The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 12: Let's Do This

I looked straight ahead toward Amelia, and did not move an inch. I felt Luke’s eyes burn on my back as him and the group walked passed us and to a table.

I ignored him. I did not acknowledge his presence or turn my neck to catch a glimpse of him. Nothing.

“So, you want to head into Glassons after this?” I ask Amelia, trying to fill the awkward tension in the air.

Being the good best friend she is, Amelia nodded, “Yeah I’ll get the bill and you go wait outside”.

I grabbed my bag, tucked my seat in and powerwalked out the door. I waited out the restaurant whilst she paid for the food. I couldn’t be in that room anymore, it just felt like my breathing was restricted and I had become lightheaded. I couldn’t take it, especially not with him in the room. I don’t know why I was feeling like this, it’s so foreign.

A moment later I felt a tap on my shoulder, my head turned to the direction of the tapper and my eyes went wide. I tried looking around for an escape plan but it was cut off by Luke’s words. “Hey Zoe, are you ok?”


“Yeah” I breathed out with a small fake smile.

He just nods in understanding. What was he supposed to do? Say sorry for what I saw before and then all will be alright? He doesn’t need to do that because we aren’t a couple and it is none of my business.

“Look” he begins, “We are just friends”

I shrug my shoulders, “Whatever, I don’t care who you are with, I’m not your girlfriend”.

“Maybe you should be” he quickly says.

My head snapped to his direction, my heart started going a million miles an hour, my cheeks flushed red and I felt my hands shaking.

“Uh, what?” I mentally face palm myself for sounding so stupid.

He chuckles and pushes his hair back, a cigarette placed behind his ear is shown, he holds me by the shoulders and fixes his stance. Whilst I just stand there with shopping bags hanging from my wrists, my ponytail falling out from its elastic, my eyes wide looking up to his as I see him take breaths to calm himself down.

We stay like that for a few minutes until I feel like its getting awkward. He seems to be having an internal conversation with himself as his eyes shoot down to the ground and his facial expressions slightly changed.

I continued to stand in the same position not knowing what to do but stay under his touch. I look around and bite my lip a little waiting for him to do something.

He finally takes a deep breath, nods to himself and looks me straight in the eye.

“Zoe Williams…we may not have known each for awhile and I know I am not the greatest guy to be around. But lets face it, we’ve been through a lot together. From crashing your car, to losing your car, to wasting all the petrol in your car…you have handled it pretty well. You’re car-ageous, see what I did there? I think I got that from you” I giggle under breath as he wonders, “anyway, I think you’re a pretty awesome person to be around and I know I am a jerk a lot of the time and I have done some bad stuff, but I can work on that. You and me, a little something…special. What do you say?” He asks with a glint of hope in his eyes.

His words washed me away in complete awe. I had never seen Luke Hardens express himself the way he did in front of me. Me, out of the seven billion people on this planet he still chose me to say it to. And the way he said it, I knew he really meant it. There was something about him…about us, that just sparked.

We may have only known each other for about a month, but he was right, we have been through quite a lot together. But the main question that was stinging at the back of my brain was…

“Why? Out of all girls, why me?”

He looks to the ground and shuffles around nervously with his hands in his pockets. He looks up at me while biting his lip and says, “I kind of fell for you…I-I mean-n I didn’t kind of, I d-did…uh yeah”. He rubs his palms over his face in frustration and I couldn’t stand looking at him struggle like this any longer.

I pulled his hands into mine and our eyes locked. I had never done anything like this before, so I’m completely honest when I say that I don’t really know what I am doing. I’m just going with the flow, and right now the flow feels amazing. A small smile crept to my lips and I said that one simple word, “Ok”.

He was taken aback, “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean, let’s do this. We may have met at work in a Candy Dress and Suit, you may have hurt my car multiple times and our best friends are probably hooking up. But I love it, and I believe it’s only the beginning. So, hold my hand, put that cigarette in your mouth, let us walk through those doors and let’s do this” I say with excitement. I don’t know where those words came from but I’m happy they left my mouth. Because now, I had Luke standing in front of me and grinning from ear to ear.

He nods in agreement, puts his hand out towards me and says with a smirk, “let’s do this”.

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