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Chapter 35~ S(ex)cardy Cat

Chapter 35

“Brooklyn, I really thought you were serious about this,” I say, running my hand through my hair.

“I am!” she screams while slamming the Biology textbook closed.

Remember that assessment Brooklyn and I were paired up for? And remember when she said she was interested and was going to actually try? Yeah, well I lost that Brooklyn about two hours ago.

“Quiet down, ladies!” The librarian hissed.

“Taking it seriously does not mean cutting your Biology exercise book into squares” I whispered yelled.

“Well, I’m sorry. I thought this mutation stuff was going to be fun”

“Well, it isn’t. So, suck it up and lets quickly finish this so we can actually spend our night doing something...not studying”

“Ooh, so by doing something you mean Ryan?” She says with a cheeky smile. My eyes widened and I slapped her arm.

“Ow!” Brooklyn flinched and rubbed her arm.

“Stop talking!” the librarian hissed once more. I just rolled my eyes and turned back to Brooklyn.

“No, I don’t mean Ryan, you idiot. I mean, actually having a social life”

“I’d rather bang someone to be honest”

“Brooklyn! That’s gross!”

“Oh please, don’t act like you two haven’t done it before, ” She says rolling her eyes. I just sit in awkward silence not really knowing how to respond. Brooklyn realises my silence and looks up from her chopped up book with wide eyes. “No way! You two haven’t done the deed yet have you?”

My cheeks turn a familiar shade of red. “Well, we are kind of taking it slow. It’s not that bad we that haven’t done it yet. Right?”

“You can’t even say the word”

“Yes I can, I swear all the time. What makes this word different?”

Brooklyn smirks and looks like she is ready to take on a challenge. “Ok then...say it. Say the word ‘sex’“.


“That’s spelling it, Alexis! C’mon...say it”


“That’s not how you say it” Brooklyn chimes. Damn, she can be infuriating sometimes.

“Ok fine! I can’t say the word, but that’s just because I feel...I don’t know...uncomfortable”

“Are you scared of sex?” I cringed at the word.

“Well yeah, I kind of am. And I don’t talk about it because I feel embarrassed”

“Why? There is nothing to feel embarrassed girl, it’s normal to be scared. I was the same, but Allen was really careful and just really-”

“Ok! I get it!”

Brooklyn laughs and nods toward my notebook.

“So...are we going to finish this so we can have a good night and celebrate our achievement of finishing my first assignment?”


I finish my last touches with a deep red lipstick and slip on my utility jacket over my black leather pants and white crop top. I paired my outfit with black combat boots.

I step out to the cool breeze and Ryan’s seven-seater sleek black car who had Ashton, Lee, Llorona, Chris, Carter, Josh, Brooklyn and even Kayla. How the fudgeballs did they all fit in the car?

I opened the passenger seat door and sat inside.

I looked at all nine of them and shook my head with a smile creeping onto my lips. I let out a laugh and said, “God, I love you guys”.

I was responded with a whole lot of aw’s and ah’s. I was even lucky enough to get a kiss on the cheek by my one and only.

Ryan and I sat at the front. Kayla, Brooklyn and Llorona sat in the back seats and then Chris, Lee, Josh, Carter and Ashton put the remaining two seats at the back down so they could all sit in an extended boot.

“So who’s ready to party?!” Ryan shouts to everyone. They all cheer except for me, I just burn a glare in the temple of Ryan Einstein. I can’t do parties; everyone knows that Alexis Harrington does not do parties.

Ryan turned towards me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“And by party muffin, I mean we are going to a carnival”

I let out a sigh of relief and smiled. Carnival? I love carnivals. This was going to be a good night, and I get to spend it with those I love.

Man, I love life right now.

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