The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 20: Lemonade

Amelia was going on and on about the History test the other day. And thank God for Nathan’s phone which cut off Amelia’s word vomit.

Nathan answered the phone, with one arm steering and one arm resting on the window with the phone to his ear. “Mmhm…No, I didn’t know…I’m pulling up now…wait wha-“

Before I could hear the rest of Nathan’s phone conversation, I spotted Luke in the shop window. I straight away bolted from out the car, not even waiting for it to stop, and towards Luke. Time for a lecture…and maybe a pat on the back for fooling me this entire time.

I swing open the shop door and shout “Good one Lu-“

But was cut off by the very shocking scene which faced me. About 10 different men, in black, with their sleek hand guns pointed at my direction.

Oh my Jesus, Mary, Joseph.

I think my heart just dropped out of my ass. My throat became dry, I started to sweat, I was shaking like hell and I felt my eyes begin to water.

Luke Fucking Hardens, what have you gotten me into?

I couldn’t bring myself to say anything, I felt paralysed. Instead, I looked at Luke with urgent eyes. He had his jaw clenched and his head held high, trying to brush off the effect which the sight before him caused. His eyes were burning and his arm veins were clearly visible from clenching his fists.

He stood there silent.

A booming voice deafened my hearing, “You shouldn’t be here little girl”

Little girl?

A middle-aged man with slick black hair and a groomed beard, holding his pudgy figure from his pockets, waddled from behind the counter. “It says closed” he states pointing to the shop window. “See, look”.

I gulped and slowly turned to look at the sign. Indeed, they were closed. I turn back around with my head held down, ready to cry.

I felt two cold fingers lift my chin. My eyes met with the scary looking gangster as he lifted my head, “Oh no, don’t cry. Don’t be sad. You just wanted pizza right?”

I don’t want pizza you creep, I want the safety of my life!

“Aye boys” he sternly calls, “put your guns down, and go get this little girl some fucking pizza. Now, go! I don’t pay you to lounge around like we’re at my grandmother’s fucking tea parties. Hurry up.”

Without another word, guns were placed in pockets and the pizzeria saw men running around pulling out dough.

Ok, what the fuck? That took a turning point.

“We’re a business, gotta keep the customers happy right?” he rhetorically asked with a smirk which revealed the golden crown on one of his teeth.

I internally shivered.

“Uh…yeah, very true” I reply, trying to suppress the shakiness in my voice.

He leads me to a booth and motions for me to sit down. Is it just me…or is something not right? He slides into the booth opposite and tells Luke to join.

One big, happy family.

Luke slides into the booth locking his eyes with only mine. All I can read is worry on his face. The goose bumps begin to rise.

“So, I heard you two were friends,” Mr. Gross Gangster says breaking the silence.

Luke just shrugs, trying to act as if none of this bothered him. “Yeah kind of, she taught me how to change a bin at work and that’s about it,” he says coolly, eyes still on mine.

Denying our relationship for our lives? Yeah I’m cool with that.

The pizza was then placed in the middle of the table. Hot and fresh.

“Well, what are you waiting for sweetheart…dig in” his voice deepened and I almost wanted to just run out of the door, when I reminded myself of who was surrounding me.

I picked up a slice of the cheesy goodness and bit down onto it. It tasted good, I must admit. I just sat there awkwardly chewing, not knowing what to do. Until, one of the men placed a glass of…

“It’s lemonade,” he says, almost reading my mind. I smile in thanks and pick up the glass to take a sip.

The liquid hits my tongue and a wave of realisation washed over Luke, “Wait, Zoe, No!”

Too late.

This wasn’t lemonade. And the world sure wasn’t woozy the last time I checked.


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