Shit! I'm Sorry!

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Chapter 1~ Flippin' Flying Beans

Sigh. Write something down. Scrunch up nose. Scrunch up paper. Throw it away with frustration. Then repeat.

This is what my life consists of. Absolutely nothing if you ask me. I practically have no social life and just spend my time sitting at this uncomfortable desk. I need some fun.

No. Focus Alexis. Listen to what mum tells you and focus.

Study. Study. Study.

That’s all my mum cares about. Yes, it is important and I’m grateful that she cares about my education, but seriously, I’m 17 and I would love to have a life here and there.

Mum thinks I’m my sister. No mother, I’m me. I’m not going to become a Radiologist where I have to work with bones and tell people if their cells are mutating or whatever.

That shit confuses me.

Mum thinks I can be her. No mother, I’m me. I’m not going to become a Journalist where I have to inform people about stuff and simply do the same thing every day.

That shit bores me.

I don’t know what I want to do with my life and here I am sitting at my desk studying, which prepares me for my future where I don’t know what I’m doing. Oh, don’t you just love the way life works?

I need a coffee.

Yep, that’s exactly what I need.

So, I get up and of course, I’m asking God once again to give me stable legs, but no I just had to trip over the Mario plush toy on the ground and land, unsafely, on my shoulder. Great.

“Shit” I hiss painfully whilst rubbing my hand over my shoulder trying to see if it helps. It doesn’t so my shoulder continues to throb.

I quickly slip on my boots and throw over an oversized jumper and head for the door. However, it doesn’t surprise me when my mother stops me before turning the knob.

“Where are you going? It’s a school night”

“I’m just going to go get some coffee from the cafe down the road. Chill”. I was getting agitated.

“Excuse you, missy, don’t you tell me to ‘chill’. Do you know how bad coffee is for you? Especially at such a young age?”

And there she is, rambling on about an article she wrote about caffeine in the youth’s blood or some shit. I zoned out only to be snapped back into reality by the anti-caffeine freak herself.

“Are you even listening to me?”

“Mum, seriously I love you but I just need a break from studying. Is that ok?”

It took her a minute to reply. She just stood there with her arms crossed, her light brown hair effortlessly sitting perfectly on her shoulders and her elegant face goes from stern to calm.

“Don’t be too long” she replied.

So there I was walking down to my favourite cafe of all time. McCafé.

I love McDonald’s and since they released the McCafé I barely leave. It’s pretty much my second home. Don’t tease me.

“Hey, Anita!”

Anita worked there, every day. She had an Italian accent and by far was one of my favourite people.

“Allo, my little bambino. The usual?”

“You got that right”

Once I had my cappuccino in hand and paid, Anita and I said our farewells. I started walking back home and took a sip.

My oh, my. This coffee was amazing.

I say to myself, “God bless you, Anita”. I keep on going, “I will, forever, be on my knees, praising you for your amazing barista skills”

I didn’t realise I was that loud, until I heard, “Um, who are you speaking to?”

I whirled around to face this stranger who just caught me speaking to myself, but my legs wanted to have more fun. So, I lost my balance while ‘trying’ to turn and fell. Well, that was embarrassing.

Wait a minute. This ground seems very smooth... and warm...and... secure and...

Snap out of it, Alexis!

I looked up to find myself in the arms of one of the most gorgeous organisms of the male species.

“Are you alright?”

Oh, hot damn. He sounds like a sex god. My oh, my.

Geez Alexis, what’s wrong with you?

My eyes widened when I saw that my amazing coffee was spilt over his grey v-neck. I regained myself and stood out of his arms but only to say...

“Shit! I’m sorry!” I screech while trying to rub the coffee off, but only making it worse for his shirt...and my dignity.

He laughed quietly with this adorable genuine smile across his face.

Wait a minute.

I’ve seen this guy before.

“Have I met you before?”

“Did you just ask me that? We are in the same English class”.

“Oh yeah, that’s right”. I tried remembering his name but just ended up mumbling random names. “James? Jordan? Jayden? I know it starts with ‘J’.


Close enough. Then there it was again. That heavenly laugh.

Then I actually remembered who he was. Oh shit. He is no good. Not appearance wise but what he does outside of school. He hangs around with the so called, ‘bad asses’ of the school.

“Oh yeah, that’s right your apart of jacket group”. I mentally face palmed myself.

Leather jacket group? Really Alexis?

He chuckled at my lovely name for him and his friends. “Yeah that’s right, and your the one who sits with the ‘that’s so fetch’ girl. Am I right?”

He was referring to my best friend, Kayla. I don’t know why he is comparing her to Gretchen Wieners, but she is nothing like that. She looks like her but personality wise, Kayla is so smart and kind. I’m so lucky to have her as a friend. I felt like I had to defend her, so I did.

“Excuse you but she is nothing like that” I was suddenly becoming annoyed with him. I don’t know why I barely knew him. “She is so smart, loving and caring about anything and anyone around her, so don’t refer her to something she’s not”.

I don’t know where that confidence came from.

He puts his hands up in defence. “Ok ok, I’m sorry. I just love the way the tables have turned”. What the hell was he on about. I was becoming frustrated. Once again.

“What are you even talking about?”

“Well for starters, I’m the one who saved you from falling, your welcome by the way. I got coffee all over my shirt, and my friends and I get called ‘the leather jacket group’. So really I should be the one yelling at you. But because I’m nice, I’m not going to do that to a pretty girl like you because you look stressed out, so I’m going to let it go” and he just smiled and walked past me. “See you tomorrow Alexis”.

I just stood there dumbfounded. Speechless actually. With an empty coffee cup in my hand.

Hold on. Let’s just rewind. Did he call me a ‘pretty girl’? I didn’t even take it into consideration but knowing me I took the wrong way. I scoffed out loud and thought to myself, “Who does he think he is? Telling me off then complimenting me? That is not on”.

So there I continued my journey back home, with my empty coffee cup. Feeling down because that was the best cappuccino I have ever had, only to have it wasted on a beautiful boy’s chest.

Oh, seriously Alexis! Get over it.

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