Shit! I'm Sorry!

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Chapter 37~ Raising Eyebrows

Chapter 37

“Did you know muffin, that I can actually bake muffins?” Ryan proudly says while flipping over yet another pancake.

I took a sip of my coffee and rose an eyebrow. “You? My bad ass boyfriend?”

“You know muffin, you should never judge a book by its cover”

I waved a hand off, “Yeah, yeah I know. Now, where are my pancakes?”

Ryan turns around smirking. He then effortlessly flips the pan over, the pancake drops in the middle of the plate and he then squirts the syrup perfectly in.

“Bon appetit,” he says kissing my forehead and pouring more coffee. I smiled and dug into my pancakes. What a great boyfriend.

Ryan and I came back to my house last night, mum wasn’t home which was really unusual so I must interrogate. We both ate ice-cream before bed and then went straight to sleep.

I just stared at Ryan’s back dreamily as he made the pancakes. Whilst I was drooling, I realised was Monday...which meant we had...

“School! Shit!” I jumped off the stool and sprinted upstairs. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face to freshen up. I threw my hair into a ponytail and ran back into my room.

I was late for school.

Alexis Harrington has never been late for school.

I threw on a soft cream knit sweater and tuck it into a navy skater skirt. I put on some fluffy socks and put on my low grey ankle boots.

I grabbed my notebooks and textbooks for the day and shoved them into my backpack.

I ran downstairs holding onto the railing so I wouldn’t fall like always.

“Let’s go Ryan!” As I entered the kitchen he was just chilling on the kitchen counter while eating his pancakes. It was his turn to raise an eyebrow. “Why? Where are you going?”

I gave him an ‘Are you serious look’ and said, “School Einstein, we have school. C’mon we are already late”

He got off the counter and scooped the last piece of pancake into his mouth. He went back up to the room and I was waiting for what felt like an hour but was actually five minutes. He had no books or anything as he was at my house but he had just freshened up.

I ran to the car and Ryan just strolled. “Calm down muffin we’ve only missed about half of the first period, we’ll make it for the rest of it, you only live five minutes away”

I nodded my head in agreement. He was right, I needed to calm down.

When we got to school I literally jumped out of the car, kissed a goodbye to Ryan and then bolted to Astronomy class.

As I walked in, the whole class looked at me. I quickly went and sat next to Kayla.

“And why are you late today Miss Harrington?” My teacher says in a bored tone.

“I slept in” I say while pulling out my notebook to write the work down.

Kayla turned towards me and she too rose an eyebrow. She leant over and whispered “All I hear is bullshit”

I held in a laugh and she just smirked and went back to work.


During lunch, I was in the middle of eating a good chicken burger when mum rang me.

“Hey, mum, what’s up?”

“Alexis! Are you at school?!”

“Yeah, I’m good how are you?” I say over the phone sarcastically and rolled my eyes.

“I’m serious Alexis.”

“Yes mum, I’m at school”

“Ok, good. I just haven’t seen you, I was worried”

“All good mum. Oh yeah, why weren’t you home last night?”

“Don’t worry Alexis. Just make sure you’re at dinner tonight. Your sister will be there and someone else. Oh! And bring Kayla and what’s that lovely boy’s name again?”


“Oh that’s right! Yes, bring him too. See you tonight, Alexis” She hung up leaving me so very, very confused. Not because she wanted Kayla and Ryan there. And not because of my sister. But because of that ‘someone else’.

I turn to Kayla and Ryan on the table. “Um, my mum invited you guys to dinner and I don’t really think you guys have a choice. Y’all have to come”

Kayla giggled “Oh your mum is the best, of course, I’ll be there”

Ryan just smiled and nodded. “Your mum loves me, of course, she wanted me there”.

I slapped his arm and his just chuckled.

Ryan turned to speak to everyone on the table, “Aye, you guys listen up!”

The whole table turned toward Ryan and I was just wondering what on earth this boy was doing.

“I was thinking, since this is our last year of school...our year twelve muck up day needs to be sick”. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“And we are probably the most awesome seniors yet” Everyone cheered.

“So... here’s the plan”

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