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Chapter 4~ Deafly Advantages

Chapter 4

I’m going deaf.


Kayla decided that blasting Oasis, Sleigh Bells and a little bit of Good Charlotte, would be enjoyable.

Kayla is head banging whilst driving.

“Woah, calm down cowgirl. Save it for the hellish night ahead”.

“Oh, c’mon Alexis don’t be a party shitter”.

Hmm. Party Shitter. That’s new.

“I’m sorry, but I really don’t want to watch people getting high and humping each other”


Then I feel the car come to a stop. I turn my head to see stumbling drunk teenagers with their arms around each other, people jumping up and down to the horrible house music and beer bottles and cups scattered everywhere. No, they aren’t red.

Kayla literally jumped out of the car, full of excitement. Whilst I took my time to get out. She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the house.

“Slow down” I whined.


Well then...

I rolled my eyes and just wandered along. I was in no rush.

Kayla obviously saw the bored look on my face and said, “Fun. Remember?”

Oh yeah, forgot about that.

“Fun isn’t drinking and drugs. It’s smiling and-and having a good time. Sober”.

Debatable, Alexis.

“No one ever said you had to drink or take drugs. Just ignore it all. Have your own fun. Show people you’re different”.

And that’s why ladies and gentlemen, Kayla is my best friend.

I smiled at her and followed her into the house. We were trying to make our way through the people by squishing in between them and their groping partner. During that process, I swear I felt someone slap my ass.

Once we got through it, I felt like I achieved something. That was difficult.

Kayla and I just stood there in the doorway to the kitchen.

“Sooo...” I said to fill up the silence.


“What do they even do at these things?”

“I don’t really know”

We both burst out laughing. The girl was practically having the excitement bug for more than two days and here we are, standing near the kitchen and not knowing what to do.

I don’t blame her. Like, what really do you do than dance and involve in sexual activity?

“Let’s dance!”

The next thing I knew I was pulled into the crowd with a dancing Kayla.

“C’mon Al. You love dancing”

I don’t know what I had in me but I was grooving to this ear bleeder of a song with my best friend.

Now that’s fun.

Will there be any more fun tonight? My self-conscious tells me to play it safe but deep down inside, being free was the only thing I wanted.

I think it’s the right time to use this moment of freedom.

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