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Chapter 39~ Oh No You Didn't

Chapter 39

“You bloody idiot!” I screech as Ryan sprays silly string down my jumper. He runs away laughing and I just poke my tongue out. Childish, I know but whatever.

I walk over to Kayla who is squeezing honey on all stair railings, padlocks on lockers and handles on doors.

What’s with the honey mess and silly string you ask? Well, it’s the Senior’s muck up day. So basically we give shit to the rest of the school and have fun. No teachers, no rules and no classes.

How bloody brilliant.

We are currently preparing for the hilarious day to come. Ryan, Josh and Carter are spilling and squirting stuff on the juniors, Kayla is on damaging school property and I’m on pranking teachers.

Let’s just say the Math and Science faculties weren’t very happy when I stuck yellow post-it notes everywhere saying “X equals bullshit”. I then filled the Language and English faculties with colourful balloons which had “Hamlet can...baciami il culo” written all over them.

I’m a wild one.

After Kayla finishes making our school a beehive we both walk out to the cafeteria and guess what we saw? Or should I say who we saw?

Standing on top of our tables hanging banners that said “Class of 2015” were Llorona, Ashton, Chris and Leni. Leni is Ariella’s age but he just came for the fun. Ashton stood beaming at his work of the banner. Chris and Llorona held hands and paintbrushes.

What a perfect beginning to graduation.

I feel arms wrap around my waist and lips touch my neck. I close eyes and enjoy the moment of the one pair of lips who make me feel like this. Ryan. I swivel around and look up at him smiling. “we did it” he whispers. I nod and smile, just enjoying the moment.

I lay my head on his chest, my arms wrapped around his body and his around mine.

“Oh and Alexis?”

“Mhm,Llorono” I say peacefully, not wanting the moment to be ruined.

“I had honey all over hands”

Yep, moment ruined.

My eyes go wide and I jump out of his arms. I place my hand on my lower back and feel stickiness all through the fur on my jumper. I look up to a smirking Ryan and I narrow my eyes at the sight. “Ryan Freaking Einstein, you will pay for this”.

Ryan laughs and laughs. As he was too busy laughing, I turn aroLloronaand Chris, grab the paintbrushes out of there hands and dip them into the pink paint. When Ryan wasn’t looking, I smeared the pink paint all down his back. Or should I say, his leather jacket.

Ryan turns around slowly and raises his eyebrow. I step slowly away with a smug smile on my face.

“Are you smiling muffin?” I bite my lip and nod cheekily. “Well, well, well...your going to regret that,” He says calming. Well shit.

The next thing you know, I’m being thrown over Ryan’s shoulder and carried away. I keep slapping Ryan’s back and kicking but he’s too damn strong.

“Ryan! Please put me down”

Ryan abruptly stops and I almost went flying. Almost.

“Fine, I’ll put you down”

I sigh in relief “Tha-”

“Only if you give me a kiss and buy be a pizza”

I laugh softly and agree. As my feet land onto the sweet ground, I press my lips onto his only to realise the idiot smeared honey all over his lips. That’s why they tasted sugary.

I pull away and say my favourite five words. “Are you fucking kidding me?“.

I will not stand down.

“Muffin you’re so cute when your angry and gullible”. Oh no he didn’t.

I grabbed the paint tubes and squirted it all over Ryan like tomato sauce.

“Oh no you didn’t muffin”. Ryan grabs one of the freshly baked cupcakes off the cafeteria lady’s tray and pegs it right at me. I grabbed a cupcake and did the same, but it didn’t hit hit Kayla.

“Alexis! You did not just do that!”

And from there all that was seen was flying cupcakes, squirts of paint and honey being thrown at everyone.

My first and most greatest -food/art fight.

Everyone looks like they’ve just rolled in shit. Josh stands up on the table and yells, “SO WHO’S READY TO GRADUATE?!” Everyone cheers in reply and I feel an arm grab me through the crowd.

I turn to face Ryan and he is smiling at me like I’m his most precious possession. He bends down to whisper in my ear, “I love you muffin”

“I love you too”

We press our lips together for the thousand time. A thousand not enough to be honest.

Ryan pulls away with a smug look. “But you still owe me a pizza”

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