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Chapter 5~ Hella Dime Adventures

Chapter 5

God damn stinky sweat.

Why does it exist?

Sweat mixed with the aroma of alcohol and weed isn’t something I’d use as a perfume.

Not following Kayla’s lead, I’ve resisted the urge to drink. She looks like she is about to puke.

I was leaning against the wall feeling quite tired of the party. I danced a little and spoke to some random people and danced a little more but then I just got tired. Kayla stumbled toward me giggling to herself.

“Ohhh heeeeeey there Alexis Boo. You look tired as hell”

“Woah Kayla, calm down. You look really sick. Do you want to go home?”

“What?! Are you kidding me?! No way! The fun has just beguuuuunn. I want to dance allllll niggghhhtt and I want to try that thing where people get on a bed and ferociously attack each other”

I looked at her amused and then I let out a bark of laughter.

“You mean have sex?”

“Ohhhh is that what they call it?” She started giggling in an abnormal way.

“Yes now, can we please change the topic?”

“Whatever, now here, ” she said handing me a beer bottle.

I pushed it away from me with the back of my hand. “No way, Kayla. You know I don’t drink”

“Oh c’mon Alexis, loosen up. Plus, you drink gallons of caffeine on a daily basis. One drink won’t hurt”

I looked at her blankly.

One drink won’t hurt, Alexis.

Well, when you put it like that then...

I snatched the bottle from her hand and took a large swing of the worst drink possible. It burned my throat and I shook my head with my eyes squeezed tight.

It was so disgusting but really addictive.

By the end of that bottle, I slammed it on the counter beside me and took a deep breath.

Kayla cocked an eyebrow up. I know what she was trying to say.

I nodded and she handed me another bottle. I took a sip from the clear bottle and I felt it sting the inside of my mouth and make my eyes water.

This was no beer.

It had a really strong stench. I turned the square bottle around to read the label.

Vodka. Oh shit.

“C’mon Alexis, one sip won’t do any good. Plus, when are you ever going to do this again?”

She was right... but getting drunk, even to the point where I didn’t know what I was doing?

Stop overthinking this.

Like always, I didn’t follow my instincts which told me to put the damn bottle down and go home. So, I took another sip but this time it tasted a little better.

Another sip...even better.

Keep going...

Gulp it down.

Kayla was cheering but I felt like I was losing vision.

“This bottle is a hella dime”

Ok, what the hell Alexis?

“It feels sooooo nicccce”

Yep, definitely tipsy. Or even worse.

I looked at the bottle, only to find it half full. I frowned but then shrugged.

I don’t know how I ended up on the dance floor, shaking my hips with Kayla. I had my hands in the air with the bottle in one hand and the other waving about.

Please don’t tell me I’m in a teen movie. It sure feels like it.

I felt myself stumble a little and then giggle.

Um...I never giggle. Especially not like that.

I need some air.

Like, right now.

I left the dance floor and looked for the exit.

When I stepped out into the fresh air, I felt a pang of dizziness. I stumbled a little to the side. Again.

I giggled. Again.

Now, let me tell you something. I’m not a vicious person, so my next action was not the complete Alexis functioning 100%.

I threw the quarter filled bottle of vodka on the concrete and it smashed into little tiny pieces, all over the ground.

I just stared at it. Not feeling anything but sick to the stomach.

So what did my body automatically do?

Nope, I haven’t puked yet.

I went to the outside cooler and brought out another beer.

I twisted the top open and gulped down a massive amount of the contents.

I felt really woozy and my stomach felt heavy, but I didn’t care. I obviously wasn’t in the right state of mind.

I walked to the steps, that led to the grass area. When I looked down at the steps, I swear I could see doubles of each step.

I cautiously took a step and made sure I watched where I was going. But, of course knowing my luck, my foot decided to go all the way to the side of the step which made me loose my balance, breaking my heel on the way, scraping the side of my leg on the corner of the step and face planting right onto the patch of grass.

“Shit, that hurt”

I looked down to my foot where the heel was now hanging for dear life on the end of the shoe. Then I turned my foot to look on the other side where I landed on.

I looked at it, and I almost passed out.

And that’s not from drinking.

The side of my shin was scraped and it stung. I then saw my ankle. The skin had shedded and there was blood that covered it.

The stinging was non-stop and I was clenching my jaw in an attempt to bite down the pain.

I sat up and just sat there for a good five minutes, until I decided to get up, which was the worst decision I have ever made. As soon as I stood up, massive pains drew into my leg, head and stomach.

Feeling sick was an understatement.

I felt like shit

I picked up the beer bottle which still had about a quarter left of beer in it.

I then decided I needed to go on an adventure.

And so I did.

I started to walk on my little journey. Drunk. With a broken heel and scraped shin.

How wonderful.

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