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Chapter 3~ Eiffel Tower Shoes

Chapter 3

Why am I so stupid?

No scrap that question, why am I so stupid enough to go to a high school house party?

“Oooooh, these shoes! Wear these!” Kayla is over the moon about me going with her and decides to pick out an outfit for me. Me on the hand, I’m praying to God that I just get run over by a semi-trailer.

I look at the heels and my eyes go wide.

“What are these? The Eiffel Tower? Seriously, Kayla, they are so high”

“They aren’t that bad. You just barely wear heels so it may seem to you that they are high but they’re pretty decent. I’m sure you don’t want to wear granny heals. Am I right?”

“This is true. But, if I fall over then you shout me Kebabs for a week”


I’m wearing an Aztec pattern top, tucked into a leather skirt. I slipped on the heals and felt like Sultan Kösen for a moment. Then I looked over to Kayla who had her really good looking pair of jeans and a tight white lace crop that stopped at her belly button, paired with some white pumps.

I admire Kayla’s confidence; I honestly feel like I’d never have it in me.

I curled my hair, but only soft curls. I don’t want to go full out. I actually don’t want to go at all.

What a way to be a Negative Nancy.

Kayla straightened her hair and applied her make up. It looked amazing. She looked amazing.

I went to just put on a bit of mascara and my favourite pink lipstick then voilà, but Kayla told me to sit in the chair.


“Don’t argue and just listen”

So I sat down and she brought out all her makeup brushes and shit.

“Woah. What are you doing?”

“Relax. I want to do your makeup”

“ I’m fine thanks.”

“No you’re not. Don’t worry I’ll make it look natural but sexy”

And for some bloody dumb reason, I trusted her and let her do my makeup.

After about 25 minutes she said she was done and told me to look in the mirror. I know what you’re expecting...

You think I’m going to look in the mirror, see a different person, fall in love with what I look like then praise the person who made me look like a whole different person? Someone I’m not?

Well no. I looked in the mirror to find the same person. The same old Alexis. Boring.

Yes, I appreciate Kayla’s efforts so I thanked her but concealer, mascara and a little bit of lipstick will never cover up the true person you really are.

I just went with it; I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings tonight. I was coming for Kayla. And only Kayla. Right?

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