The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 13: Not So Lovey Dovey

“Wait, let me hear that again?” Amelia asks with a cheeky smile and her arm hooked into Nathan’s.

Luke and I both looked at each other where we were both not sure how to explain our new relationship status to her.

Luke began, “Well, we’ve decided to give us a go”. I continued by saying, “And to try and not want to punch each other”.

Amelia looked between Luke and I, then Nathan and then back to us by letting out a deep sigh of relief, “Finally! Took you guys long enough”.

Not the response I was expecting, but that’s Amelia. She gives me a tight hug whilst Nathan gives his best friend a “congrats man” with one of those bro hugs.

I pulled away from Amelia’s arms, “So, when did you two become official?” I ask pointing between her and Nathan. A smile grew on her face and a slight tint of pink formed on the tips of her cheeks. “Well, we didn’t want to say anything too soon, but about two weeks ago we started…” she looks to Nathan for an answer but gets nothing, “…um, seeing each other”.

Seeing each other? That’s all? Didn’t seem convincing at all.

I rose my eyebrows and bit the inside of my cheek to prevent myself from laughing. I nodded in reply with a smirk saying ‘no need to explain, I already know’.

I looked at the time on my phone, and saw that it was getting late. The shops would be closing soon and I have a heap of homework to get done. “Amelia, you can come to mine, we can finish studying and I’ll drop you home”. I then turn to Luke and give a smile which brightens his entire mood. “I’ll see you later?”

He nods with a half smirk, “Yeah, I’m working tomorrow so I’ll see you then”.

My head cocked to the side and I rose an eyebrow in confusion, “How do you know that I am working tomorrow?”

“I checked the staff roster” he admits whilst shrugging his shoulders. His words warmed my heart. To know that he made the effort to see if I was working with him is actually adorable. Bad ass Luke has turned to a teddy bears and chocolates kind of Luke.

“Aw, too sweet” I mocked, whilst giving his cheek a small pinch. He narrowed his eyes and pulled my hand from his face.

“Don’t do that lovey dovey kind of shit”, my hands went up in defense and mimed the words “well, sorry”.

“Ok, I’m getting out of here before I have to pay for parking” Nathan announces, giving Amelia a kiss on the top of her head and waving us goodbye.

“Hold up, I coming” Luke calls, he says his goodbyes to us and his little crew at the back table.

Amelia and I shortly begin to make our way out. Amelia grabbed her bag, and as we were leaving the restaurant, a girl called out to us.

“Hey dolls, get over here I want to speak to you” annoyed at the rude tone and the pet name given to us, we turned around in sync to deal with the idiot. Well, what a surprise…

“Hey Melanie, would love to chat…well actually that’s a lie. We don’t want to chat” Amelia says while rolling her eyes.

Melanie stood from the table with the group of Luke’s friends behind her. Well shit.

“Hilarious, but frankly I couldn’t care less about you, I want to speak to your boyfriend snatching best friend” her eyes landed on me, I also rolled my eyes because I was not bothered to deal with her right now.

“Listen Melanie-” I began saying, but was cut short by the big boobed bitch herself.

“No, you listen here Zara-“

“It’s Zoe”

“Whatever, just stay away from Luke, he’s mine” she warns.

I chuckle and find myself feeling a little pitiful for the amount embarrassment she is causing for herself.

I turn to Amelia and say, “Can you hear that Amelia? It’s the sounds of a cliché movie and desperation”. Amelia giggled under her breath as I turned to Melanie and continued, “And no, I won’t stay away from the guy I have feelings for, and the guy who actually cares for me and the guy who just asked me to be his girlfriend. So the only person who needs to stay away, is you”. With that I fixed my bag onto my shoulder and walked away. However, deep down in the pit of my stomach, I knew that something was going to go terribly wrong.

When Amelia and I arrived at my place we both plonked on my bed while trying to complete the given homework and study. We finished around nine, and just watched a few episodes of Vampire Diaries as Amelia yapped the whole time about how she loves Stefan. Help me.

It was time to drop her home, she waited in the car while I was delayed trying to find my phone. You know that mini heart-attack you get when you lose your phone and come up with a million worse-case scenarios in your head that you think could happen. Yeah well that’s me right now.

I eventually found it at the bottom of my bag- trust. With a sigh of relief I run down the stairs to my car where Amelia was waiting. As I hopped in, I then received a message from an unknown number. I sat in the driver’s seat and unlocked my phone to read the text.

From Unknown Number:

Zoe, I need your help. Emergency. Tell Amelia and get here ASAP


He then sent a second message telling me what has happened. As I read the message my heart dropped and my head snapped to Amelia.

In confusion she asks, “What’s wrong?”

I gulp, and without answering her, I start up the car.

I send a quick text to Luke asking where to meet him. He replied almost straight away saying to meet him at the “The Coffee Corner” which was a small café near a park on the Main Street.

I reversed out of the driveway and accelerated down the road. Amelia now worried again asks, “Zoe, seriously tell me! What has happened?”

I look between her and the road and let out a sigh of defeat.

“We are going to have to make a pit stop. Something’s happened to Nathan”.

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