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Chapter 36~ Secrets

Chapter 36

After celebration on a few rides and games Brooklyn went home and then half an hour later, so did Carter. It left Leni, Llorona, Ryan, Ashton, Chris, Josh, Kayla and myself. We decided dinner would be good, so we all jumped back into the car and went Downtown.

That’s right...without my mum’s permission.


We walked down the main street and Llorona still held onto the huge, fluffy bunny Chris won her. She had a smile spread across her face and I noticed Chris giving her glances every so often. Well, well...

We entered a pizzeria and took the biggest table in the whole restaurant. However, I was the last to grab a seat. Ryan had ditched me to sit next to Josh and Leni...what a great boyfriend. The only seat left was between Llorona and Kayla. Well, this should be interesting.

Kayla smiled at me and I smiled back as I sat down. We sat there in silence while everyone just chatted away. Damn, I miss her. I miss having my best friend share her food with me. I miss our late night phone calls about irrelevant bullshit. I miss our joking around. But most of all I miss the fact that she couldn’t be there for me when I was falling for someone and I couldn’t do the same. All for what? Some stupid argument. She is my partner in crime, my love guide, my bank, my pillow. But most of all she is my sister, and a sister never hurts another sister.

“I’m so sorry, ” we both say at the same time. We both looked at each other with surprised facial expressions and then we laughed at the same time. Right here, in this very moment, I knew I got my best friend back.

We smiled at each other and I knew she was thinking the same thing, we couldn’t hold it in any longer. So, we both threw our arms over each other for an awesome, tight Klexis hug.

Everyone on the table cheered and clapped and we let go laughing.

“Geez...I missed you” She says while tearing up

“Vice versa my lil’ nugget,” I say smiling at her. She smiles back and grabs a pizza off the table.

“Vegetarian on thin crust...I believe this is your favourite” She says smirking. I laugh out loud and nod. I then reach over for a pizza.

“Supreme with extra pepperonis...I still know everything about you”. We both laugh together and talk for a while longer.

Chris and Llorona were engaged in a conversation. Ok, it just me or are these to about to get it on?

I turn to Kayla who had the same expression as me...confused. Very confused.

But before I could say anything, Kayla beat me to it. “Are you two hiding something from us?“. Llorona and Chris both looked at us with wide eyes and the whole table went silent.

“Um...we...uh-” Llorona was cut off by Chris.

“Yeah, we are. And seriously we can’t hide it anymore” He turns to Leni with a confident expression, “Leni we can’t keep it a secret, and I’m sorry we did this. But yes, I’m in love with your sister and there is nothing you can do about it. I’ve had to shut my mouth for a long time but I can’t do it anymore. I want to show everyone, my girl, because I’m so proud. I know she loves me back and I know it hurts her to keep secrets, that’s why I’m saying it now”. Everyone was silent for a moment and Llorona looked down at her lap with a small smile. However, Chris wasn’t finished...

He stands up on the table and shouts, “I LOVE YOU LLORONA, AND I HAVE FOR A VERY LONG TIME”.

Talk about a guy having balls.

Leni pulled Chris down and told him to shut up before he embarrassed more people. Leni just looked between Chris and his sister, he sighed and shook Chris’ hand. “If it’s any guy I want with my sister, then it’s definitely you”. Chris’ face broke out into the biggest smile and so did Llorona. Aww, talk about cuteness.

Leni turned to all of us and says, “Any other surprise announcements?” He looked over all of us and particularly stopped at Ashton as if he knew something.

Ashton looked away and sighed a heavy sigh, he stood up and walked to the end of the table to look over all of us. He pushed back his hair in frustration and I wondered what on earth was happening with him.

“This is so fucking hard...” He almost whispered to himself.

“It’s just...well you see...I haven’t been...y-you know...completely honest. I’m not the toughest wrestler in the ring and you guys know that. I should’ve told you guys earlier but I was so scared of what you guys would think of me”

We all sat in silence but Leni had a small proud smile on his face.

“I’m gay, and I’m telling you that right now”

Everyone sat in silence trying to process it. I stood up and walked over to Ashton. I gave him the biggest hug and then Ryan joined, then eventually everyone had joined the group hug. Ryan patted Ashton on the back “Good on you man, but don’t ever feel scared. We’re your mates...all of us. And you’re our genius computer whiz”.

We all laughed together and chatted away for the rest of the night.


Everyone had finished dinner and had been dropped off home. Ryan and I were the only ones left. As he stopped in front of my house we both noticed that my mum’s car wasn’t parked in the driveway. Where on earth was she this late at night? My sister had gone back to her life so she was no longer here. That left me all alone in my house.

I turn to Ryan and say, “Well, thanks for an amazing night Einstein”

“Anything for you” he quietly says while pecking my lips. But a peck wasn’t enough. I gripped the back of his neck and pulled him closer to me. I stared into his beautiful eyes and then down to his plump lips. Then, I closed the gap between us. The movement of our lips were in sync and a groan left Ryan’s mouth. Woah, I just made Ryan Einstein groan. I tried to keep in a laugh but I couldn’t. I let go and erupted into a fit of giggles.

When I had calmed down I look at Ryan seriously. “Do you think you could stay with me the night?” I whisper as if there were others that could hear me.

He leant over and put his forehead against mine, “Of course”.

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