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Chapter 34~ Ryan Junior

Chapter 34

I woke up to sweaty arms wrapped around my waist. But I just lay there because to be honest I was just not bothered opening my eyes and getting up. That takes too much effort.

I started to heat and I could start to feel myself sweating as well. I peered open and found myself looking at the Great Wall of Sex. Yeah, that’s right...Ryan’s toned chest right in front of my eyes. Not only was I looking at a Sex God’s sweaty chest but that sex god was asleep, in my bed almost naked.

I started to panic a little because this all still seemed so new and I had no idea what I was doing, so please excuse me. I wiggled a little to see if Ryan could just magically move but of course, I was still stuck. He was too strong, dammit.

Minutes passed and I was still trying to push my way out. All the sweat, panic and heavy breathing had me feeling like I was suffocating. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I didn’t want to wake Ryan but let’s be honest, I was dying. So, I shoved his chest and he groaned out loud. His eyes peered open slowly and once he saw me in full view he just smiled.

“Morning, muffin”.

HOLD UP. That morning voice just made my heart sink. The rasp and sexiness was unreal. I was in awe.

I came back to reality by Ryan’s clicking fingers in front of my face. “Are you ok? You look like you’ve just run a marathon” he laughs.

I slap his arm and sit up for air.

“No, you dip face. I was struggling to get out of your soldier hold”.

“Do you really need me that much?“. Once again, I slapped his arm and he just chuckles. I rip the blanket off and throw my hair into a messy bun. I turned back to Ryan standing from my bed in his boxers. And I mean just his boxers.

My eyes went wide and my cheeks turned a slight shade of red.

“U-um lets j-just g-go get breakf-fast”. What the heck?! Alexis, why are you stuttering? Stop it!

Ryan just turns around with...Ryan junior. Oh geez. A smirk appeared on his gorgeous face and I just acted like nothing happened.

He just rose an eyebrow.

I folded my arms across my chest.

He curled his lip.

I popped out my right hip.

He ran his hand through his hair.

And I just looked at him like he was the only thing in this room. Someone, please explain these emotions and feelings.

Ryan slipped on a shirt and bottoms. A pang of disappointment hit my heart. He fixed himself up in like two minutes and still looked god damn sexy.

He walked up to me and planted a beautiful and soft kiss on my lips.

“So... breakfast?”

I nodded in reply with a small smile on my face. “Suggestions?”

“Coffee and Bagels?” He asked with risen eyebrows.

“Bloody hell, you know me so well,” I say whilst throwing a pillow at him.

“Oh, so you want to play like that?“, the next thing I know I’m lifted in the air onto Ryan’s shoulder. I even earned a slap on the ass.


“Don’t whine. That’s what naughty Muffin’s get”.

“Oh my god, we are turning into Skye and Jace”. Ryan bursts out laughing and just carries me back to the bed for a...let’s just say it was for a second round.

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