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Chapter 29~ Dashing the Hot Reindeer

Chapter 29

“Alexis! Get the door!” Mum yelled from the kitchen.

I walked downstairs and braced myself for one crazy night.

I opened the front door to find Llorona, Ashton, Leni and Chris all dressed appropriately for the occasion. I must admit that I’m quite proud.

We all greeted each other and I gestured them inside.

“Oh shit, I smell something really fine” I laughed at Ashton’s desire to know what was cooking.

“That dear Ashton is good stuffed turkey and freshly baked cookies that I made not long ago”

“I think you’re my new best friend”

We all laughed and chatted away until there was a light knock at the door.

“I’ll get it!” Llorona says, jumping from the couch.

And there we saw all three of the ones I haven’t seen for two weeks, if not more.

Slowly, Carter, Josh and Kayla walked into my living room. Everyone got up to greet themselves and get to know each other.

I said a quick ‘hello’ to Carter and Josh but for some reason, I was too nervous to even look at Kayla. After all, she is still my best friend-I hope.

Yep, that’s right I was going to act like an eight-year-old and make her come say hello to me because it was ‘my house’ so that means ‘my rules’.

Kayla looked around awkwardly and so did I. Not once making eye contact with each other.

Another knock was heard at the door, this time I went and answered it.

As the door swung open, there stood the most attractive organism of the male species.

Ryan freaking Einstein.

My Ryan freaking Einstein.

He gave me a cute smile and I returned one.

“Wow, ” he says, looking very impressed.

“Wow what?” I ask cocking one eyebrow upward.

“You look...stunning” he blushes.

I look down at my long sleeved, flared out maroon dress with my simple black pumps.

“Why thank you, Einstein, you look quite dashing yourself. See what I did there? Dashing?”

I laugh to myself whilst Ryan looks at me as if I’m an idiot. But because I am an idiot, I kept going with my pun which I personally thought was funny.

“You know...the reindeer? You look-”

“Yes muffin, I get it”, Ryan assured me.

I blushed of embarrassment but Ryan just chuckled and took my hand and walked us both to the living room. As soon as Ryan and I stepped into the room he was bulldozered by his ‘boys’. Llorona, Kayla and I just stood back awkwardly and watched as they all bro-hugged. Seeing Ryan all smiley and cheeky with his mates makes me feel as though I’m keeping him back from something. I don’t know what it is. Maybe just as simple as living?

You’re overthinking Alexis, stop.

I don’t know, just something about the image in front of me just made me feel so...selfish.

Leaving my thoughts I was snapped back into reality by a voice I hadn’t heard for a while. “Hey,” Kayla says nervously.

“Hey,” I say back quietly for only her to hear. I didn’t want to get looks from Ryan or the other guys. Not the time or place.

“How’ve you been?”

“Alright. You?”

“Yeah, pretty good”. The small talk only lasted a minute or two until Llorona interrupted unintentionally.

“You’d think these guys haven’t seen each other for years but in fact, they all see each other on a daily basis”. Llorona was right, all they did was joke around and chat with each for a while, leaving us just watching them.

That was until my sister, Ariella, walks down the stairs and sees the number of guys in our house.

“Alexis Harrington, get your ass over here now!” You would think she was my mother by the way she spoke to me. I just rolled my eyes and trotted over to the end of the staircase where she stood there gobsmacked. I must admit, she looked stunning in the fitted black dress which framed all her features perfectly.


“What is this?!”

“A Christmas dinner,” I say dryly.

“No, this is more like a teenage rampage!”

“Ok, just chill out Ariella. These are just some of my friends”.

“Look, I understand Kayla and maybe even Ryan but not half your school”. Little did she know half of them didn’t even go to my school.

“It will be fun, just relax a little” I assure her.

“Does mum know about this?”

“Of course,” I say obviously.

“And she’s fine with it?” my sister says, looking very shocked.

“Yeah, as long as they don’t break anything mum is cool with it. She agreed that having a bit of a fuller house this year would be nice”.

“Well then...introduce me” she smiles.

Did Ariella just smile? She never smiles. Like never. She’s always stressed out and grumpy all the time.

I return a smile and lead her to my friends. I clear my throat and I suddenly have everyone’s attention.

“Everyone, I would like you to meet my sister, Ariella,politley” I say, whilst directing the focus on my sister. “Ariella, I would like you to meet Ashton, Chris, Llorona, Josh, Carter and Leni. You already know Kayla and Ryan”.

“Hello” she says politely and suddenly her eyes are focused on...Leni?

Was my sister checking out Leni? Wow.

Everyone mingles for a little longer. I spoke a bit more to Josh and Carter but I also spoke a lot with Llorona and Ashton. Learning that they are both the same age, come from the same neighbourhood and have been good friends with the others for a while.

Finally, mum comes out smiling at the image of all her guests and I feel so happy for her. She has something to look forward to this Christmas. Something a little cheerful and fun even if it was just my friends.

“Ok everyone! Christmas dinner, is served” she announces. And with that we all gather around our dining table, all eager to eat.

I sat in between Ryan and Llorona. Opposite was Kayla and Josh.

“Alright, hands together...let’s say Grace”

We all held each other’s palms and closed our eyes as we prayed. Well most of us did anyway. I peeped to see that Ashton, Chris, Leni, Llorona and even Ryan were looking very confused.

“Close your eyes” I mouthed to the them and they all did.

“Amen, ” we all said in unison at the end.

“Well, everyone” mum begins, “Thank you all for coming and celebrating Christmas with us tonight. It’s good to finally meet Alexis’ friends” She smiles. “Oh! Dig in!”

For the rest of the night we all forgot about our issues and just enjoyed the night. We all got along and I realised how much I missed this. I missed hanging out with my friends and family. Even my sister relaxed for the night and had decent conversations with some of the older guys. Even getting a little closer to Leni.

So, this is what happiness felt like.

Well then, I liked it very much.

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