Shit! I'm Sorry!

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Chapter 40~ Epilogue


University is great! Studying a degree in Social Sciences, it’s interesting.

Before I enrolled, Kayla, Josh, Ryan and I all took a gap year. From there we travelled to Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. It was amazing! I learnt historic facts, saw amazing monuments and the best part of it was spending it with my best of friends and the love of my life.

Did I mention we almost died on the trip? Ok, that’s a bit melodramtic...but still, it was one hell of an adventure.

Ryan and Kayla are also in Uni and we always pass each other through the halls in between lectures.

“What are you thinking about Muffin?“. I look up to one sexy Ryan Einstein.

“You” I tease.

“Of course you were thinking about me” He smirks cheekily.

I poke his cheek and then kiss his nose. “And of course you’re the same cocky idiot”

“You love me, don’t deny it”

“I’m not going to” I say with a wide grin picking at the chocolate muffin Ryan and I shared.

Our notes and laptops were spread across the table we had occupied. We were currently a little distracted by each other to do the work. I was enjoying Ryan's lips and the cappuccino I had in my hand a little too much.

"I think we're done here for the day, how about we pack up and head to yours?" Ryan offers. I agree and we begin packing all our items and set off.

I must admit, university was taking it out of me. I felt so exhausted that I almost fell asleep on the way home. That was until Ryan and I heard a familiar tune on the radio.

'Boom Clap' quietly played in the car. I smiled and then turned to Ryan who was mirroring my own expression. The song had taken us back to the night where we in the car with all our friends and we let free for those short, yet blissful 3 minutes.

Once Ryan parked in front of my house, it had started raining. So we ran quickly from his car to my house. The warmth of my house enveloped my body.

My mum emerged from the kitchen and sent us both a warm greeting. "Come my dears, I've made toasties and hot chocolate".

As Ryan passed my mum, he gave her a kiss on the cheek and thanked her.

We walked into the living room to find Ariella and Leni on the couch sharing a toastie. Honestly, I was so happy for my sister, Leni provided a love she never knew about and I'm glad he did.

Ryan placed some toasties on a plate and signals for me to go with him upstairs. I follow him to my room and shut the door behind me. He places the plate down and lies on my bed. "Come here" he coos.

I bit my lower lip and made my way towards him, snuggling with him.

After a long, comfortable silence Ryan speaks up. "You know," he begins while taking a bit of a toastie, "I don't think I've ever loved someone so much Alexis Harrington". My heart felt as if it had stopped beating and a tear fell down my face.

"Thank you for saying that, you have truly helped me to find a purpose. And that's you Ryan Einstein".

His smile was genuine and pure. He reached for another toastie, but when his hand reached out it hit the plate too hard which sent it falling to the ground. "Oh shit muffin, I'm sorry!"

Well, didn't that sound familiar.

I burst out laughing against his chest, his arms wrap solidly around me has he begins to chuckle, just realising the familiar line which brought together Alexis and Ryan.

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