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Chapter 30~ New Year, New Me...

Chapter 30

Ryan’s POV

Ok, so you may be thinking that I’m a complete idiot for telling Alexis that I was in a gang. Or for even getting into that shit in the first place. So, let me tell you a little about my past and how I was involved in some fucked up bullshit.

When I was sixteen I was so full of myself and I was truly a dick. I would always attend those dumb parties with weed, alcohol and sex. I would bang someone every week, even twice a week. But not the same person. I would always go with Josh and Carter and we would meet up with Ashton and Chris. Josh was pretty responsible and Carter...well Carter was just his dickhead self. Ashton, Chris, Josh, Carter and myself would always get drunk and do god knows what...literally. I was a complete mess.

One night, us five were at a party until suddenly we heard gunshots. Everyone was running frantically and panicking, but us five were so drunk and high that we barely knew how to stand. Carter had passed out so he didn’t even know what was happening. Then out of nowhere we were blinded by some black bags or cloths over our heads and carried away. I could hear Josh screaming to get it off but all I heard was a punch to the stomach and that shut him up. We were pushed onto chairs and then our blinding bags were ripped off our heads revealing five guys and a girl, which among that six was Leni and Llorona. They were all dressed in leather jackets and just black. They had weapons in their pockets, yeah you guessed it, there were guns and knives which freaked me out to the max. A guy stepped forward and just laughed at us, I was so confused so I asked with no emotion and drooping eyelids which clearly had shown I was tired as fuck, “What’s so funny?“. He just ignored me and turned to Leni, Llorona and the other guys and said, “Now, you can all meet our new members. Train them and make them get the jobs done”. And with that, he turned to us, gave a wicked smile and left the room. Leni stepped forward with his hands crossed over his chest and then Llorona stepped next to him and smiled sweetly. “ were the unlucky ones” he breathes out. Unlucky ones? What on mother’s earth is he on about? Before he could continue I cut in. “Where are we? Who are you all? And what the hell is happening?” I almost yelled, becoming very impatient.

Leni just stepped forward leant down and whispered, “Welcome to Vainglory“.

With that, all five of us were to train and complete jobs for our leader, Ed. We took out drug dealers and people who never ‘respected us’. Including rivals. Chris became the most skilful killer, Ashton was a genius on the computers, Llorona was our baiter, Leni was assistant to the director and the other guys were just fighters and killers in the background. Josh, Carter and I were negotiators that’s why we are great at compromising and dealing with the rivals. That’s why we were good at our words. However, I was the most skilful. We did have to train physically, all of us did, but negotiating was my job. And I did it best. I was the one with all the plans, ideas and I could persuade people the best. They needed me.

That’s why, on one night after Ed was killed in a major shootout, I was crowned leader. Did I want that? Hell no. I didn’t want to be in this fucked up gang that I was clearly forced into. It was sickening and still to this day it scars me.

I never told my family, we weren’t allowed to speak a word about it to them. Until one night I was in an argument with my parents because they wanted me to stay home for once. I went to my room to figure out how I was going to sneak out to see the others. Easy, I would just jump out the window. So I did and once I arrived and met up with everyone we were ready to get the job done. That was until I turned around and found my innocent twin sister had followed me and was holding a gun. My gun. She was trembling. “Who is this?” Leni asked sternly. And I answered-truthfully. Since I was the leader nothing would happen to Skye. And I mean nothing. I had to calm her down and explain, we all did. She was horrified at what her brother and friends had become and she demanded it to stop. If it was only that easy.

Skye didn’t tell a soul. But she sat with myself, Ashton, Chris, Josh, Carter, Leni and Lorona in a cafe one day and figured out how to get us all out.

And we did, together. We made up rumours of how Vainglory was under attack and slowly disappearing. One by one we got out. Now I’m so grateful and we can all live good lives. I’m grateful that I’m free, that I have friends who stick by me, that every day I wake up I know that I’m not in trouble anymore. I’m grateful that I can still party but I do not go near the alcohol or drugs. And oh my god, I’m so grateful for Alexis. She’s brought a whole new light into my life. It’s so cheesy but I don’t give a shit. I love her.

I am in love with Alexis Harrington.


Alexis’ POV

“So Einstein...what are your New Year Resolutions?” I ask whilst sipping on one of Anita’s heavenly cappuccinos. He snorted at my question as if I asked him to shout me dinner.

“Muffin, don’t get me started with that type of shit”

“What type of shit?” I mocked.

“You know, that ‘New year, new me’ shit”

“Oh right...that type of shit” I suddenly realised where he was coming from. He was right, some people just went too far.

“I want this to be a good year and that’s it” He shrugs.

“Agreed” I smile back at him. Ryan engulfed me in a big hug and dragged me towards the car.

We laughed together and I managed to get out of Ryan’s hold without dying. We both jumped into the car smiling. We just sat there, hearing each other’s breathing and seeing each other’s smiles. That’s the only thing that really made us happy.

As if on cue, Ryan reached for my cheek and caressed it then he went straight to business. His lips made contact with mine. I just sat on the car seat in shock. Alexis, this is when you are supposed to kiss him back.

Oh, right. I’m such an embarrassing dumbass.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed. The kiss was so deep and lustful. My arms automatically went behind his neck and I could just run my hands through his soft hair.

Then I felt it. His tongue asking for access and I gladly accepted.

Before I knew it we both had to separate for air. We breathed heavily and I just looked down at the ground blushing. Ryan lifted my chin and gave me another soft and sweet kiss before putting the car into drive and getting ready for a night I was not ready for.

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