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Chapter 32~ Mary Save Me

Chapter 32

My breathing was heavier than a brick, my legs turned to jelly and the pit of my stomach felt as if ropes were knotting so fast and tight that they were going to snap. In other words, I was about to faint.

The bulky man yanked my arm so hard that it was going to pull out of its socket. I didn’t say a word because of two reasons:

1. I was shit scared and was quite unable to say anything. I felt as I couldn’t muster a word to leave my mouth.

2. If I was to say something I would probably get a bullet to the brain

He led me out of the house, tugging my right arm, however, I remembered I had my left free.

I still followed him but quickly slipped my free hand into my pocket and hit speed dial. Yes, that’s right, I had Ryan on speed dial. Don’t judge.

He picked up but I put the phone straight into my front pocket so the man didn’t see or hear anything. I left the call on so Ryan could hear. Sometimes I can be a smart coffee bean.

Only I could hear Ryan calling my name...more like shouting. But I ignored him and kept on following until I was shoved into a massive black four-wheeled drive.

Ryan was still trying to hear my voice. Sorry, babe not yet.

I was pushed onto the leather back middle seat and faced a quite intimidating middle-aged man. He stared at me intently which made me very uncomfortable. I just sat there in silence.

“So what makes you so special? Taking one of my best guys, huh?” The man says in a low but angry voice. I just needed to collect myself and say something.

“I have no idea who and what you are talking about, sir”

The man scoffed and leant even closer. “Oh don’t you ‘sir’ me, missy. Now I want you to tell me where on fucking Earth my best negotiator” His threatening tone scared me so much I was on the verge of tears. I breathed deeply trying to calm myself. This is it, Alexis. This is where your sassy-self comes out.

It probably wasn’t the best time to unleash her.

“If you ever speak to me like that again I will rip your balls out before you could say ‘Mary save me’, and as for your little negotiator, I didn’t take him he just came to me. Now, let me out of this fucking car!” I screamed until my heart desired.

“Alright princess, act like that and take this as a warning”. The next thing I knew there was a sharp and painful slit on my wrist. The man who had dragged me in smiled as the blood gushed from my throbbing arm.

“Drop her” He orders to one of the men in the car.

The door slid open and I was pushed out onto the pavement. After that, the car sped off down the street.

I cried out in pain as my shoulder had scraped against the concrete ground and the blood from my wrist continued to pour.

I just lay there with tears streaming down my face and ignoring all other sounds and sights of the outside world.

I snapped back into reality when I heard shouts coming from my...pocket? Oooh right, Ryan was still trying to see if I survived or not, duh.

I pulled out the phone and put it to my ear. “Hey,” I say softly.

“Holy shit! Thank god, Muffin please tell me you’re alright? Where are you? I’m coming to get you”

“Yeah I’m ok. Umm I’m currently sitting on the sidewalk of Homer’s street” I sniffle as I look up identifying the street name.

“Ok, muffin I’m coming, stay there and don’t move”

“Not like I can anyway” I huff.


Three minutes pass and I see a speeding car coming toward me. It barely stopped before Ryan jumped out of the car and sprinted toward me.

He stopped and crouched right in front of my scrunched and fragile body. I was truly traumatized. I was thrown out of a moving car for crying out loud.

Ryan leant over to hug me but I pushed him away. Trying to read his face and get some answers.

“Muffin, I’m sorry I didn’t know this was going to happen”

“Yeah, I know that Ryan but I told you I didn’t want to go, so why didn’t you just listen to me? And who even was that?” My voice was shaky and I felt a tear stream down my cheek.

“Muffin please, I just didn’t want you to stay in the same room as some of the guys I was going to see at the party. That’s why I took you to the upstairs bedroom, but they obviously were planned and ready. They had other men who...took you. They took you away from me” His voice sounding hurt and angry at the same time.

I ran my unharmed hand through my now messy hair with concrete rocks in it. “Just please take me home”

“Of course muffin, anything for you”.

And with that I was off to the only place that could make me forget this scary event. My bed.

I was so exhausted that I didn’t even want a coffee.

Now something is seriously wrong with me.

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