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Chapter 27~ 'Tis the Season to be Bad Ass

Chapter 27

It was now 2 days left until Christmas and you could probably imagine how frantic I was. From shopping to baking and wrapping, it’s been chaotic.

But you’re also probably wondering what on Earth happened two weeks ago with Ryan? Yeah, I thought so. It was pretty overwhelming. So sit back, relax and enjoy the story.


Ryan pulled up in front of a club.

I rolled my eyes and turned towards him. “Another club? Are you serious Ryan? Didn’t you learn from the last time?”

Ryan just laughed and got out of the car to open my door. “Muffin, there is a little something special about this club. I want you to meet a few people”.

I followed Ryan into the club and started to feel a little nervous. I mean, who could blame me? I was practically walking into a biker’s club for crying out loud. I let out a shaky breath but I didn’t mean for Ryan to hear it. He turned to me and smiled.

“Trust me, you’ll love them and they’ll love you,” He says with promising eyes. He held out his hand for me to hold on and I accepted straight away. His touch automatically calmed me a little.

We walk inside and instantly receive stares. I follow Ryan still holding onto his hand dearly. Ryan gives those ‘what’s up’ nods to a few people. I just looked down at my feet as I walked. Ryan stopped and I didn’t realise so I bumped into his back.

Good one Alexis.

I turned a light shade of red, embarrassed.

“Oh sorry”

“Babe, don’t apologise. Why are you so nervous?”

This boy knows me so well. And did he just call me babe? Ok, I could get used to this.

“Um, I just get really nervous when meeting new people. Plus, I’m not really comfortable with my surroundings at the moment”.

Ryan just gave me a small smile which told me I wasn’t getting out of this and kept on leading me to the back of the club until he pulled a curtain which revealed another room with three other guys and a girl.

Ok, well this just got even more awkward.

“Alexis, meet Ashton, Chris, Leni and Llorona”.

They all smiled and waved with a ‘hey’. They all seemed friendly and my age. They must be Ryan’s bad ass friends. I could tell by the choice of colour of their clothing. Black and Rough.

Well duh, Alexis. What are they going to wear? Pink?

Real men wear pink. I remind myself.

“Hey” I replied with a small but friendly smile. As I looked at them, I recognised one of them. The one Ryan pointed at to be Leni was someone I had seen before.

As if he read my mind, Leni stepped forward and said, “You again? Ryan who this girl?”

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. I welcome back ‘Mr Shakespeare Biker’ aka Leni. The last time Leni and I had met we did not end on great terms.

“Leni calm the fuck down, ” Ashton said calmly. “Hey, I’m Ashton” and came to shake my hand. I smiled and introduced myself. “Alexis, nice to meet you”. Ashton seemed liked the chilled one. The one who couldn’t give two shits about anything.

Then the other guy who must be Chris walked up and introduced himself and I did the same. Chris was quite built but seemed like the quiet one.

And then something I was not expecting. A girl jumped right into my arms for a hug.

“Hi! I’m Llorena! It’s so nice to meet you!”

Wow, she was bubbly. It was funny, though. The dyed hair and the fishnets and black vests didn’t go with her personality. That goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover.

“Hey, I’m Alexis. It’s nice to meet you too” I smiled warmly at her.

“Thank fuck, Ryan finally brought a girl! And not some cheap skank but a real girl! Wow, really proud of you Ry”

Well then. I’m guessing that’s a good sign.

“Yes Llorona, it’s a girl. My girl”

Aw, that’s actually cute. He called me his girl. But he said the last part at the other three guys. They all looked away with smirks, all but Leni.

He seemed to be a...what is it? Oh yeah, that’s right. He’s a bitch.

“Your girl aye? How long have you two been together? Two weeks?” Leni says chuckling to himself.

“More like a solid 4 months” Ryan says casually.

All four went wide eyed. Until a piercing scream was heard.

“OH MY GOD RYAN! WHY HAVEN’T WE MET HER EARLIER?!“, Llorona screams and pulls me in for another hug. Woah, this girl likes to hug a lot.

Ryan rubs his ear and they all groan in pain from her scream whilst I get squashed in a big Llorona hug.

“Because Llorona, I was worried you would react like a maniac. And you did. So, mission failed”

“You dumbass, I was going to act like a maniac anyway. Aw look at her, she’s like a little puppy”

Was I just called a puppy? Oh hell no.

But holy shit this girl was strong.

“Um, I’m kind of suffocating”

Llorona immediately let’s go and laughs. “Oh, sorry hun didn’t mean to almost squish you to death”.

I just laughed it off and shrugged. “That’s alright” and smiled brightly.

“Ok everyone, who’s ready for an adventure?” Ryan spoke up.

“Oh hell yeah man,” Ashton says while him and Ryan do some bro handshake.

“You in Chris?”

“Yeah sure” Chris shrugs.


“Yeah whatever man,” Leni says, clearly still pissed that I’m around.

“Well I know that you’re in Llorona. And Alexis, I’m not letting you out of my sight in an area like this so you have no choice”

I nod, not really knowing what to say.

“Well, we just have to wait for Carter and Josh”

Say what?

I instantly whip my head towards Ryan’s direction.

“Carter and Josh are coming?” I say carefully.

“Yeah so what? You like them right? Ok, Carter can be a real dick sometimes but he’s alright. And for Josh, well you’ve always been good friends with him. Right?”

I didn’t reply straight away. Last time I spoke with Carter he kind of assaulted us. And the last time I spoke with Josh. Well let’s just say, it got pretty awkward.

“Alexis...what happened?” Ryan says sternly and it kind of scared me. So I lied. I lied to the guy I liked, straight to his face.

“Nothing” I just shrugged.

“You sure? Because I know when something is wrong, and right now I’m a getting the sense that something happened with you and them. Don’t lie to me”.

“No, I just wasn’t expecting to see them during the school break”

“Well, they are my mates. And theirs” He points to the other guys who just watch at us like we are in a movie scene. But the way Ryan looked at me was like he was pissed off.

“Yeah I-I kn-now. Just don’t stare at me like that”

“Like what?”

“Like you want to throw something at me”

Ryan looked taken aback.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to”

Ashton then spoke up. “Did Ryan just say sorry? Ok, she’s a keeper”

Everyone chuckled, even Ryan and I.

“Oh c’mon guys! It’s almost Christmas. Shut the fuck up and love one another” Llorona says with a sarcastic tone. Ok, I’m seriously loving this girl.

She pushes Ryan and I closer to one another. “That’s it, hug it out”

Ryan’s arms wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug and gave me squeeze. So, I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head against his chest.

“Aw how cute,” Llorona says in admiration.

Ryan and I pull apart but he finishes it off with a kiss on my forehead and a whisper in my ear.

“We’ll talk later”

Is it just me or has that happened a few times?

I just nod in reply, not really in the mood for another argument.

“Hey Ryan” Leni speaks up. “Carter just texted me saying they’ll meet us at the warehouse”.

“Alright, everyone out. Let’s go” Ryan orders.

Once everyone clears the room, it’s just Ryan and I.

“You’re coming with me, let’s go”

So, as you might’ve recognised the change of Ryan’s tone and behaviour. He’s become more bossy and overpowering. Oh hell no.

I got into the car with him and we drove to this so called ‘Warehouse’.

“So you want to tell me what happened with you and my friends?”

He wasn’t going to control me. No way.


“Excuse me?”

“I said no. Now shut up and stop acting like a complete jerk”

He took his eyes off the road and gave me a shocked expression. He took a deep breath and spoke again.

“Ok, well tell me what I have done to be called a ‘Jerk’ by the girl I like”

“Well for starters, you started ordering me around. Two, you argued with me about something completely stupid in front of your friends. And three, you’re giving me an attitude which needs to leave”

Can I get a round of applause?

“Ok, fine. I’m acting like a dick in front of my friends. I’ll stop. But you know Muffin; there is an explanation for it. So don’t just jump to conclusions”.

“What do you mean there is an explanation? You should’ve explained your explanation before I jumped to conclusions. Now I feel bad”.

That’ didn’t even make sense but I really did feel bad. And now he has some explanation he won’t tell me. Boys, they can be annoying sometimes.

“You’ll see muffin”

“Are you their leader or something?” I said sarcastically

“Something like that”

“Wait, I was being sarcastic. Are you serious?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

No. No he didn’t.

For about five minutes there was silence.

Until I received news that would probably change everything.

“Ok Muffin, don’t freak out...”

Why would I freak out? I just give him a confused look. What was Ryan hiding from me?

“Don’t run away or never speak to me again because I am a good person”

Ok, now he’s got me worried.

“I used to be in a gang”

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