn’t help it, it was just so funny. When the movie finished, it was past midnight and I was getting really tired.

“Your laugh is cute”. Oh geez, Einstein you’ve made me blush so many times today.

“No it isn’t, I sound like a dying camel when I laugh”

He chuckles “And that’s what makes it cute. Well, I better get going, it’s getting late”.

Something inside me just wanted him to stay. He was so protective and cute; I hadn’t had enough of it just yet.

“No, it’s too late to travel this late. You can sleep over”.

“You sure?”

“I’m sure.

We both cleaned up a little and I went into the bathroom to change into something more comfortable. Leggings and an oversized shirt. I slipped on my fluffy socks and put my hair up in a messy bun. I then cleansed my face, removing all the makeup. I then walked into the bedroom to find a shirtless Ryan with just his boxers on. I flushed and blushed and melted.

Oh Jesus, give me strength. Control my hormones.

Like I mean, look at those that v-line and...those abs. His ass is cute as well.

“Done staring, Muffin?”

I snapped out of my dirty thoughts. Wow...I’ve been spending too much time with Skye.

“Uh...wha...I wasn’t”

“It’s ok. It’s natural”

I slapped his arm in response to his remark.

“Oh shut it, Einstein”.

He chuckles to himself and lies down on the floor.

“Um, Ryan what the heck are you doing?”

“Going to sleep, so if you don’t mind muffin, could you turn off the light I’m pretty exhausted”.

“No, I mean why are you sleeping on the floor? That’s so uncomfortable”.

“Well, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but there is nowhere else for me to sleep”.

“The bed?” I say obviously

“But you’re sleeping in it”


“So, I respect you too much to just sleep in the same bed as you. Now, turn off the light”.

What he said just made me even more proud that I had found someone like him. He respected me, and that’s the one quality a girl wants in a guy. And I’ve got that.

“That’s sweet, but I’m not mean enough to let you sleep on the ground. Now, get up and hop on the left side. I sleep on the right”.

“Are you sure?”

“Stop asking that question and get in”. So he gets up and hops into the bed. I go onto my side, turned off the light and lay down.

We both just lay there peacefully until Ryan spoke up. “You know, you’re quite beautiful, but you’re way more stunning without that makeup. I think natural Alexis is my favourite Alexis”. Wow, Mr Ryan Einstein you sure know how to make a girl’s heart melt.

“I think cute Ryan is my favourite Ryan”.

“Hey! Don’t call me cute. I’m a bad ass remember?” he says sarcastically, and I can just see his bright smile even in the dark.

“Whatever you say, Einstein. Goodnight”

“Goodnight Muffin”.

And with that, I let the sound of Ryan’s soft breathing and the darkness; take me into a deep and relaxing sleep.

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