The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 19: Pizza Pranks

Chapter 19~ Pizza Pranks

Zoe’s POV

I ran as fast as my legs could take me. To be honest it wasn’t that far because I am not an athletic fanatic. I’m more of a doughnuts over exercise kind of girl.

As soon as I reach Luke’s car, I stop at the driver’s door to take a breath. Well, I was actually huffing and puffing. Geez Zoe, why are you like this?

I open the unlocked car door and sit into the driver’s seat. I reach over to the glove box and shuffle around the packs of gum and paperwork in the way. I find the sleek black keys on top of a document folder which caught my eye.

Zoe, this isn’t the time or place to be snooping.

But the temptation was too much to bear. I carefully slid the folder from the glove box and opened its yellow cardboard. Oh, Luke what are you hiding from me?

The singular, smooth document lay perfectly even within the borders of the folder. It read:

Delivery No.57

To: Kristoff’s Pizzeria, Back entrance

From: Alberto Repairs

Delivery Information:

Rectangular 15cm x 30cm, Black carry box


1x .45 ACP

I read through the information feeling very confused. I thought Luke said this delivery was extremely important…and dangerous. What’s so dangerous about a .45 ACP? Heck what even is a .45 ACP? Whatever this thing is, it needs to be delivered to ‘Kristoff’s Pizzeria’. I laugh out loud at this ridiculous assignment.

So basically, Luke needs to deliver a small box with something in it, to a guy who is named after a Frozen character and owns a pizzeria.

Sounds like a joke to me.

Oh, I get it now. I was meant to see this. Luke planned all this as a prank. He brought in his friends and so called ‘brother’ to pull this joke on me. Props to him for all the hard work, it was quite clever too. But it has gone a little too far.

No longer feeling worried, I chuck the document on the passenger’s seat and get out of the car. I pull out my phone from my pocket to call Luke.

“Hello? Zoe? Are you okay?”

I laugh out loud, “Luke, seriously I know you like to joke sometimes. But don’t you think you are taking this one a little too far?”

“What?” Luke asks in confusion, “What do you mean a joke? Zoe just stop, did you get home okay?”

I roll my eyes at his endless questions, “Luke seriously, I get it. No need to act serious anymore. I found out. No more games”.

“Zoe, I have no idea what joke you think I’m playing on you. I’m being serious. Where are you?”

“Still parked near the lake where you left the car. I’ll be there soon. Save me a pizza slice”. With that I hung up the phone and hopped into the car. Kristoff’s Pizzeria, here I come. Luke better be shouting.

Luke’s POV

Confusion doesn’t even begin to explain it. Has my girlfriend officially gone insane? And why the hell would she want pizza?

“What’s up?” Zack asks, snapping me back into the world.

Let’s just say I don’t trust Zack with anything, “Nothing” I answer bluntly.

He chuckles at my response and says, “Funny, because you looked like you were shitting bricks when you answered the phone to your pretty little girlfriend”

Zack wasn’t going to drop the subject and I was not in the mood for an argument. I sigh to face him as he is driving. “Zoe thinks I’m playing some joke on her”

“What? Why would she think that?”

“I have no clue. She said something about pizza. I know…crazy right?”

There was silence after my question. I saw Zack have a light bulb moment and then his eyes widened to the size of Texas. “Your Zoe isn’t crazy. Well, maybe a little, but she just uncovered the entire delivery that your stupid ass was supposed to cover”

“How though? None of the crew told her. The only other way she could’ve found out is by…” a moment of realisation washed over me.

“By the delivery report” Zack finishes, “You dumb ass, why would you leave it in your car?! That’s one of the easiest places to find anything! Now she knows the whole bloody operation”.

Ah fuck.

“Ok, then why would she think it’s one big joke if she had solid evidence right in her hands?”

Zack thought for a moment. Wow he was actually thinking for the first in forever. “Well…it was an easy find brother. I don’t know, maybe she thinks it’s some date idea? I don’t man, I’m not good at relationships and shit”

“Get to the pizzeria before she does. You have the package?” I question.

“In the boot brother”

“Good, now step on it”

Zoe’s POV

I drove down the main road. I had no idea where this place was, so I had my navigator up and running.

“Turn right in 200 meters” instructs the navigator. “Turn right in 150 meters, turn right in 100 meters”.

Um, just a tad annoying.

“Turn right in 50 meters, Turn right- ” before the navigator could finish, I punched it with my fist and turned it RIGHT off. Well, at least there is peace and quiet.

Now I have no idea where I am going. I pull up to the side and park on the street. I’m sure the place isn’t that far from here. I hop out of the car and as I’m turning around I hear a horn honk behind me. I jumped at the sound and turned around to face whoever scared the living daylights out of me.

“Hey! What are you doing out here?” Amelia’s voice shouts out the window.

“Hey, just meeting Luke at some pizza place- it’s a long story” I sigh.

Amelia raises a brow, “You mean Kristoff’s? That’s where Nathan and I are heading! What a coincidence” she says whilst pointing to Nathan in the driver’s seat. “Jump in the back, we’ll drive in together”.

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