The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 14: Truly

Inside that dull and depressing hospital waiting room, with my head bowed down and my arms nervously crossed. Luke sat opposite me, we have not made eye contact ever since my little discovery a few hours ago. Amelia sat isolated with her head in her arms and not one word spoken.

All we had to do was wait. That’s it.

3 hours earlier

“Zoe, what the hell do you mean?! Is he ok? Where is he now? What happened?!” All these questions spilled from Amelia’s mouth at once.

“Just calm-“

“Don’t tell me to calm down! This is serious, push the accelerator and let’s get to Nathan”

I parked in the customer parking of the café and we both bolted to the park. In that moment, I felt like Usain Bolt. We turned to the entry of the park and saw red and blue flashing lights. And there was Nathan, looking weak and pale, being pushed on a stretcher by the paramedics and into the ambulance.

Without a second thought, Amelia ran to the paramedics asking if she could ride to the hospital and explaining that she was his girlfriend. “Family only, Miss” the young gentlemen said while closing the two back doors, which blocked our view from Nathan.

I quickly walked to Luke in complete shock, “What happened?” I ask.

Luke’s expression was mixed with fear, worry and shock. With a shaky voice he answers, “He had a seizure from-“he stops himself and looks away from me.

“From what Luke?” I persist with worry threaded through my voice.

“F-from the…alcohol and drugs, he must’ve OD’d” pain and guilt was screaming from Luke’s voice.
However, this news sent me into a complete shock and a numbed state.

I tried saying something, my mouth opening and closing but finding no words.

Our moment was cut short by Amelia’s panicking, “They won’t let me ride with him to the hospital, only family. But none of his family are here!”

Luke, clearly pissed off storms to the paramedic and argues, “Look mate, I respect you and all but please do your job right. My best friend is in there having an attack and you won’t drive without someone in the back. Well, open your fucking eyes and knock some common sense into that brain of yours. His girlfriend is right there!”

The paramedic sighed in defeat and opened the doors to let Amelia in. “I’ll see you at the hospital” she shouts and with that, the ambulance sped down the street and disappeared with the deafening siren.

It was just Luke and I left in the middle of the street trying to process what had just happened. It all happened so fast, there was no time to think. I turn to Luke and ask, “So, where were you when this all happened?”

“I went to get coffee to try and sober him up, when I came back he was on the floor and-” he stopped himself from continuing, not wanting to talk about the subject.

I intertwined my hands with his and pulled him my way, “C’mon let’s go”.
We drove to the hospital in complete utter silence. That was until a specific question I wanted to ask him, itched under my skin.

I asked casually, “So…were you involved in any of this drug stuff?”

He looked hesitant to answer and didn’t reply straight away, “Uh-well…I-“


“Well, I don’t usually take any…”

“So, what do you do then?”

“Sell them”

I hit the brake in the middle of the road, not caring that anyone was behind. I spin to face Luke who looked very confused at my actions.

“You deal?!”

“Not majorly, only to like three people” his arms were in defence.

“And why?!”

Luke looks around at his surroundings, as cars pass and beep but in this moment I did not care one bit. You probably think I’m crazy. First day and we are already having a disagreement. Maybe I should’ve found out more about Luke before I…


He wasn’t going to answer my question, so he was clearly hiding something. I am very worried Luke and I won’t be together much longer. But were we really together to start with? At this point, it’s a very negative answer.

I start up the car again while sighing, I looked away from him and didn’t say one word.

I parked the car in the hospital and without any contact with Luke, I closed my door and walked off.

Yes I’m acting like a moody little bitch. And yes, I have every right to be one.

I approached the nurse at the front desk in the Detol smelling room. “Nathan Richman, we are…uh his…

“Brother and Sister” Luke chimes in. I roll my eyes at even hearing his voice.

Zoe, you can’t do anything about it, so grow up!

I ignored the voice inside my head and kept listening to the nurse, “He is in room 294” she says directly at Luke and not acknowledging my presence. She raked her eyes up and down my man. Oh hell no.

Does she not see that his girlfriend is right next to him?!

No you idiot, she thinks you two are brother and sister.

I am so moody. One moment we are fighting and the next I want no one near him.

I shuddered at the thought, “Let’s go” I say clearly annoyed but still without looking at Luke. I am just annoyed at this world.

Nathan. Just think of Nathan, and stop being so selfish!

It’s the first day of being together and I already have a good eye for the people checking him out. Even the guys.

We get to the level of Nathan’s room and I immediately spot Amelia crouched on a seat in the waiting room. Without a second thought I run to her and embrace her in my arms.

She looked up at me with her tear stained face and ruffled hair. “I am so sorry…” I whisper, “Truly”

She lets out another cry and squeezes me in a hug.

My best friend. I hate seeing her in pain, it’s honestly the worst thing. Tears streamed down my face which hit her jumper. I wiped them away and looked at her. “He’ll be fine, I swear”.

Which brings us back to where we are now, just waiting for a doctor to come out at tell us what will happen Nathan.

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