The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 16: Whoops

“Snap! Ha, yes!” I cheer as I slam my palm onto the pair of six of hearts, and take them like a possession. Luke gives me an amused look and just shakes his head. He places his bundle of cards down and pulls out his phone to answer a text message.

We were currently having lunch and trying to figure out ways get Luke out of the ‘business’. We weren’t being very productive. Who could blame me? Some kids left their deck of cards in the booth besides us, so…we took it. Well, I took it.

It had been two weeks since the incident. I have barely seen Amelia, she has been beside Nathan 24/7. She visited everyday while he was in hospital, and when he got out a week later she was by his side no matter what. Now, that’s love. She cared for him so damn much and his feelings were mutual. The way they look at each other, the way their hands mould into each other’s and how they smile knowing that they are for one another.

I slurp the rest of my milkshake and observe Luke from across the table. His hair flops over his eyes and his jaw is clenched as he reads the text message. I notice the end of a tattoo peaking from his shirt. I tried getting a closer look but I saw a worried expression of Luke’s face and I instantly felt a negative vibe, “Everything ok?”

His head shoots up and snaps out of a trance, he nods his head and throws a fifty dollar note on the table. “Let’s go”. Without another word he leaves the café and walks to his car. With deep confusion, I follow him out. This boy really needs to start talking and stop running off whilst leaving me in the complete unknown.

“Luke” I call out. He just keeps walking, unlocks his car and jumps right in.

“Luke” I persist for an answer. I hop in the passenger’s seat as he starts the car. I put my seatbelt on- safety first- and just stare at Luke for an answer. Of course I wasn’t given one, instead he reverses and drives down the road.

I have no idea where he is going, all I want are answers! Is that too much to ask?

“Luke, please talk. You always make everything so dramatic and it gets me really worried. How am I supposed to know what’s going on if you don’t talk?” I beg.

He sighs heavily and grips tightly on the steering wheel. “Listen to me sweet cheeks, I need to go and deal with an issue. Don’t get mad at me but…”

Before he could finish he turns into my street and it is not until then that I know what his plan is. “Luke, no!” he ignores me and slows down in front of my house. “Are you serious?”

He nods without a word. But I was mad, we were having a perfect day until he had to fuck up everything.

“You can’t, you gave your word! Together, we do this together”.

He rubs his hands over his face in frustration, “Sweet Cheeks please, I don’t want you getting hurt. If they knew I cared for someone, adored someone and then was trying to get out, do you know what measures they will go to be able to hurt you? I can’t have that”.

“I can take care of myself, Luke!”

“If they found out-“

“They? Who is they?” that question silenced him. “You said these guys weren’t such a big deal. That only a few people are involved” I barely whisper.

His eyes met mine and they held there for a while, “There are more than just a ‘few’ people, sweet cheeks” he says in a quiet tone.

There was no point in getting mad at him, my main focus was to right his wrongs. As a team. Just as I promised. “Well then…what are you waiting for? Push that accelerator, we have a big boss to take down”.

After fifteen minutes of convincing Luke to take me with him on this wild adventure, we had eventually compromised. I would wait in the car whilst Luke spoke to the guy who messaged him. Luke doesn’t even know what they want from him.

“I did my last give out, what do they possibly want?” he asks exasperated.

I stay silent, I couldn’t answer his question. I really wish I was able to give him the answers and take away the stressed frowns.

We approach what looked like a mechanic. Luke parked the car outside the run-down building and turned towards me. “Ok, stay here. Don’t leave the car while I’m gone” he opens his door and turns back to me, “Oh and if I’m not back in 15 minutes…here are my keys. Drive home and don’t tell anyone” he warns and hands me his car keys. It completely scared me half to death. The fact that he may not step foot out of there.

My body shivered but before he could leave, I grabbed his hand “please…be careful”. He smiles and leaves a breathless Zoe.

I watch him knock on the shop’s front door and he shoves his hands in his pockets. He always does that when he is nervous. The wooden chipped door is swung open. Luke shakes hands with a guy who looks around 21, with simple brown hair, tanned, with a nice build…but nothing compared to Luke. The other guy signals for Luke to go inside, and after that the door was shut and no sight of both the guys.

Worry took over my entire body. I fiddled with the car keys in my hand, trying to pre-occupy myself from thinking about what was happening inside that building. I move around the different car keys and keychains. I come across a keychain of the letter ‘H’. I tilted my head in wonder of who or what it could stand for. Well his last name is Hardens so that makes sense.

I continued turning over each key, I stopped at a very familiar car key and realised it was mine! I remember Luke taking my car to get it fixed the other day but I didn’t think he would keep the car key.

I ignored the issue and looked at the time. It had almost been ten minutes since he was gone and it was beginning to get really stuffy in his car. I know he asked for me to stay in the car, but seriously…I need to breathe.

I unlock the door and step out to the fresh air. I walk around the car to get a better view of the location. It was pretty deserted other than a few small businesses and about six houses on another strip of road. The mechanic stood on top of a hill on its own where it had a nice view of the outer region of the city.

I turn to the shop and walk around a little, inspecting the cars and the building. The building was a nice shade of light blue, however the paint was peeling and the wood looked very chipped on the door.

Gunshots, Zoe.

No…they couldn’t possibly be…

My thoughts faded out when I realised that this wasn’t just a mechanic. I look away from the building and check out some of the cars. Some were badly smashed in and others were half opened and broken. I notice a row of parked cars on the side and immediately spot a small, black car. I stepped closer to it and…oh boy. This is not happening.

The car had a smashed backside and the pink, fluffy tissue box in the back window was visible.

Well, well, well. Looks like I know what Luke did with my car.

I rub my hands over my face in frustration, and then remembered that I was wearing mascara which I probably smudged. This made me even more frustrated. I checked the time and it had been twenty minutes since Luke stepped inside. Oh shit.

I was supposed to get the hell out of here. But…could I really leave Luke here? He might be out in just a minute. I’ll wait, just in case.

I walked back towards the car, until the door of the mechanic’s swung wide open and out strolled Luke with a couple of other dudes. Frightening dudes. He noticed I wasn’t inside the car and his eyes widened. I gave him a ‘whoops’ look and continued walking to the car.

“Who is this?” a deep and firm voice called out. I turn around to the direction of the voice whom was asking Luke the question but burning me with his eyes. I look away trying to seem unaffected, but deep down inside I was screaming from how intimidating this guy was.

“Oh, well this is Sally. My step-sister”. Luke answered. Sally? Really, Luke?

The guy nods slowly, inspecting me. I feel really uncomfortable.

I should probably say something so this isn’t too awkward, “Um yes, hello. That’s me. Sally. His…step-sister”.

Claps for effort.

Luke shakes his head, signalling me to shut the hell up. I close my mouth, grateful that I didn’t have to speak anymore.

“You know the rules Luke, no one is allowed around here if they are not involved in the business” he says sharply. I look down at my feet having nothing else to contribute to this very weird and uncomfortable conversation.

“Sorry, Alberto. It won’t happen again, I was just dropping her off to…um-“

I cut him off and saved him by saying, “To pick up my car. It’s that one right there” I point over to my crushed baby.

Luke’s face fell into his hands, and Alberto grew very angry.

Oh shit, what did I do?

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