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Chapter 19~ You Can't Eat My Carrots

Chapter 19

I woke up but I didn’t open my eyes. I just laid there. So peaceful and...happy. Once I gained the courage to open my eyes, I looked over to my bedside table clock. 9:30am? That’s so early. I was going to go back to sleep until something triggered my memory...

Ryan. Ryan jumping out of a window. Ryan and I eating. Ryan and I watching a movie. Ryan and I sleeping in the same bed. My bed. Oh geez.

I looked over to the left side but he wasn’t there. First jumping out of a window and now this. This boy sure knows how to scare me. I whipped the blankets off, slipped on my uggs and retied my hair because it looked like a bird’s nest. I went downstairs and immediately the aroma of bacon, eggs and coffee entered my nostrils. But that wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention.

The fact that Ryan was cooking breakfast and having a good conversation with my mother, and my sister on the table listening was quite an odd sight.

“Uh, Good morning?”

“Yes sweetheart, it’s morning congratulations you’ve woken up” My mother laughed and then faced Ryan who then also laughed-fakely.

I rolled my eyes. “Alexis, you never told me a young man was staying over”.

“Sorry Ms Harrington it was unintended. Alexis was very helpful”. Ryan is doing a little innocent act that has my mother under his charm. Wow Einstein it’s true, you can get any lady you want. Including my mother.

“Wow Alexis, Ryan was telling me that you’re doing well in school”

“Mhm” was my only response. We still had another year and a half left of school. Yes, Year 11, so no I’m not a senior yet. School is a pain in the ass.

“Well, I don’t want to hold you kids up. You should get ready for your day”.

“Don’t you worry Ms Harrington, she will be home early. It’s a school night” he flashed his dazzling smile. “Enjoy the breakfast” and with that, we sprinted upstairs.

After I shut my bedroom door closed I turned to Ryan who was grinning. “Your mum isn’t that bad”

“You don’t live with her”

“Oh c’mon, don’t be melodramatic. She is lovely and caring.” I just snorted at his comment.

“Now, all I need to do is meet your dad”.

I could feel my own facial expression turn blank and could see shadows. I never speak of my dad and I wasn’t going to start now. Ryan saw this and he looked to the ground.

“I can see it’s a touchy topic, sorry Muffin. C’mon let’s go somewhere. Out of here”.

“I was planning on going somewhere Kayla, but I’m sure she won’t mind if you came”

“Are you that oblivious Muffin?”

“What do you mean?” I was so confused. When am I not confused?

“Joshua and Kayla have been hooking up. She is probably with him now” Ryan says it like it was something normal. My best friend was hooking up with Ryan’s best friend. Kayla never told me this! We tell each other everything. Kayla has some explaining to do. But how do I know Ryan is completely sure? He must of seen the baffled expression on my face.

“She hasn’t told you they are together, did she?”

I shook my head with no words. I was actually really upset that someone who is closer than my own family would be keeping secrets. Plus, she made me spill about Ryan, now it’s her turn.

“Don’t worry about it Muffin. Josh just spilled the other day, I made him. Kayla is probably just figuring out a way to tell you that they know...together”.

“Gross Ryan! Now I have to try and delete that image from my head” He just chuckles and then takes my hand to pull me closer.

“Well, you can’t be a hypocrite”

“What are saying? I tell Kayla everything” I frown looking up at him.

“You haven’t exactly told her about our doings”.

“Ryan!” He just laughs and I push his chest. His very nice and firm chest might I add.

“Now leave, so I can get ready”

He puts his hands up in defence “Alright, alright. Don’t get your pretty panties in a twist” he says smirking and leaves the bedroom.

That boy is cheeky, and maybe a little frustrating at times. But he does have me under his charm.

I ran into the shower, brushed my teeth and changed into my navy and white t-shirt and put my denim jumpsuit over it. I slipped on my white ankle length converse, applied my makeup, aiming for a more natural look. Ryan was right, I think I like this look better. I put my hair up in a top-knot and tie a white bow into it for a more playful look. I took a small zip purse with some cash and my phone in it, and popped it into the pocket of my jumpsuit. I was so not bothered to take a bag. I sprayed some perfume and of course I could not forget to shimmy through it. I then took one glance in the mirror, nodded my head in approval and then went downstairs to Ryan.

“Took you long enough” Ryan says with a carrot stick hanging from his mouth. “Your mum and sister left while you were getting ready”

“Good” I say rolling my eyes while grabbing a carrot stick form Ryan’s plate.

“Hey! I never said you could eat any of my carrots” He says smirking. What a dirty minded freak. You can tell him and Skye are twins. How come I couldn’t match that up before?

I just smirked back and bit on the carrot. Ryan then smiled at me and grabbed another stick.

“You know you’re cute when you try to be cheeky” I just slapped his arm and he just laughed.

“Where are we going?”

“Well, I texted Josh and he told me to meet with him at the arcade place Downtown”.

“Arcade games?”

“Yeah, Josh is bringing Kayla and I’m bringing you” He smiles.

“Well, in that case. Get ready for me to whoop your ass in the games, Einstein...again”

“Game on, Muffin”

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