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Chapter 8~ I Call Her Dirty Minded

Chapter 8

Oh giddy, school time. I mentally rolled my eyes at the thought of school. I quickly made myself look half decent by putting on a pair of washed blue jeans, a warm cream coloured knit sweater which I paired with some boots. I pinned half my hair up and threaded a ribbon which was the same colour as my jeans, through my hair. I grabbed my bag and my school stuff and headed downstairs to make myself a good ol’ cappuccino.

When I walked into the kitchen, mum was sitting at the table, drinking her Earl Grey tea and reading the newspaper. I walked over to the coffee machine and began my coffee making process. You see, I would’ve gone down the road but I won’t make it for school.

“So Alexis, how was your study session with Kayla yesterday?”

“Yeah, it was good, I got a lot done,” I say, avoiding eye contact.

“Ok, that’s good, Keep it up. Now, you’re going to be late so hurry up and get to school”.

I walked out the front door, and oh my, there was a very good looking boy who had his hands in his pockets. He turned to look at me, smiled and nodded.

Wait a minute

Oh my goodness.

It can’t be, I haven’t seen him in over a month.

This dude was Kayla’s ex-boyfriend.

Jace Nevair.

One of the sweetest and good looking guys you will ever lay eyes on.

Except for Ryan.

Alexis, no. Stop thinking about him.

I smiled friendly at Jace, and he kept walking by. I walked to my car, got in it and drove.


First Period: Italian

Hell yes! Probably the only subject I like and can ace.

Kayla doesn’t take Italian; she says the most Italian she’ll get is a pasta or a pizza. However, I do have another great friend, who is my Italian buddy. She is a dirty minded little freak but I love her.

Skye Einstein, aka. Miss Dirty Minded.

Let me tell you a little something about her. First of all, she is gorgeous, second of all she’s Jace’s best friend, and third of all...ok, this may sound a little crazy, but...

She’s Albert Einstein’s great, great, great something granddaughter. Pretty cool, eh?

I walked into the Italian room, and I spotted her straight away wearing her warm Mickey Mouse jumper, and one of her famous beanies reading “SUPREME”. They were paired with a pair of denim chucks and her caramel wavy hair falling down.

“Hey girl hey” she smirked as her eyes spotted me.

“Why hello there Ms Coffee, how’s your medium cap going?” Her hazel eyes flick over with her long lashes highlighting.

I skip towards her grinning widely, chuckling. “Absolutely amazing Ms Cookie”

“Touché, now why haven’t you gotten me a cookie from the McCafé?”

Skye is an absolute cookie freak. Sometimes I think she loves them more then I love coffee. I look at her with puppy dog eyes. “Don’t you remember? You ate them all”

She gasps while covering her mouth. “Really? Every single damn one? Even the freshly baked cookies? Dang...” she mumbled whilst patting her stomach like a grizzly bear. “See tummy, you don’t give room for your friends later, you just eat them all up”.

Man, she is one weird girl.

I laugh and shake my head and took a sip of my coffee. We heard the door open, and in came one fine looking substitute teacher. Oh hot damn. Can we all just take a moment to applaud his parents?

“Hey Class, I’m Mr Stanmore, I’ll be your teacher for today”

I’m sorry, but he doesn’t look over 20. So, does this mean it’s legal for me to just, I don’t know...have him? Please.

His smile was just ...perfect

And his hair was just...perfect

He was just, I don’t know...perfect?

Not as perfect as Ryan.

Of course, my subconscious had to add that in. Ok, Alexis! You need to stop drooling.

I scooted over to Skye, to gossip about this model in front of us.

Skye began by saying, “He is-”

I cut her off by saying, “sexy, god-like, yum-”

“amaze berries, drool master-”

“damn fine, son of a-”

“holy mother of cookies and-”

“a larger delightful cappuccino with-”

“a hint of coco and kit kat”

We almost burst out laughing from the random conversation, but we managed to keep it in.

Skye mumbles to me, “Can we rip his shirt off? Because I can see those abs tensing through that very, very see through shirt”. I gasp and slap her arm playfully, we laughed quietly together. Told you she was dirty minded.

“Oh my, how are we going to concentrate?”

Skye smirked and said, “We don’t...we just take in the view and write notes, a lot of notes, on that our minds”

“Oh geez, you dirty minded little freak...but I won’t have any problem with that”.

So, it’s been a great 30 minutes with Mr Stanmore teaching us Italian...kind of.

Unfortunately, the god of a teacher left the room for a few of minutes, and of course, it was great timing for a ‘leather jacket boy’ to walk in the room.

No, it wasn’t Joshua, and no it wasn’t Ryan...unfortunately

Dang it Alexis!

But the one and only Carter Landon, stepped into the room, walked around for a little bit and plopped his ass right on the seat next to Skye. This guy is a... douchebag, who likes to get high every 5 minutes. Ok, um, what was he doing now? Is he...purring? At Skye?

He leant his arm on the table and seductively said to Skye, “Come on Skye, why don’t you get your groove on and-”

Skye didn’t let him finish. Instead, she punched his nose, slapped the back of his head and kicked his chair away, making him grumble in pain and making me laugh.

I applauded Skye and showered her with words of her greatness. He brought his chair back and said, “Oh feisty, I like it rough”

My eyes widened and waited for Skye’s reply.

She leans close to Carter’s face and says, “You have the IQ of Tony Abbott, the dick from above. Now Please don’t put your filth and dreadful obnoxious self near or around me because you know what I’d do...and let me tell you, last time I did it, it wasn’t pretty. And just because you hang with my brother, it doesn’t mean you’re superior to me, nor anyone else around. Now go get some hand me downs or a fresh deodorant because Mr Landon, you smell worse than a skank in a sewer”

WOAH. Everyone in the class cheered for Skye’s amazing and most impressive comeback I have ever heard.

Carter’s eyes bulged as he stuttered, “h-h-hey!”

Skye replied with a simple, “Hai”

But among this awesomeness, I was puzzled and curious about something.

Skye turned to me and noticed by confused expression. And you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat, so I just had to ask...

“Um, your brother, is that Joshua?”

“Nope,” she says casually.

Holy Jesus. No way.



“What?!” This must be some joke. Skye never even told me she had a brother.

“What?” she questioned.

“What!” joined in Carter innocently smiling and Skye glaring at him.

I don’t know why, but my face turned red as a bloody tomato and I just mumble, “Oh, ok cool”.

What was I supposed to say? This was some shocking news.

Ryan and my Italian buddy, Skye were brother and sister. Hold on, they are in the same grade, they are the same age...making them...

Oh. My. God.

Twins. They were fucking twins.

I think I’m going to be sick.

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