The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 2: Bonjour Motherf**ker


Probably the most ugliest word in the whole English language.

As I slowly drag myself to French I see faces whom I haven’t missed over the weekend.

I walk into the classroom, greeting the teacher “Bonjour Madame Laurent”.

I go to my seat to sit next to my best friend, Amelia.

“What up hoe?” She greets me. So classy am I right?

I put my school stuff down and turn to face her. “Alright I guess. I had work last night and-“

I was cut off by the teacher who babbled on and on about today’s class in French. Half of it I don’t understand. That’s kind of the point of Beginner’s French.

“Sorry girls I forgot the roll in my staffroom, I’ll be back in a minute”

As soon as the teacher left the room there was an eruption of chatter in the classroom. Amelia turns to face me and she nudges my arm. “Continue”

“Well there isn’t much to say except that we’re hiring” I shrug.

Amelia’s eyes widened and she bubbled with excitement. “Well finally! They better hire good looking people otherwise I’m not visiting anymore”.

I shook my head and giggled quietly. “Why don’t you apply? You said you needed a job” I ask.

“And work with greasy popcorn and shitty customers? No thank you”.

I roll my eyes at her response but reply with a simple “true”.

The rest of the day went pretty quick. Amelia came over and we worked on a paired assignment for English class. We took a break and ordered some Thai food.

“So, this new staff…do you get to train them?” she asks whilst stuffing her face with a spring roll.

I nodded my head, “Yeah probably, I really don’t care”

She suddenly then leaned forward and rose an eyebrow. “Oh is that right?”

I shrugged and nodded again while spooning the rest of my food into my mouth.

“When do you meet them?”

“Tomorrow. I have a night shift at 5” I say unenthusiastically.

Amelia annoyingly sighed, “Oh c’mon Z, get a little excited”

“It’s work, what’s there to get excited about?” I exasperate.

“Ok, ok calm down. I was just trying to get your poopy mood out of the toilet. Besides, there may be a cute guy”. She smiles cheekily and winks.

After cleaning up and watching a few more episodes of Gossip Girl, Amelia decided to go. Well, that was until…

“I don’t have a lift home, oh shit”

“Don’t worry, this is what best friends are for”

And that’s how I ended up driving Amelia at 10:30 at night. As we stopped at the red light and waited, All of a sudden we felt a huge thump forward and our faces in airbags.

The only word I could muffle out were, “Motherfucker”

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