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Chapter 22~ Sh*t To Admit

Chapter 22

What even happens after you’ve flirted, gone out and even kissed someone? Then what do you do? Do you just continue being the same? Or do you try and quicken the pace a little?

Welcome to the mind of Alexis Harrington. The very confused mind might I add.

I walked in the dull, disgusting and boring halls of school. Next year I graduate. Ugh, how annoying. I can’t wait to get out of this hole. My next class was English.

Oh shit.

Ryan is in the same English class. What am I supposed to do once I see him? Do I wave? No, Alexis you idiot. Do I greet him with a kiss? No, Alexis, that seems too clingy.

I just have to play it cool. I’m not very good at playing it cool. Someone help me.

I walked into the room with my notebooks held tightly against my chest. I looked around for a seat and him at the same time. His eyes met mine as walked in.

Play it cool Alexis!

But knowing me I panicked and just sat down quickly to the closest seat near me. I’m pretty sure I looked like I was running away from a zombie or something. Nice way of keeping it cool Alexis.

The class began and I was intently listening to the class. That was until a scrunched paper ball hit the back of my head.

“What the heck?!” I whisper-yelled. I whipped my head around to find a smirking Ryan, Joshua and Carter. I narrowed my eyes and shook my head. But the boys kept smirking. I’m sorry but Ryan was the only one who could smirk well. Not being biased or anything. Ryan just made a hand gesture of a book. I was confused at first but then he pointed at the paper that they threw at me. I turned around and picked up the ball of paper. I pulled out the crumpled paper and found writing inside:

Just because you have an extremely overthinking mind, doesn’t mean you ignore me, muffin. We’ll talk after class, ok?

With extreme embarrassment, I turned to the guys, looked at Ryan and nodded.

Well, this is going to


As soon as the bell rung all three guys surrounded me. Carter and Joshua on either side of me and Ryan in front.

“Is it necessary to barricade me?” I say sarcastically.

“Yes, ” Ryan announced. “So, you don’t run away”

“Where am I going to run off to? The other end of the hallway?” I tried to delay the inevitable conversation about my feelings. I shivered at the thought.

Joshua and Carter didn’t move but Ryan quietly laughed. “C’mon Muffin, you have some explaining to do”.

And with that, I had three little followers and a whole lot of shit to admit. The pool of embarrassment I’m going to drown in is waiting for me.

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