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Chapter 21~ Redder Than The McDonald's Ketchup

Chapter 21

Ryan and I sipped away at our coffees and munched on our cheeseburgers and fries whilst we chatted and laughed away.

“So let me get this straight. Your mum made you take Italian classes even though you’re not Italian, just because she thought the language was pretty and sophisticated?”

I nodded in response since there was half a cheeseburger in my mouth and Ryan just shook his head. “Wow...that must suck. You know, to have a parent controlling your every move”

I swallowed and nodded. “But at least it’s better than having no parent. Plus, I enjoy Italian. I can speak to Anita, Skye and even you in Italian” I smiled brightly at him.

“Yes, yes you can” He smiled back.

Ryan’s POV

The way her cute dimples sat on her face and her messy hair lay perfectly on her shoulders, were the littlest things that made me want to just...grab her chubby cheeks and kiss them all over. But I kept my cool. Though keeping my cool wasn’t enough anymore to stay normal around Alexis. The way she was fluently speaking Italian just zapped me into awe. She’s so beautiful when she speaks the language Damn, she was driving me insane.

We sat in silence for a little while, but it wasn’t that awkward silence. It was that really nice and perfect silence. That silence where you could just enjoy and absorb the peaceful moment.

“So Einstein, I’ve realised something about you”

“And what’s that Muffin?”

“You are no bad ass. You are such a softie” she smirked at me with her pink lips. But no matter the perfectness of her lips, I was quite offended at her comment.

“Excuse you, I am not! I’m the baddest of the bad asses”

“I don’t think so”

“Yes, I am! I have biker friends, leather jackets and a strong hit. What else is there? Do you know how many guys I’ve knocked out? I get pissed off very easily Muffin” I turned to look at Alexis and she had a horrified look on her face.

Ah shit, Good one Ryan. You scared the shit out of her.

“But Muffin, let me assure you that I have and never will hit a girl. I also have my reasons for getting into a fight. But seriously, who hurts such a beautiful, calm but sometimes emotional person? You know?”

Alexis smiled at me in admiration and I looked the same back at her.

“Yeah actually, I do know. That’s something many guys can’t admit. You, Ryan Einstein, have just gained a whole lot of respect” she says with a smile still on her face. Does she respect me? Wow, that’s a first.

Alexis just looked straight into my eyes and I looked back into her big, beautiful, brown eyes. And then I did it...

Alexis’ POV

He kissed me.

His lips made contact with mine. I’m not even joking.

Ryan Einstein’s lips sent tingles all the way down my spine. My eyes fluttered closed and I just stayed still enjoying the taste of his sweet lips on my own. But I thought I shouldn’t embarrass myself and do something as well. So, I kissed him back. The taste fired immensely. We kept on going until both our movements were in sync. It felt as if the entire universe went mute and it was just us two.

Then we both needed some air, so we broke apart softly. I slowly opened to have them looking into a breathless Ryan.

“That was...”

“Amazing” I finished his sentence for him, sounding quite breathless myself.

I have never felt this feeling before. I felt so happy, excited, confused all at the same time. But most of all...I felt mostly loved.

He pinched my cheek and smiled. As soon as his finger left my cheek, I automatically blushed.

Oh no, I never blush! What is happening to me?! I basically went redder than the McDonald’s ketchup.

“It’s getting pretty late Muffin. I promised your Mum and early drop off time”

And with that, he grabbed my hand led me to the car.

It was already 11pm, how long had we been ‘chatting’? Ryan pulled up in front of my house. We both got out of his car and walked to my porch. Before I opened the door I turned to Ryan. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Talk about awkward. “Yeah, I’ll see you then” he smiled to me. He leant closer and closer but he didn’t have to lean anymore. I rose on the tip of my toes and kissed him gently. When we pulled out of the kiss he had a really cute and dazzled expression which I just laughed at.

“Goodnight, Einstein,” I said whilst unlocking my door.

“Night Muffin,” Ryan said while walking back to his car.

I walked upstairs to my room with smile beaming across my face. I pulled my small purse out of my pocket and placed it on my chair, I walked over to the corner of my room and lounged in my beanbag. I then opened my computer and searched for a movie. I quickly grabbed some pretzels and a can of creaming soda. Movie and snacks. What a perfect way to end a perfect day.

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