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Chapter 33~ Never

Chapter 33

I dangled my legs from the bed and sat up straight so Ryan could bandage my arm. My hair was tangled and fell in front of my eyes, I didn’t bother moving it. I heard a heavy sigh come from Ryan and I looked up at him to find him already staring at me. All I could see was guilt. And all he could see was the giant mess of hair covering my face.

“I’m sorry...” He breathes out deeply.

I cocked my head to the side and furrowed my eyebrows. “Why?” I say in the same tone. He looked at me as if I was joking.

He pulled the locks from my face and says, “For getting you into this mess. This wasn’t supposed to happen to either you or me. I thought it was all in the past and now...” He closes his eyes and let go of my wrist. “They’ve hurt you. They’ve hurt my, muffin. ”

My heart was pounding and not from being nervous or scared. It was pounding so hard that I just wanted to push him against the wall and kiss the life out of him.

Instead of being the idiot I am, I just placed my hand on his smooth cheek and made him look at me. “But, I’m ok and so are you”.

He just shook his head in disappointment and turned away as my hand fell from his face. He turned away? That’s one thing I don’t like about people. Because its happened to me so many times. First my father, then my sister, then my best friend and now the only person I have truly loved. I could feel the tears but I had to fight them.

Alexis, you are not crying again.

“Ryan” I whisper.

His back was still facing me and he was silent.

“Ryan” I repeat more sternly.


Oh hell no.

“Ryan Einstein!” He immediately spun around and looked at me as if I had grown two heads.

“Are yo-”

“Listen to me”

He looked taken aback at my sudden mood swing. Well, you know what? He should be shocked. It’s about time I got some woman power. Am I right ladies?

“You can make fun of me, slash my wrist and even throw me out of a car for all I care! But you do not and I repeat you do NOT walk away! Do you hear me?”

All the frustration left Ryan’s face and he immediately stepped closer to me so that our lips were a fingernail away. I then just closed that gap. His arms went straight around my hips but this time he lifted me up and pushed me against the wall.

Well, I guess I wasn’t the only one who wanted to do that.

We kissed every kind possible. It was truly spectacular.

Right then and there I knew that Ryan wasn’t going to just up and leave. Thank god, I was worried for a minute there.

We parted for breath and he looked at me with his passionate eyes and swollen lips.


We moved to the bed and he pulled me into his arms. We just lay there silently and peacefully.


“Mhm,” I turn my head toward him.

“Why did you think I was going to leave you?”

I let out a heavy sigh.

“I think it’s time I told you. But first-”

I was cut off by Ryan’s ridiculous line. “Don’t tell me you want to take a selfie. I hate that kind of shit”.

I burst out laughing and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“No, no. I just need a coffee. Or two”

He gave me a cute smile, “I’ll be back from the Corner Café in fifteen minutes. Stay put”

I nodded and just pulled the covers for warmth. But I didn’t realise I was that tired because I just dozed off after I heard a door quietly close.

Ryan’s POV:

I walked up the stairs with two large cappuccinos with extra froth and whipped cream. Alexis’ favourite kind.

As I shut the door to her bedroom door, I turned around to a sleeping angel.

I placed the two coffees on her bedside table and kneeled to her level. I gently caressed her cheekbone with my thumb. A smile crept onto my face and I couldn’t fight it off.

My poor muffin, she is exhausted. She is a tough one and that makes her even more attractive.

I pulled my shirt over my head and slipped my shorts and shoes off. So, I was just in my boxers.

I crawled onto the other side of the bed and gently pulled Alexis in my arms.

That was the first night I had a peaceful sleep with no nightmares.

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