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Chapter 7~ The Italian Hangover

Chapter 7

All I feel is pain.

Pain in my leg, pain in my stomach and...holy moly, so much pain in my head.

Why do I only see black? Oh right, my eyes are closed. My eyes fluttered open to a familiar room. It wasn’t my room, it was Kayla’s.

I sat up and...oh my goodness. All I felt was an excruciating painful throb in my head. I groaned in annoyance. I felt the bed weighing down a bit on one side. I turned to look on my right side to find a very tired looking, sleeping, Kayla.

Wait a minute. How did I get here? How did we get here?

Oh, my.

God, please don’t tell me my mum found out.

You see, I didn’t tell my mum where I was going exactly. I just told her I was going to Kayla’s house to study. Of course, that was accepted.

So how did we get out of Kayla’s house without her mum knowing you ask?

Kayla said we were going to meet up with her Aunt for dinner. Kayla’s mum was pleased with that, so she let us go.

I hate lying to people, especially the ones I love. But you know what they say...sometimes you need to lie to get your own way.

But my question exactly is, how the hell did we get here when we were both in a horrible drunken state?

I pulled the covers off, to find myself wearing a very baggy t-shirt that wasn’t mine and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Kayla’s.

It was just plain white. It was soft and smelt of a quite attractive cologne.

Wait? Cologne?

Holy shit it’s a guy’s shirt.

I tried to remember last night’s events but nothing came to me.

I shook Kayla whilst I was freaking out.

“Kayla”, she moved a little.

“Kayla wake up”, she groaned.

“Kayla please get up”

“Alexis if you don’t shut up right now I swear to God, I’ll shove the pillow in your mouth to shut you up”

Well then...

She still kept her eyes closed.

So, I said the one thing I was afraid to say...

“I think I lost my virginity”

She shot straight up but then groaned due hangover.

Once she regained herself, she said, “WHAT?! It was meant to be me first! This isn’t even fair” she crossed her arms over her chest in annoyance.

I whacked her arm. “Kayla, this is serious. I don’t even know what happened. I don’t know who was with me. I didn’t even get to experience it how I wanted to”

I said the last sentence quietly to myself. However, it was enough for Kayla to hear because she wrapped her arms around me in a hug and whispered...

“Can I be the Godmother?”

My eyes widened and I held a very shocked expression. She laughed and said she was joking.

“I’m sure nothing happened Alexis. You just said you “think” you lost it but you might’ve just had too much to drink so you can’t remember anything. Plus your Alexis, and you worry about everything”. She was right, I do worry about everything.

“Well, let’s just hope Aunt Flow visits soon”

I’d never thought I’d want my period to come. Like ever. That time of the month is just nasty. But, just so I know nothing happens I need it to come soon.

“When are you due?”

I took a look at the date on my phone.

“3 days from now”

“Better get those pads and M&Ms stocked up”.

I’ve never tried a tampon. I’ve just been so scared. Like, I mean how do you just shove something up...there?

“Yeah. C’mon let’s go to McDonald’s and get a coffee. My brain feels like it’s going to throb right out of my head”.

“Yeah true. Let me go get a sweater and you some pants”.

I laughed and nodded. 5 minutes later Kayla brought me a pair of leggings and she threw on a Hollister sweater. She let me borrow a pair of Uggs and she wore another pair herself. I put my hair in a side braid and left the oversized man t-shirt on.

Kayla’s mum was out to work, so we walked down to McDonald’s for some fresh air.

When we got inside, guess who I saw?

You got that right...


“Allo bambini! Long-time no see. How you been?”

“I’ve been pretty good. How about you?”

“Ok. Sto lavorando con la gente di merda e il cibo di merda”

Oh, Anita. Even when you’re speaking Italian, you’re hilarious.

Shit, I’m sorry, let me translate:

“I’m working with shit food and shit people”

I take Italian at school, so I can easily speak and understand it.

“bene, almeno siamo a comprare il cibo di merda“. [Well, at least we’re here to buy the shit food]

We all laughed together and Anita went to make the usual.


I turned around to hear a very familiar voice.

Oh, what a surprise...

“What do you want?”

He chuckled. “No ‘hi’ or ‘how are you’?”

I just stared at him.

He smirked and then said, “nice shirt”

My jaw dropped. Oh no he didn’t.

“Order 104!” I heard from the counter.

Ryan lifted his hand and said, “Yeah that’s me”.

I glanced at Kayla who had her mouth slightly parted looking at the two of us.

Ryan turned to look at me.

“At least my shirt stayed clean this time” he winked and cheekily smirked.

“See you on Monday, Muffin”

He turned away and walked out the door. I did not expect that. Neither did Kayla. Hmm...He called me ‘muffin’. Why does that ring a bell? I pulled myself out of my thoughts and looked at Kayla.

“Earth to Kayla”, she snapped out of wonderland and looked at me.

“What have I been missing and why haven’t you told me?!”

“Woah. Tell you what?”

“That you and Ryan know...getting it on”

“Kayla! Nothing is ‘getting on’ with Ryan and I”

“Oh, I see. It’s all coming off” she teased.

Again, my jaw dropped. She giggled and pat my head.

“It’s all good. It’s natural”.

And with that, she grabbed our coffees, slid her arm in the crook of my elbow and led us back to her house. We lay on her bed, playing some kick back music. It was so chilled. I liked it. Rarely do we ever get to do this. Just hang out together while doing nothing but still have a great time.

Kayla was on her laptop whilst I was on my phone drinking my amazing cappuccino. I then felt a vibrate from my phone. It was a message. From Ryan.

How the fudge balls, did he get my number?!

Hey, Muffin. You can keep the shirt just don’t spill anything on it. Otherwise you pay for dry cleaning, Cheers.

I quietly laughed to myself and texted back. Not too quickly because I don’t want to seem overly obsessed. Do you know what I mean?

No promises ;)

I shut my phone and lay myself down on Kayla’s soft bed.

I smiled. I actually smiled. I felt a spark of happiness inside me.

He made me smile.

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