The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 18: Brotherly Bonds

“Zoe, listen to me. Get into the car, the keys are in the glove box. Get out of here as fast as you can”


He just looked at me, cool as a cucumber and didn’t even whisper. The cool ripples of the water surrounded us and all I heard were my heavy breaths.

“No, I’m not in trouble” he began, “but I will be if anyone finds out about the job Alberto gave me”.
I rub my fingers over my temples, feeling very stressed. I’ve told Luke over and over that we can tackle anything together…as a team. If Luke is too afraid to tell me even in the middle of nowhere, then it must be serious. How did we get in such a dangerous position? Not even a week ago we were just high school students, working at the cinemas and living our simple lives. Now…ringleaders are counting on Luke to successfully complete this ‘job’, and I’m right beside him.

I look back at Luke and say assertively, “Fine, don’t tell me what the job is. But tell me who is involved. You owe me that much”.

Luke sighs heavily and pulls himself out of the water to sit on the eroded rock. He thinks about it for a moment and looks at me with his melting eyes and dripping hair. “Alright, but only because I need you to step into the dark and not be a suspicion to the bosses”.

I nodded and pulled myself out of the water, to level myself with Luke.

“Well, there is myself, Alberto, Nathan-“

I cut him off in complete disbelief, “Nathan?! I didn’t even…think for a moment…”

“Sweet cheeks, he’s my best friend. How else do you think I got involved in this business?”

I wonder if Amelia knows.

I look down at my feet in the water, breaking our eye contact and continue to listen. “You haven’t met him, but Zack…he’s pretty dangerous. Oh and um…Melanie”.

All went silent. I think I almost choked on air when hearing the last name that left Luke’s mouth.

“Melanie?” I echo, “As in the chick who-“

“Who almost got in between us? Yes” Luke finishes.




Someone hold me back before my inner crazy girlfriend unleashes. Luke saw the twisted expression on my face and instantly smirked.

“Jealous?” he asks.

“Not one bit” I fire back. Of course that was lie.

“Good then. No need to worry”

“No need to worry? Of course I’m worried Luke! You’re in deep shit and you won’t even talk to me about it”.

“That’s because he can’t sunshine. Otherwise it’s a bullet to his chest…or yours” A deep voice appeared out of nowhere. My head snapped to the direction of the voice. A man in his mid-20s stood before us with his broad shoulders and sharp jawline which could cut. I looked to Luke for answers. Who was this attractive yet very frightening man?

“Zack” Luke whispers, answering my thoughts.
“Well hello there…brother”

Ok, Zoe…you can wake up from this dream. I begin pinching my arms but nothing seems to be working. The figur wearing all black and a skin of tattoos was still staring at me like I was a clown.

Well, you are pinching yourself.

I repeat the words, over and over again…


I feel the goose bumps rise on my arms…and that’s not from my dripping wet clothing. Zack was actually quite daunting to face. Before Luke and I could say anything, Zack beat us to it.

“So…you told her huh? Tsk tsk naughty Lukey boy”. The tension in the air continued. A dark expression crossed Zack’s face, “You shouldn’t have done that brother”.

And in that moment Luke grabbed me by the shoulders and whispered harshly, “Zoe, listen to me. Get into the car, the keys are in the glove box. Get out of here as fast as you can”

“I’m not leaving you here!” I protest.

“Oh blah blah, give me a break” Zack gags.

Luke fires back, “Zoe, I’m serious. Run”

And that’s exactly what I did.

I ran.

Luke’s POV
I watch as Zoe’s brown locks disappear into the trees. I look toward my devilish brother and fold arms to my chest.

“What do you want Zack?” I say with a clenched jaw.

Zack sends me a wicked smile and walks closer, “Aw brother, don’t be like that. I just wanted some sibling bonding time”

“Cut the bullshit Zack, what do you really want?”

“Nothing” he shrugs.

“Then what are you doing here?” I have the greatest urge to punch him right in the jaw.

“I’ve come to help with the delivery. You and I both know it’s not drugs. Alberto doesn’t trust a…boy, taking on this delivery. So he called me in to help you”.

Great. One of the most important deliveries being relied on me, now involves my dickhead brother.

“Is this a joke?” I ask myself.


“You weren’t supposed to answer that” I snap back. “How did you find me anyway?”

“Well brother” he begins, “It’s not that difficult when Alberto has placed a tracker in your car”

“Fucking douche”

We just stand there in silence and I pray Zoe has safely made it to the car and driven the hell out of here.

“You had a pretty girl wrapped around your finger just then…Zoe was it?” Zack comments.

Without any thought, my fist connects with Zack’s cheek, “Don’t ever let her name leave your mouth again. Don’t you dare touch her”.

Zack massages he jaw back into place and looks directly at me with ice cold eyes. He pulls car keys out from his pocket and swings them around his finger. “Well then…the car is this way”

“I’m not going anywhere with you”

“You will if you don’t want to get your ass killed by the Big Boss”.

I glare at him and hate how right he is.

And just to piss me off even more, he sarcastically states, “I believe we have a delivery to make brother”

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