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Chapter 2~ Jeans and Jupiter

I hate Astronomy class.

Like, despise it...

With a passion.

Why would you teach students about this shit when we aren’t going to use it in real life? I couldn’t care less about the atmospheric pressure in the solar system.

It’s like Algebra. I’m not going to walk into a clothes shop and try to work out the cost of something by using x over y.

Seriously school, get it together.

I’m usually listening in all my classes, whether I like them or not. I just really want good marks. Well, my mother does anyway.

However, this lesson was as if I was like on Jupiter or something. See what I did there?

I just wasn’t concentrating. So, when the teacher came and placed a worksheet on my desk I just continued to stare into complete oblivion.


That snapped me back into reality. So, I turned to face the teacher with an excuse as to why I wasn’t paying attention, but when I turned he had moved down to other seats of the classroom. I looked around to see who was calling me.


There it was again. I faced the voice’s direction but only to find who that voice belonged to. Yep. You guessed it.

It was none other than...

“Ryan” I thought he was only in my English class. “What do you want?”

“Oooo feisty, I like feisty”

“Shut up and tell me what you want before you get both our asses to the principle’s office” he smirked a beautiful smirk.

“I want you”

Well that escalated quickly. How the hell was I supposed to reply to that?

He was joking. I knew he was joking. Then how come I had this feeling that wanted to make my heart leap out of my chest?

Just play it cool Alexis.

So, I just scoffed and turned back around to the front where the teacher was writing something on the board.

I could feel his eyes and his smile burning on me. Which meant I definitely could not concentrate.

Five minutes until lunch. You can do this Alexis. So, I just continued to stare at the front of the classroom, just to look like I was interested in the lesson.

Then I heard my favourite sound of all. I picked up all my stuff and ran for the door. I was the first out and went straight to the lunch room. I bought myself a chicken burger. These chicken burgers, were heavenly. They were gifts from God.

I went to the table I usually sit at with Kayla.


“Hey girl hey”

Kayla was always the sweetest, most loving and might I add, fashionable girl I have ever met. Plus, she is my best friend. No, a sister.

She’s always been there through thick and thin and vice versa.

“Yummm a chicken burger”.

I tore it in half and gave some to her. She gladly accepted, smiled and took a bite.

“You look like your enjoying that”

“Shhh don’t interrupt this beautiful moment”. Oh Kayla, you always know how to brighten up the mood.

“So, you and Ryan?”

Ok, that’s when the mood was brought back down. I gave her an “are you kidding me look” and continued eating.

“Don’t think I wasn’t going to find out. I find out everything”. It’s true. She does.

She could tell I didn’t want to talk about it so she let it slide. That’s why I love her. She knows me better than anyone and I know her better than anyone. So it works out great.

“So, can I come over?”

“Why did you ask? You practically live at my house” This was also true. I slept over at her house, more than I do at mine.

I laughed and nodded my head in agreement.


When school finished I met up with Kayla. We got into my small buggie of a car, and drove off to her house.

When we arrived at her house I yelled out, “Hey Camilla!”

Camilla was Kayla’s mother. I didn’t have to ask to come in.

“Hey girls! How was school?”


“Good, we’ll see you soon!”

We ran up the stairs to Kayla’s room and I plumped straight onto the most comfortable mattress I have ever laid on. I looked around Kayla’s room. Then my eyes landed on a really nice pair of washed light blue, boyfriend jeans.

“Nice Jeans”

“Thanks, I got them the other day to wear them to...” To what? What was she hiding?

“Go on”

“ Joshua’s party tomorrow night” Joshua was one of the ‘leather jacket’ boys. She looked ashamed. I wasn’t their biggest fan, but this was my best friend and she could tell me anything without worrying. She thought I’d judge her. Never.

“Your problem is?”

“Well, I just thought you wouldn’t be very fond of me going”

“I am not your mother. So, I can’t tell you whether or not you should go. Plus, I wouldn’t judge you if you are worried about that too.”

“No, I’m not”


“Well, in that you what to come with me?!”

Is she kidding? Me? Out of all people? Ha. Maybe in a million years.

“You’re joking right?”

“Oh c’mon, Alexis! It will be fun. You need a little fun in your life! Please, I’m not going with anyone and it would be great if I actually knew someone properly there”

She was kind of right. I needed a little fun in my life. But, a high school house party?

Then the puppy dog eyes came and so did the quivering lip. That sucked me right in.

I sighed. “Ok then, but not for too long, I have a curfew”

She jumped in the air and cheered. “YES! This is going to be great! Now...let’s figure out what your wearing...”

So, that million years came quicker then I thought.

Me. Alexis Harrington. Going to a high school house party. Wow. I really am losing it.

But I had a feeling this was only the beginning.

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