The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 11: A Thing

Never in my existence did I think I could get a guy in my car. Well, now I’ve got one…in my mum’s car.

Luke and my mum were surprisingly getting along very well. My mum was actually laughing. I think it’s the end of the world. Luke gave directions whilst chatting to my mother, and I just sat in the backseat next to Luke on my phone. I may be anti-social but, Crazy Taxi was waiting for me.

“Zoe, for crying out loud, get off your phone!” my mum yells from the front seat.

I lock the phone and shove it into my bag. “Did you not hear a word I just said?”

I sigh, “No”

“Well, I’ve told Luke about that idiot who hit your car, and he has offered to fix it. Say thank you”. My eyes widened towards Luke. He was smirking like no tomorrow with lazy risen eyebrows. “Zoe…I can’t hear you”

“Thank you” I say with a clenched jaw. He winked with a “no worries” in reply. I am so close to losing it.

Mum parked outside Luke’s house, “here you are sweetheart, call Zoe if you need anything. Have a good night” she smiles. Did she just call him sweetheart? And did she just offer my help without my permission? This woman drives me insane sometimes.

“Thanks Mrs Williams, you have a good night. Drive home safely. See you soon Zoe” he smiles a genuine smile. It wasn’t for show or anything, it was just pure beauty. I mean…uh, what kind of person has a cute smile?

Oh shit.

“Um, yeah se-e you s-soon”. Why am I stuttering?! Get a grip Zoe!

The car door was shut and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. “What a lovely boy” my mum comments.

Oops, forgot she was there. “Yeah sure…”

“He’s cute” she draws out, signalling me something.

“Mum! What the heck? Are you serious? Just stop talking please”

She lets out a chuckle with a shake of the head. How embarrassing.

The next day at school went by pretty fast. I told Amelia the story of ‘Zoe, Luke and the Taxi’.

“Aw, I love your mum she is the greatest” she beams while eating her chicken wrap. “What would you and Luke’s ship name be? Loe or Zuke? Your choice”.

I gave her the ‘please shut up’ kind of look and she received the message by zipping her mouth and eating her wrap. “Do you have work tonight?” she asks.

“No” I reply with a shake of the head.

“Well…in that case, you want to go shopping?” she asks with a glint of hope.

“Sure. Dinner as well?”

“You know the go” she smiles.

That afternoon we both stopped at my house to freshen up and change out of these uncomfortable uniforms. I lent her a pair of denim jeans with a white top and my converses whilst I popped on a black t-shirt dress and some boots. Comfort is key. I swung my bag on my right shoulder, grabbed my keys and headed straight out the door to my car.

“Amelia, please change the song, you know I hate it!”

“No, my phone is plugged into the AUX cord…so I get to pick the song” she argues back.

“Well, it’s my car so I get priority” I fire back.

She gives me a bored look and stays like that for a minute. I look back and forth from the road to her facial expression. “Why are you looking at me like that? You know I’m right”.

“Don’t give me that ‘my car, my rules’ kind of bullshit” she states. So upfront and honest, that’s why I love her.

I wasn’t going to win the battle, so I let her play her music as I drove to the centre.

Parking was a bitch. It took us forty-five minutes just to try and find a spot on all three levels. When we eventually found one, which was pretty far from the entry! Oh well, at least we’ve got one.

Or not.

Just as I was about to reverse into it, a black car just smoothly drove in and took the spot. Oh hell to the no. I was flustered, tired of driving and freaking furious at the douche who just stole my parking slot!

Amelia bangs my dashboard with her hand, “Fuck that, stop the car Zoe”. I stopped literally in the middle of where the cars are supposed to drive through. Amelia jumps out of the car and storms to the black Audi. Hmm…that car seems familiar.

The passenger and driver’s doors opened, and out stepped two very fine looking boys. Both in tank tops, both with shades on. But even I knew who these two idiots were. I groaned in annoyance at the sight of Luke and Nathan. Amelia just stared at them with her hands on her hips, whilst I had my head on the steering wheel hating life. Trust Luke Hardens to cause such hassle.

Then I heard a voice come from my window, “Oh hey Zoe, didn’t see you there” Luke says in a sarcastic tone.

I lifted my head and turned to him with an unbothered expression, “Wow, really? I find that hard to believe” I say with a roll of the eyes.

He smirks and leans against my car, he looked really good. I mean, he is such a jerk!

A cute jerk.

Geez, thanks self-conscious for chucking that in there in the worst possible timing.

“Aw, sweet cheeks don’t get grumpy”

Sweet cheeks?

“Well I am! I’ve been trying to find a parking space for almost an hour, Luke” I rub my hands over my face in frustration.

“Well, good luck” and just like that he walks off. There was no ‘sorry for stealing your parking space’ or ‘did you want me to move?’

Such a gentlemen. Not.

I turn to Amelia who was chatting with Nathan about something. I’m not going to lie, the distance between them was pretty close. Just as I was about to shout out to tell her to hurry up, Nathan slides his arm around her waist and smiles down at her. My eyes went wide and I was in complete shock. Never would I have ever thought that Amelia and Nathan would be a…thing. They’ve hated each other ever since Nathan moved into the area, which they were seven years of age. I just sat there watching them, watch each other. Wow, I’m so proud of her.

After five minutes of them looking into each other’s eyes and chatting, I had honestly toasted in the heated car. So, I honked the horn and they immediately jumped apart. They both looked at me the same time and I just cheekily smiled.

“Hurry up!” I shout to Amelia.

She says her goodbyes and jumps into the car. “Sorry, I was just…”

“Falling in love with Nathan?” I finish off and I drive to the far end of the carpark. She just smiles and looks out her side of the window. “Good on you” I finally say.

She turns and faces me with a “thank you”. We were about to have a deep conversation but that got cut off when I found a parking spot on the furthest side of the centre.

“Don’t thank me! Thank Jesus because we just found a carpark spot!” I quickly drive into it before any other douche could take it from me.

Amelia and I did our rounds of shopping, we found a restaurant outside the centre to eat dinner. As I was munching on my burger and Amelia was eating her chicken and mushroom meal, we just chatted about plans for the rest of the week. I was just about to ask for the bill when a bunch of teenagers walked in.

The group consisted of a few guys and girls, but amongst them was Nathan, Luke and his arm wrapped around another girl’s body.

Right then and there, my heart cracked a little.

Amelia turned around to me with a sad expression, “I’m sorry Zo”

I forced myself to tear my eyes off them and shrug my shoulders acting as if I didn’t care. For some reason, I did care and it really bothered me.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like we were ever going to be a thing anyway”

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