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Chapter 38~ Grace

Chapter 38

Oh, shit.

This is the day I’ve been trying to forget about.

This is the day I’ve been trying to tell myself that wouldn’t come around.

But it did.

I try to steady my breathing as my dad stands next to my mum trying to look like he cares. I swallow hard and have no idea what to do. I forget Ryan and Kayla are awkwardly standing next to me, Ariella just leans against the kitchen door frame looking like she couldn’t be bothered for any more family shit. I don’t blame her.

Ryan leans in and whispers, “You know, if we were doing a ‘meet the parents’ you could’ve told me so I wouldn’t wear the same clothes as last night”. I scrunch up my nose and give him a ‘this isn’t the time’ look. He finally gets the message and retreats back to his standing position.

Yep! You guessed it, that ‘someone else’ my mother was talking about was my dad. Yipee.

Note the sarcasm.

Kayla is the first to speak up, “It’s good to see you again, Mr Harrington”.

Lies, lies, lies.

My dad never liked Kayla, he thought she was a bad influence which is complete bullshit. So, Kayla never liked my dad back.

It’s a two-way street.

She fake smiles at him and he returns one. “Yes, it’s lovely to see you too Kayla, it has been awhile”

She raises her eyebrows and nods, “Sure has, like...5 years?”

God, I love her.

My dad ignores her sarcastic rhetorical question and turns to Ryan. His eyebrows furrow, “And who are you?”

My god damn loyal boyfriend that’s who.

“I’m Ryan sir, nice to meet you,” he says while putting out his hand for my dad to shake it.

Being the rude father he is, he just ignores and turns to me. “Alexis”

“Andrew” I shoot back.

He maintains his expressionless face and I do the same.

“Alexis! You know it’s rude to call your father by his first name”

That’s it, I’ve had enough.

“Rude? You want to talk about rude?” I turn to face my dad but continue talking to my mum, “He is the one being rude to my friends, he is the one who thinks he can make every single decision for us, he is the one who just waltzes back into our home after fucking leaving us!” I turn furiously to the stairs and walk up them to my room. Ryan and Kayla follow and I just sit on my bed looking so pissed off.

Ryan gently closes the bedroom door and both look at me to see that I haven’t punched a wall. Yet.

None of us say anything for a couple of minutes. Well that’s until Ryan says, “Your Dad’s a dick”.

I quietly laughed and so does Kayla. I nodded in agreement and stood from my bed to walk over to join them.

Kayla crossed her arms over her chest and sighed, “We should go back downstairs and help your sister prepare for dinner”.

We all agreed and walked down to the kitchen. Ariella stood there chopping and putting together a salad. She placed her knife down and turned to our direction when she noticed we had entered.

“Well, well, well...the three musketeers, eh? I must say, you’re comebacks were pretty genius” she says smirking. My sister can be alright sometimes.

She can be a bitch, but she’s my bitch.

I give a small smile in return and we all get cracking to make dinner.

An hour and a half later a potato salad, garden salad, freshly cooked roast and some bread rolls were set out onto our dinner table. Ariella called our parents over and we all sat down in silence.

“Ok everyone, join hands, we’ll say Grace,” My mother says. We all join hands and my mum nods her head in my direction, meaning that I was the one praying.

I sighed and began, “Thank you God for this meal that you have prepared, thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for the opportunity to be able to gather around with... family”.

We all conclude with an ‘Amen’ and dig in.

This all reminds me of when I brought Ashton, Chris, Leni, Llorona, Josh and Carter to dinner for Christmas and I realise that mum gave them a chance. They were strangers in her house but she still treated them like her own children. I look across the table and meet my father’s eyes.

I lower my head in defeat and curse under my breath, “Shit”

“What was that Alexis?” My mum looked at me strangely.

I sigh in defeat, “I’m sorry”. My mum cocked her head in confusion, “I’m not being fair, I’m being a sook who can’t get over her problems. I’m sorry mum, you gave everyone a chance and now I have to do the same”. I shove the last bit of meat in my mouth and pick up my plate to wash down.

I lean against the sink and rub my hands over my face in tiredness.

Oh boy, what a night.

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