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Chapter 20~ Air Hockey Can Be Painful

Chapter 20

Fluorescent lighting, beeping sounds, loud shouts and curly fries are the only things I see, hear and smell. I don’t feel anything but excitement and Ryan’s arm around my waist. Which immediately zaps electricity through me, yet also provides a source of comfort. Ryan and I walked over to a booth on the side. We both ordered milkshakes to start with and then we would eat when Kayla and Joshua would get here. I ordered a coffee flavoured milkshake, no surprise.

However, half an hour after our meeting time with Kayla and Josh, they still haven’t shown. I could see Ryan was getting annoyed at their horrible punctual skills and so was I. Every time I was cranky or just plain emotional, Ryan would always be there to cheer me up and make things feel better. So now it was my turn.

“You know what?” I say snapping him out of his thoughts and making him come up from his slouched shoulders. “We don’t need them to have a good time”

“You can say that again Muffin” He smirks and gives a little wink. Now, that’s the Ryan I know. I’ve gotten completely used to his inappropriate comebacks. I stood up from the booth, grabbed his arm which made him get up and lead him over to the air hockey game. I gave him a cheeky smirk and he just looked amused.

“Air Hockey huh?”

“What? Too afraid you are going to get your ass kicked, Einstein?”

“Not in a million years”

And with that, we each grabbed an air hockey mallet and I popped a dollar in the machine to get this game started. The puck came out and we were off.

It was a really intense game. Ryan would smash one but I’d hit it just in time so it didn’t go into the goal and the same happened with me. Until Ryan hit the puck so hard that it hit my fingers holding the mallet. “Ow!” I cried out in pain.

“Shit! I’m sorry! Alexis, are you alright? I didn’t mean to hurt you” there was a whole lot of concern on Ryan’s face. I looked at my fingers which had slit with blood trickling out. I looked up into Ryan’s eyes and then was lost in them. I smiled at him and his facial expression changed to very confused.

“Are you crazy? Why are you smiling Muffin? You’re in pain! Because of me! God dammit! I didn’t mean it I swear!” Aww, of course, I knew he didn’t mean to. Hell, I didn’t mean to drop a bowling ball on his foot and he still forgave me.

I just laughed and went back to the booth to grab my bag.

“Oh Einstein, it’s just a slit. I’m not going to die. Calm down”

“But I thought you were in pain?”

“Yeah for like a second”

And then in a sad tone he says, “but I did that to you”

I just slapped his arm because what he was saying was ridiculous. “Ryan, stop beating yourself up about it. It’s nothing”

I went and got a Band-Aid from the front counter. It was no big deal. But to see Ryan care so I kind of know...special.

“Alright muffin, let’s get out of here”

“Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care. At least it involves food because I’m starving and need some fun, so we can enjoy our last weekend night before school tomorrow”

I thought about it for a moment and the light bulb went ‘ding!’. I knew the perfect place.


We drove into the McDonald’s Anita worked at.

“Geez muffin you were so right. Best food and a playground. The night is planned”. I smiled at him and we both walked inside the fast food restaurant.

The smell of greasy goodness hit my nostrils and I dazed smiled.

“Oh my! My favourite little bambinos!”

I see Anita running out from the counter and the next thing you know, we were both squished into the arms of the Italian beauty.

“Ciao zia Anita” Ryan fluently says to Anita with a dazzling smile. How the heck did he know fluent Italian? Oh right, his aunt is Italian making him somewhat part of an Italian background. Duh, Alexis.

“Ciao miei piccoli cuties” Anita responded. Ryan turned to me and asked, “Want me to translate Muffin?”

“No. I can understand fully”

“Oh really?” He cocked an eyebrow and crossed his arms whilst Anita watched us, obviously enjoying the banter.

He thinks I can’t speak it? I’ve been doing advanced Italian all my life! How dare he. That’s it, sassy Alexis is going to show him what she’s got.

“Anita, sei incredibile! È molto tempo che non ci si vede. Ogni volta che ho un cappuccino è sempre merda e mai buono come il vostro. Mi può ottenere uno per sentirsi felici? Dato che io sono con il nipote fastidioso.” [Translation: Anita, you look amazing! Long-time no see. Whenever I have a cappuccino it’s always shit and never as good as yours. Could you get me one to feel happy? Since I am with the annoying nephew.]

She laughs and nods, then walks away back behind the counter. I turned to look at Ryan who had his jaw open and his eyes wide in amazement.

“How’s that for translation Einstein?”

“When the hell did you learn Italian?”

“Let’s sit down on the slide and I’ll tell you all about my Italian experience”. He nods and smiles. Then we both enter the playground for one interesting discussion.

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